The Heavenly Eagle Gang had never gotten along with the Flying Tiger Gang. Not before, not now, not in the near future. That was how it was in their world. Being on either side was an invisible contract to be sworn enemies. Being a family member of either side was an unsaid vow in continuing the line of hatred.

The final battle was about to begin. Or so they had implied on it being the last battle that either gang would ever engage in. It was their time to prove who would triumph over the other. It was the last straw to see who would prevail. Or more accurately, who would perish?

The Heavenly Eagle Gang had three leaders. They were sworn brothers since the beginning. They were known as Hsiao, Tseng, and Wang–in that order, by age, with Hsiao being the oldest. Their daughters were known as the three princesses who got along almost like the fathers. It was not a surprise that they were the only female population within the gang.

Of the three brothers, Hsiao had several trusty bodyguards while Tseng had one trusty right-hand man; and Tseng had chosen for that particular person to protect his precious daughter. What about Wang? He did not need anyone. He was good on his own. Or so he had claimed numerous times already.

The base of the gang was just a mansion, a regular mansion sitting on top of a hill. No, it looked more like a castle to passerby. Its narrow windows created an uncanny feeling. The mansion was also standing there waiting like its occupants. Waiting for the end.

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