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  1. omg seriously, chapter 3 lol … either calvin is super observant or he has a thing for Joanne ever since he joined. XD and their little convo about Jindi… is Cyndi going to make Jiro talk to death or is she going to talk him to death lololo
    Jiro is so bossy.. Cyndi should slap him for being so “above” her… well… only when they’re out of danger hahah… when will that be?
    “You can count it as my shot then.” <- like anyone is going to believe that… okay okay… I guess Joanne finally realized she isn't ready to handle the responsibility of a gun.

  2. @littleblm – You want me to put in that slap just for kicks? Yeah, Jiro’s bossy! I like him bossy like that! It makes him cool! AND I want to annoy Cyndi to the point where she would slap him? NOT sure…I’m rambling again…

  3. haha, so funny XD. I can just imagine it.
    Jiro off guard. Cyndi slaps Jiro across the face with the back of her hand.
    “What was that for?”
    “I’ll tell you later… that was only the beginning.”

  4. @littleblm – Jiro’s too cool to be off-guard? I don’t buy it! LOL! But the coincidental thing is I already got the slap in before reading your previous comment. Isn’t that great or what? mwuhahaha

  5. yeah I guess Jiro’s always on guard and serious… no cool for him. Woot! Slap! Don’t really get this: “You just know him,” Sharon jumped in. Angela is too carefree. She needs a damn slap before she gets herself killed. Good thing she met with nice people. I’m sure you made me hate her on purpose, good job.

  6. @littblm – “You just know him,” Sharon jumped in. “Why would you care so much?” <- The whole thing goes together. IF you don't get it, then I don't know how to explain it.
    And I don't care to justify for my characters anymore. Readers could think whatever they like, hate whoever they hate.

  7. hmm… do you mean “you just met him?” Don’t worry about it, the love and hate thing. If I loved every single character you make… that’s just not practical. XD

  8. @littleblm – Yeah, that. But I made it that way on purpose because of Sharon’s attitude.

    And it doesn’t matter really. You’re too picky to please with any types of characters. I’m already honored OR glad that you’re actually reading and willing to comment.

  9. haha i found chap 8 funny XD joanne and cal are like an old bickering couple… then you have Chun’s “nothing sure is loud” comment and then you have the choo choo train with Jiro as the conductor lol btw Jiro is very composed o.o like crazy trained compose… wow… there is totally nothing between Jindi right now…they don’t even feel like they needed a polite distance between them like soph and jacky. Joanne probably wore that dress to look pretty for Cal just like TH did in MML.

  10. @littleblm – Totally didn’t even think about that. BUT I guess so now that you reminded us of TH&SL, LOL! Yeah, I love Chun’s sarcasm too.

    Jindi – You haven’t seen anything YET…mwuhahahaha Almost spoiled it for you but then you have to wait a bit more…when the killing begins. OR had it ever end?

    AND yes, Jiro’s awesome like that! Can’t lose focus!


  11. Cyndi’s “yes, sir!” was hysterical lololo which earned her the rolling eyes XD omg my heart jump a little when the girls were locked in >.> omg now i know why Cal said they needed to rely on the map… because they won’t be around omg.. why didn’t anyone take the hint *wails* aww… they guys are all sad to leave the girls hmm “There is enough food to last a month” Whoa, Sophia is keeping her cool… lol Sharon is jealous. lol Sophia is like a mother to Joanne *dies* ho ho, there is another reason… ooo an escape route or else they’ll just be sitting ducks… Cal has too much faith in these noisy broads, i mean girls… okay then i thought… so if Cal shows them a way out… and then they get out and get killed… what then? Wouldn’t their whole plan of keeping the girls safe be nothing? Is Cal the traitor? “she could hear a strange sound” “let Sharon have her turn” “Thought you guys could get to it first by standing around there, huh?” lol i don’t think anyone would be unlucky enough to find 4 straight empty closets hahaha except maybe you would muahahaha… yep, joanne needs to over her fears soon.. buck up because every time she sees a gun, that is endangering everyone. >.> you can do it.

  12. @littleblm – Yeah, of course only in my imaginary house can you find those four empty closet! LOL! And Cyndi’s scared of ghost! (I was so cheating on that one since now that I think of it, sounds like MML – WAH, so uncool!)

    YES, all of them are noisy, except for Sophia (for now)…

    AND yup, still the question if Calvin’s the traitor…hmm….

  13. Cyndi seems to be the type of girl who would be scared of ghosts so it fits, no worries. lololo If you could build a house, you would put those decoy closets? lolololo maybe some decoy bookshelves XD *dies*

  14. @littleblm – YUP, she can be so loud YET she’s scared of ghost!
    Yes, everything will be decoy, even the foods! BUT on second thought, maybe not the foods. I would end up killing myself too if the foods are fake.

  15. woow… this chapter is special… i just love how emotional it is, and maybe i’m in love because of the much needed jindi ;D so everything is kinda revealed. Mr. Wang, for once, is a crazy papa.. though understandable. And I never had guesses Jindi was married before! Ah! This is just too good… Poor poor Jiro.. and Cyndi, and my frail heart… ;D but this is good… sooo goood… so good that if it’s a food I’ll eat it over and over and over again..
    okay, I’ll reread this chapter again, just because ;D
    more? Pleaseeee… *puppy eyes

  16. @tiara – I didn’t realize you were reading it. But great to know that you like this chapter. You just put me on Cloud 9. And then I wonder if I will get kick down again later. (So I guess I shouldn’t fly too high or it might hurt later when I fall…)

    You want me to move updates ahead? It’s usually scheduled for Tues/Thurs.

  17. you better not make me kick you, because I can kick reaaaal hard… and if I’m not satisfied I’ll call twinnie Syko to help me. But if by “kicking you later” means sad ending, I don’t think Syko will help me, though. You know she has this morbid personality, because she’s my twinnie and we need to stay balanced 😀
    aaand okaay.. I’ll wait till tuesday, but then again, if it comes sooner I’ll give you more lollies and sweets, what about that? Haha! 😀

  18. @tiara – You want Saturday or Sunday? I could do that and crank it all up so the ending would be next week. Great?

    Umm…wouldn’t want to spoil the ending but I’m just afraid it wouldn’t be enough Jindi scenes so you would kill me anyway?

    AND yes, we all know syko’s personality by now. BEYOND morbid.

  19. booyaaaah!!! *jumps up and down in joy and gleeeeee… me want me want me want… hahaha… now I think I should’ve commented earlier so you’d update even faster just because you love me, you do love me, don’t you? Mwahahaha *kiss
    and then I realized that I wrote Syko as a she, mind that, Syko can be both male and female… lololol… I guess… so when I’m on my girliest day, Syko’d be a guy o.O *I wonder what will Syko do if she/he sees us talking behind her/his/whatever back lololol… xD
    Okay, I’ll go prepare the lollies and sweets for you then, maybe some chocolates too? Mwahahahah <3

  20. @tiara – Look out tomorrow? ‘Cause I set it for Saturday now.
    I always ponder about syko’s he/she one. AND still scratching my head so….LOL! Whatever, exactly.
    Oh yeah, food! Any type is good…

  21. wooot!!! You’re updating~ and yeah. not much jindi but we got mysteries revealed anyway, wow! And the happy news is that QiaoQiao finally get together with Calvin, I love that cute little part, mwahahah… and Angela is a cop?? Damn, that was unpredictable, at least for me, hahaha…
    So here here~ It’s raining lollies and candies for you! Yaaaay.. 😀

  22. @tiara – Yeah, see what I mean with not much Jindi? BUT glad you didn’t kill me…YET…
    Oy! That was so cheating! I thought it was real candies?

    *takes back even the virtual candies*
    ahh.. this makes me sad… I don’t like death… I am no Syko… :(( I have faint fragile heart. This should be the last death here or else… >_________<

  24. @littletiara – Did you have to react so strong? I thought it would hurt for you that I kill Jindi?
    Aww…you took candies back? crying

    And killing Jacky took more than 10 tissues! (And this one morbid song that he was singing.) That’s why I don’t like killing my favorites. It’s fake since it’s just a story YET it’s so wrong at the same time, get it?

    But it’s a gangster one so someone has to die? Well, you’ll find out more later so let’s see what else you take back. Since you already took candies. sweating

  25. Many should die. I like his death. He did what had to be done now there will be no fighting over the women because of him. He has settled things. RIP jacky. So when is Cyndi going to really die? Now that is the question.

    1. no candies.
      Syko, you heard that? No candies I repeat. If you give her candies I will… I will… I will do something you won’t expect! *like giving you both to much candies so you’ll get toothache or something like that.
      *storms off grumbling*

  26. omg… you will get all the candies in the world from my twinnieeeee lolo she is going to cry like me when she reads this cute little ending *giggles* Jiro so protective *dies* Omg more fighting but now it’s over who will be godmother *faints* All the princess are or will get married! Sounds like a Jane Austen ending except for a death and a baby 😀 one flower shop, one bakery, qiao’s dad she open a bookstore… then it could be the old trio down the lane lolololo

  27. @littleblm – I think she saved it for herself to improve her moods. I’m already in the corner. Can’t say more. cries some more

    AND Jane Austen? Okay…

    I could write part 2 and tell you who the godmother is. JUST KIDDING…

  28. yeah, you know how it always end in marriage? hahaha ooo… why can’t there be four godmothers again and four godfathers? (lol @ godfathers)

  29. ahhh I think my dark days are lifting… since I’m spamming this comment page again. 😀 woot! for happy ending.

  30. @littleblm – I didn’t read all of Jane Austen stuffs ’cause I’m too dumb for it. (LOL) But thanks for the tip. I was laughing at godfathers too! IMPOSSIBLE ’cause Joanne and Sharon won’t allow it? I don’t know.
    Wow, did I read it right? Now you’re okay with the happy ending? LOL!

  31. well obviously you’re not going to kill Cyndi (and the cute little babbbbbbyyyyy) off. What else is there except to accept a happy ending 😀 *drools* (except to accept) < sounds so weird lolololo oh… once you come down, I'll give you a Jane Austen Anthology, you like the Bronte sisters? I like one but not the other lolololo

  32. @littleblm – What? You’re dumping stuffs you don’t like on me? No thanks! LOL!
    And yeah “except to accept” – GREAT…

  33. what are you talking about? o.o i have two copies of each because like peeps gift them to me when I already have. Talk about taste >.> “I like one but not the other” refers to the Bronte sisters… I like Emily but not Charlotte lololo

  34. littleblm – OHH..I thought you meant you like one copy more than the other ’cause of the cover or whatever else….didn’t realize you meant characters, LOL! My bad!

    So you want to go eat with us? AND we pay? Since need to pay you back for the Jindi goodies…Not sure where sis and Mom wants to go eat though…

  35. :S The bronte sisters are writers like Jane Austen. Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre and Emily wrote Wuthering Heights *drools* I don’t know… how long do you get to stay down here? I wish it was the whole day so I can have you all to myself XD then I make a little day plan for us and all hehe oh and so it wouldn’t be awkward for your family to have a stranger there eating with them. Don’t worry about paying me back -.- it’s the past lol

  36. @littleblm – I knew there was something wrong with my statement. ‘Cause I kept getting it wrong with the Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre ’cause I reversed it with the authors and characters, great? SO therefore, got it wrong too with Emily. Then I knew I was going to get laughed at BUT oh well…
    Wuthering Heights? Now that’s something I heard about, saw the summary but haven’t read it yet.
    Not sure about the whole day since I’m lazy to troll around there. Might be half a day for us and we’re out? NOT sure since sometimes it takes forever to get around there without getting killed SO we’ll see. It’s okay to see a stranger around? They might be entertained?

    AND why are we spamming here? JUST KIDDING!

    Forgot to answer you, I wouldn’t kill Cyndi and baby. Killing baby would be too much of a sin. Baby might come back and haunt me.

  37. Don’t worry, I sometimes have to double check myself too… because like Jane Austen has same first name as Jane Eyre etc lol omg I’m in love with Wuthering Heights I’m in a love and hate relationship with the main characters XD like all of them lololo uhhh… you know we would eventually bring the spam from JM here… -.- well now I’m bummed out that I can’t put “My Day with DTLCT” in action… guess I’ll just give you the stuff, greet your family and skedaddle lol
    If killing a fictional baby is a sin… I don’t know what’s not anymore hahaha o.o

  38. @littleblm – Love and hate? Okay, I could almost imagine. What? You’re not eating with us? We need to kidnap you back here and put you on live camera and say stuffs like, “We’re taking over JM ’cause we captured the leader.” (Channeling Pinky and the Brain now! mwuhahahah)
    I don’t know. I’m too attached to the fictional baby? LOL!

  39. yay! *raining candies and lollies*
    this littletiara had her beauty sleep and now is back on cheery mode and you give me this happy ending with protective jiro and baby jindi and and and.. the only thing I can be sad about here is that you two are going to meet without me *pouts* but that’s okay since I’m happy sha-la-laaa~~
    okay, here! CANDIEEEESSS~~!!! 😀 come come, no sulking in the corner anymore! *and I’m sure I’ve read Jane Austen but I can’t remember any now o.O

  40. If you were close, I would bring you along to meet DTLCT and then she can kidnap you instead… so I can rescue you. XD
    yeah… syko *hugging and sobbing one moment* *next moment strangle, voodoo, and knifing the next* Love and Hate
    what the heck? trying to kidnap me after I eat and drink my fill of tampered food? More reason to just give you stuff on the of a fishing rod and run. o.o

  41. @littletiara – Wow! I knew it was a good idea not to kill Jindi!
    @littleblm – Yeah, have to bribe you first before kidnapping! The food’s not tampered with though since I don’t want to carry you all the way to the car. Gotta make you conscious until then.

  42. -.- maybe I should just ship the shirt to you. but then you wouldn’t get the beautiful days and jane austen anthology (both too freakin heavy).

  43. @littleblm – Support post office, they’re going broke! JUST KIDDING…I don’t know. Up to you, kidding about the kidnapping though! I thought you’re syko! Why are you scared of me?

  44. just playing along. it’s been fun.Oh i’ve supported the post office enough with all the international shippings I do lol

  45. @littleblm – Great! The post office loves you now! (I HOPE!)
    So sequel OR no? Like some gang recognized them and then want to wipe them off! TOO LAME…so I’ll quit before someone hits me with stuffs. Or throw tomatoes my way…

  46. cut yourself some slack. you already have enough sequels and sequel sequels to worry about o.o now that I’ve said stuff, don’t listen to me. I not suppose to be frenchie right? frenchie fries… omg you won’t believe it but I found frenchie around haha wow… serious obsession for you know whos… almost matches my jindiness… almost

  47. @littleblm – You found her on Winglin? OR other places? Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s all right.
    And yup, I’m going to quit it with sequels for now…at least NOT this one. I got it planned out. Need to go finish some others. Can’t believe I’m stuck on my Wallace ones. This is too torturing.
    It would’ve been funny to put Wallace in this one and have him fight with Jiro for Cyndi. JUST KIDDING…maybe another one.

  48. In other places hahahaha *dies* “It would’ve been funny to put Wallace in this one and have him fight with Jiro for Cyndi. JUST KIDDING…maybe another one.” <omg can i make a little skit of this? soooo tempting o.o. A fight for a pregnant cyndi lolololols

  49. @littleblm – I’ll cook up another one with that triangle. BUT you could always do whatever you please, right? Your own schemes.

  50. omg *giggles* that sounds hawt but like so much work for you XD oh of course i can do what i please but you see, if i want to base it on your characters, don’t i need your “official” okay on it? o.o because i want a gangster jiro and a gangster wallace showdown with the gangster cyndi smack dab in the middle.

  51. @littleblm – GREAT, are you going to say that the baby’s Wallace’s and NOT Jiro’s? (That’s the usual approach BUT I could always wait for you to surprise me, LOL!)

    Nah, I don’t mind cooking up anything with Wallace in there.

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