Status of Fan Fiction XVIII

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So this is another fanfic update although I’m nowhere near making any sort of progress except for like one. The total number is now 45. It’s because I took “Slanted Thoughts 2” out. So let’s move forward to see what sort of progress I made, right?

Past Fan Fic(s):

Slanted Thoughts 2 – 2 Votes – YES, it’s finished. At long last and WAY overdue too. Yet I did it. Glad that I waited as well.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 21 Votes – STILL NOT DONE! Yeah, I know people who are waiting are so disappointed or beyond outrage at my progress. But I seriously am stuck and I decided at one point to kill all the characters and finish it off. BUT I know that’s just my frustration talking so will wait a little to see if I could turn it around.

Honey In Tea – 4 Votes – Still stuck, two more votes, and I’m so dead meat with some people. But like that’s news. It’s okay though. I’m willing to wait it out.

Neurotic: Tainted World – On hold, obviously.

Payback – 1 Vote – Guess what? I think it might be moving forward again. No promises though. ‘Cause I wrote the last chapter already. So as long as I know what happens in the end, I could work my way back. Hopefully posting the next chapter sometime this coming week. Yet no promises though.

Stranded – 0 Votes – Guess what? I came up with a new solution. I might be merging this into “The Other Extreme“. This means that this will be on the same timeline as TOE. It’s because I thought I could make it different than just some stranded on some island theme. But the characters from TOE might not appear. Since their story is done.

The Business – 0 Votes – Um, I was on a roll for a while and then I had to put it aside again. It didn’t come out as I expected so I had to step back and think about it a bit before continuing on. But I did write the ending already so I will continue to work my way toward that one.

The Dating Game 5 – 1 Vote – Somehow, I’m stuck. I forgot to put some details in and then I decided to just ax it out. I might backtrack though since it seems anti-climatic the way it is now. NOT sure. But this part will be like the last few parts aka being 15 chapters. So let’s see, 8 chapters already, I only have about 6 and a half to go. Yes, I wrote the ending already. It seems like it’s how I work these past few months.

One-shots is now at 18. Maybe I’ll write one for this Christmas. NOT sure.

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