Full Moon Curved Sabre – Prologue

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Full Moon

There’s full moon and there’s half-moon, the story we want to tell here is about full moon, because the story happened on a night of the full moon. The moon’s beauty that night differs from a normal night, a mystifying beauty, a desolate beauty, a beauty that caused one to be moved by it. The story we want to tell here is also like so, full of attractiveness, full of imaginativeness, full of mystic and beauty, just like an old fairytale. It is said that during each full moon, there would be a set of faeries appearing to accompany the moon: faeries of flowers and trees, faeries of jades and stones, even including lake demons and phantoms from the ground…will also appear, facing the full moon and sucking its quintessence. Sometimes they will turn into human-beings, using multiple faces to appear in the world, doing all the things that people wouldn’t expect of them. The things they’ve done, sometimes shock them, sometimes touch them, sometimes scare them, sometimes cheer them up, and sometimes it’s unimaginative to them. They could save a person from the pit of a high cliff, and could also push a person down a high cliff into a pit. They could help a person acquire fame and wealth, and they could also cause a person to lose everything within possession. Though no one has ever seen their true faces, no one has ever disregarded their existence either.

Crescent Saber

There are straight sabers and there are curved sabers, the story we want to tell here is about a curved saber, curved like Qing Qing’s eyebrows. That curved saber originally belonged to Qing Qing, Qing Qing was the name of a girl who was as mysterious and beautiful as the full moon that night. Saber was a weapon for killing people. Qing Qing’s crescent saber was also like that. It only took a flash of the blade’s crescent glare, for catastrophe to descend. Regardless of persons, no one will be able to escape from that catastrophe, because no one had ever been able to escape from the glare of that crescent saber. The saber’s glare wasn’t that fast, it was just like how you were able to see the moonlight, but just when you were able to see it, the saber had already descended onto you. There was only one moon in the sky, and there was only one crescent saber on the ground. When that blade appeared in this world, it did not necessarily bring forth catastrophe. There were times that it would bring mankind righteousness and luck. This time it appeared in the world, what will it bring toward mankind? No one knows. Qing Qing’s saber consisted of the color green, green like the distance mountain, green like the colors of spring trees, green like the lake water in a pair of lover’s eyes. On Qing Qing’s crescent saber, there existed a set of small words: “listening to the spring rain at a small resort for a night” (小楼一夜听春雨).

Translated: Sunday, November 18th, 2012 – Monday, November 19th, 2012

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