ICAC 2009: Episode 3

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This case was probably the most complex among them all because it contained a 48-hour deadline and a lot of information searching and witnesses seeking.

This case was actually about insurance fraud. A man (Johnny Tang) was waiting for the insurance company to transfer money over to his account after the death of his sister–who bought a policy that has him as the person who will benefit from the insurance if something happened. The cause of death was due to the fact that she was hit by lightning.

Every piece of information was there and seemed to be legit on the surface. However, when the ICAC investigators dug deeper into the case, they found out that not only the deceased was still alive and well, but she did not have a brother or have ever been in those places that the paperwork had claimed. The truth was that she had lost her ID card awhile back and had since replaced it with a new one. Her identity was used to commit fraud without her knowledge (obviously) and had sent the ICAC investigators on a wild goose chase. Though all was not in vain since they managed to persuade all witnesses to show up in court. The only problem was that they were not able to convince the so-claimed ‘brother’ to slip out who his conspirators were.

While Carrie (Maggie Siu) and Henry (Raymond Wong) were riding around verifying different pieces of information the insurance company passed on to them, Kenny (Pakho Chau) and Sam Sam (Fiona Sit) were trying to persuade the guy to disclose his conspirators. As the clock was ticking, everything seemed so nerve-wracking and not promising until the man finally agreed to help them. (Because he was able to see through Kenny and Sam Sam’s sincerity toward him–and it was not just about arresting the criminals and solving their case.)

This episode not only unfolded the conspiracy among several parties involved in the insurance fraud but also showed some more bonding of the ICAC team. There were also traces of a personal life out of their work. However, the person who got most out of it was Sam Sam since we were able to see that she had a boyfriend (who was portrayed by Jason Chan). We also learned in this episode that Carrie has a little daughter while Henry was already married. Although they were busy with their work, they still managed to take some time–even IF only a little–to call and check in on their family members. Sam Sam, seeing how her colleagues cherished those little moments, also made an effort to spend the little time that she could spare with her boyfriend. It led to very heart-warming scenes at the end.

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