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Okay, so I wanted to get rid of ‘True Friendship’ before I even update and could brag about stuffs YET it’s lagging to the point of unbelievable so I thought I’ll just update anyway.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 6 Votes – Stuck! Nothing new.

Payback – 1 Vote – Finally one vote BUT I’m still not moving with this yet. Trying to think up of some more details so it wouldn’t clash with my other crime related ones. I did post one chapter though but that’s not saying much either.

Tri-Visual – 11 Votes – Back on track. Sort of. I did post one more chapter. We’ll see how it goes.

True Friendship – 14 Votes – I honestly hope it will be worth the wait. I had some of the last chapter written already. But still can’t move it forward.

Wan Xin Bang (萬心帮) – 0 Votes – I actually have up to Chapter 17 for this one BUT haven’t posted yet. Mostly because I was changing stuffs back and forth before wanting to post it. The other reason? Proofread. Major grammar/word usage problems with this one so I gotta fix it as much as I can before I could post it.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

The Dating Game 4 – Haven’t put it up yet. Mostly because I’m stuck on this again. After I got going for like 4 and a half chapters. It’s okay. Need to finish the current ones anyway.


Slanted Thoughts 2 – This won’t see the light until I get done with TDG4 and mostly because I’m stuck on this again. Though I got most of the plot planned out already.

Honey In Tea – NOT sure if I should post this up later or not. But maybe it’s a good idea to hold it back.

Redish Orange – Probably on-hold until I finish getting TDG4 out of the way since some of the cast/characters are similar.

One-shots is now at 7 for votes. I recently did one for a Christmas special AND a ‘Friday the 13th’ story so should be good enough for now.

X-OUT Permanently: Remember how I said in the past that I took out the ‘Desperate Moments’ sagas so I could go fix it and see how it goes? I did and then I did place it back in for a while. Then I decided to finally call it quits. I meant I got all the details in my head already SO I got my own ending. It’s just that I’m too lazy to write it out. And since it’s not really that popular anyway, I might as well call it quits and focus on current ones and some others. So there. I can’t promise I won’t use some of those details for some stories in the future OR lift some ideas off it. But I won’t bring it back ever again in its full extent. Nice?

Tally up? 0 down, 200 more to go. JUST KIDDING. But yeah…

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8 thoughts on “Status of Fan Fiction X

  1. True….yet….too reluctant to part with it. YET I know no one cares about it except me so might as well NOT let it see any sense of light anymore. Maybe I will finish it or even do something about it but keep it for myself. Now, onward to whatever…

  2. well i mean you can just leave it there… its not going anywhere and when you suddenly feel like dusting it off in the future, it’s there.

  3. Hahhaha…maybe I’ll just use that as reference for future stories. Like maybe come up with some equally complex case? LOL! Oh well…Since too lazy to go fix it up again.

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