Cyndi: Beautiful Heart

Princess Cyndi is back–finally. Not only is Momo Love airing right now (with much pressure to the poor cast and crew of course) but she has also been involved in preparing for the release of her newest album. Since that is going on, her previous company decided to release another compilation album, taking advantage of the situation at hand. They named it Beautiful Days and also included the titled song along with 6 CDs–which are all past songs. Along with it came the catch of having a 100-paged photo album in hand. Tempting enough?

That’s not all. A 2010 calendar will be included in her newest album. Her newest album will be called H2H (Heart to Heart).

Here go the links for more info regarding the tracks and goodies:

Beautiful Days:

H2H (Limited Preorder Edition) (With Cyndi 2010 Calendar + Autographed Poster):

H2H (Limited Preorder Edition) (With Cyndi 2010 Calendar):

H2H (Limited Edition) (With Postcard):

H2H (Limited Edition):

H2H (Commemorate Edition) (CD + DVD):

Bottom line: Grab yours before it goes out of stock!

Let’s help Cyndi make the charts with her albums since Momo Love is sinking in ratings.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT