Big Star From A Small Town: Hardworking Crew

In the midst of filming, the temperature–already at a low end–dropped even lower, causing snow to begin falling. Yet the cast and crew pressed on. What caught the media’s attention was how Xiao Xiao Yu was so professional and even earned the ‘courageous’ title from the production team and others alike. (Click here for the article.)

While I know that there are a lot of teams currently filming right now and that’s just normal for the current condition. But because this post is about this production team and especially about Xiao Xiao Yu so I will say that I’m proud of her. I remember in some past posts when she whined (in a cute way, lol) that it was too cold when filming another drama (also in winter), but the fact that she pressed on for this drama and stayed professional made it even more admirable. She still posted about the freezing weather but continued to work hard also.

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Achel’s New Movie: Big Star From A Small Town

I haven’t been paying much attention lately. Well, mostly because of holidays madness. But I finally got some time to stalk. Found out that Xiao Xiao Yu has been working on a new movie. Okay, I saw that she posted up pictures and how she was working on a new project but didn’t know it was a new movie until now. Thought it had to do with filming for some shows she was hosting.

There is so little information on this, despite it being filmed for days already. So I’ll probably have to come back later and update on other stuff. (Go here for an article regarding Xiao Xiao Yu.) But I’m excited, like always, and a bit proud of her for working hard during such freezing weather YET doesn’t quit like some people had in the past.

And oh hey, the Minions epidemic is spreading quite rapidly! (LOL!)

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.