Dep Tung Centimet

I just stumbled upon this movie by accident. I must say that my hopes in Vietnamese productions are up a few more notches. It’s possibly because of Luong Manh Hai and Tang Thanh Ha. This is their second collaboration but still refreshing because you get to see them in different roles than the one from Bong Dung Muon Khoc (Suddenly I Want To Cry).

Body art is one of the most sensitive topics and there is this line drawn in between–but you usually do not know where exactly that line is. It’s a bit daring to see the production team deciding to touch this topic in this movie. (We all get the idea of how reserved Asian culture is supposed to be, right?) However, I think it became much more since the main character realized his way of trying to lure an innocent girl into taking the pictures–so he could fulfill his dream of taking a perfect picture. It’s a bit emotional during the discoveries and I think the whole body art theme was only a basis for the establishment of the overall plot. (After all, they’re not that daring, right?) Won’t spoil anymore but it’s a short movie so it might be worth checking out just for the sake of the cast or the outlook of the subject matter in this case.

The funny thing about this is they relate this back to the TV series Bong Dung Muon Khoc when they were talking about the female lead’s script (which is this movie–Beauty by the Centimeters). Maybe it was because of the same director/producer and for promotional purposes.

It’s a bit of a shame that Tang Thanh Ha won’t join Luong Manh Hai in the Vietnamese version of Full House. (This is based on the Korean version of Full House, not the American comedy Full House in case anyone’s confused.)

Posted (on Xanga): June 21, 2009

Re-posted: July 21st, 2010