Year 2017 in Recap


When I thought that 2016 was a terrible year for me, I was wrong. 2017 continued to tank to a new level of crappiness. There were many frustrating things–one after another. It was like when I asked, “How much worse could 2017 be?”, it was like a challenge to the universe. So stuff happening in real life obviously affected how much time I have for this blog or attempted to keep some sort of activity. I did better than last year regarding updates, but that was a lot of effort because I’m still way behind on some news that I wanted to talk about. Yet no time or more like didn’t feel like it at the moment. I continued to get drained to another level that I thought might not be possible–like several days before. Then the pattern just repeated itself at different intervals. I think somewhere along the way, I ended up revamping my blog by getting rid of the too random posts. Like those general update ones. Although my blog already is random on many levels, I didn’t want to just post for the sake of placeholders too much. Anyway, here are some stats for this year.

Total Posts in 2017: 155 (11.7% of all time).

January: 18 (% of the year)
February: 10 (%)
March: 21 (%)
April: 20 (%)
May: 11 (%)
June: 18 (%)
July: 6 (%)
August: 4 (%)
September: 20 (%)
October: 14 (%)
November: 9 (%)
December: 4 (%)

Books Reviews:

Sad, because I actually read a bit this year but didn’t feel like doing reviews for some of them. Maybe I’ll go back to do them later.

Movies + TV Series Reviews/Episode Summaries:

Fan Fiction:

Complete failure–unlike what I promised last year about getting things done. I started looking over some of the fanfics again and managed to get going on some, but I can’t promise how fast it would be rolled out. I’ll get it out when I’m happy with what I wrote.

Songs Translations:

I used “You’re Always Beautiful” to start the year, thinking that if I continue to retain some sense of positiveness, somehow things will get better. But it didn’t. Anyway, how was this year regarding translations? I didn’t realize I was that productive. Mostly, I tried to push the majority of 183 Club’s songs out.



I didn’t want to do this update like I said last year. However, I felt like I needed to persuade myself to continue on. Not to mention, I want to keep some sort of a teeny, tiny bit of hope that 2018 will actually be better. So we’ll see, right?


Love Won’t Change In This Lifetime by Kenny Lin

(Credit: Zk Fang)

Song Title: Love Won’t Change In This Lifetime (今生情不變)

Lyricist: Yang Shao Hong (楊绍鴻)

Composer: Chen Guang Rong (陳光荣)

Bold = Chinese
Indigo = Pin Yin
Orange = English
Sea Green = Vietnamese

遙望天邊 說恩恩怨怨
yao wang tian bian   shuo en en yuan yuan
Staring into the distant horizon, speaking of the many gratitude and resentments
Ngắm nhìn chân trời xa xôi, ta nói những chuyện ân oán
寒夜秋風就要 滄海變桑田
han ye qiu feng jiu yao   cang hai bian sang tian
The cold breezes of the autumn night is about to bring forth changes
Gió lạnh của đêm thu sắp mang lại những sự thay đổi
魂夢你視線 找一絲溫暖
hun meng ni shi xian  zhao yi si wen nuan
Dreaming of your eyes, hoping to find a little coziness
Mơ về ánh mắt em, mong có thể tìm được một chút ấm áp
今天的眷戀 是今生的掛牽
jin tian de juan lian   shi jin sheng de gua qian
Today’s longing is this lifetime’s yearning
Lưu luyến của hôm nay là sự mong mỏi của đời này

明日的變遷 怕聽到怕遇見
ming ri de bian qian   pa ting dao pa yu jian
Fearing that I would hear or see the changes of tomorrow
Thiệt sợ rằng sẽ nghe thấy được những thay đổi của ngày mai
隨著飛花不理 冰冷還是暖
sui zhe fei hua bu li   bing leng hai shi nuan
I only want to accompany the flying flowers, not caring about the cold or warm weather
Chỉ muốn cùng hoa bay lượn, không cần biết trời lạnh hay ấm
承諾卻沒變 人生悲喜少不免
cheng nuo que mei bian   ren sheng bei xi shao bu mian
The promise has yet changed, life’s sadness or happiness is inevitable
Lời hứa hẹn chưa hề biến đổi, chuyện vui buồn của cuộc đời khó mà tránh khỏi
今天的我 結局仍在轉
jin tian de wo   jie ju reng zai zhuan
Today, my ending is still shifting
Hôm nay, kết cuộc của tôi vẫn còn xoay chuyển

路縱遠 未計算
lu zong yuan   wei ji suan
The road is still far, it has yet to be calculated
Đường vẫn còn xa, dù không đo được
lang li tao tao bu hui juan
The overflowing waves within me are tireless
Những cơn sóng dào dạt trong tôi sẽ không bao giờ mệt mỏi
星光倚天邊 願天天月會圓
xing guang yi tian bian   yuan tian tian yue hui yuan
The stars depend on the horizon, hoping everyday would be full moon
Những ngôi sao ỷ lại trời cao, nguyện rằng ngày nào trăng cũng tròn
道再見 夢更遠 夢己甦醒非我願
dao zai jian   meng geng yuan   meng ji su xing fei wo yuan
Saying goodbye, the dream becomes distant, it’s not like I wanted to wake up
Lời chia tay, mộng càng xa, đâu phải do tôi muốn tỉnh dậy
但教青天讓我 繼續懷緬
dan jiao qing tian rang wo   ji xu huai mian
Yet the clear sky allows me to continue reminisce
Nhưng trời trong sáng lại có thể cho tôi tiếp tục hoài niệm

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Fan Fiction: Inspirational Songs

This is more like out of fun and to fill the blog with more randomness. One time I was talking to one of my fellow fan fic writers and she was surprised that I actually write with music on since it’s more of a distraction for her than inspiration. So I started to wonder what other fellow writers’ routines are. For this post though, I’m going to reveal all the songs that I ever used for the stories I wrote–that are posted so far on this blog. (Though I won’t list all since sometimes the music is just background and it didn’t really have a major impact for writing some scenes, etc.) Feel free to jump in and share your own experiences, etc.


Afraid of Darkness

  • Afraid of Darkness (怕黑) by Bianca Bai

Haunting Past

  • Don’t Say You Love Me When I’m Feeling Lonely (不要在我寂寞的时候说爱我 ) by Jacky Zheng

Men Don’t Cry

  • Men Don’t Cry (男兒無淚) by Andrew Yuen

Your Number One

  • Your Number One (你的第一) by Wallace Huo

Misty Morning

  • A Wound In The Heart (痛彻心扉) by Nicholas Teo

More long-winded Stories:

Heaven’s Gift

  • Courageous Happiness (勇敢的幸福) by Sweety
  • Primrose (樱花草) by Sweety
  • Rainbow Tears (彩虹眼淚) by Sweety
  • Ghost of You & Me by BBMak


  • Embrace (擁抱) by Yu Hao Ming
  • Torture (折磨) by 183 Club
  • Peaceful Breakup (和平分手) by Eric Suen

Honey In Tea


  • Part I
    • Call My Name (叫阮的名) by Eric Moo
    • Give up (放棄) by Dylan Kuo
    • Your Number One (你的第一) by Wallace Huo
  • Part II
    • Still Good Friends (還是好朋友) by Cyndi Wang
    • Waiting (等) by Jacky Zheng
  • Part III
    • Tinh Dau Mai Yeu by Huy Vu
    • Really (真的) by Angela Chang
    • It’s All Right To Forget Me (忘了我也不錯) by Cyndi Wang
    • Invisible Wings (隐形的翅膀) by Angela Chang
    • Listen With Your Heart (用心聽) by Van Fan
    • The Sky Within A Pocket (口袋的天空) by Angela Chang
    • The Rainy Season Has Started (雨季開始了) by Achel Chang
    • Yesterday (昨日) by Chris Wang
    • Too Immersed In The Role (入戲太深) by Jacky Zheng


  • Find A Word To Replace (找一個字代替) by Samuel Tai
  • Dusk (黃昏) by Steve Chou
  • To Your Side (너의 곁으로) (Piano Instrumental Version)
  • Forever And A Day by Ian Brown
  • Who Understands A Wanderer’s Heart? (誰明浪子心) by Dave Wang
  • How Could You Let Me Suffer? (你怎麼捨得我難過) by Michael Wong
  • Unyielding (倔强) by Mabel Yuan Shan Shan
  • Really (真的) by Angela Chang
  • Love Story 1 (愛的故事 – 上集) by Eric Suen

Scheming Nature

  • One Person’s Eternity (一個人的天荒地老) by Phil Chang

Slanted Thoughts

  • Part I
    • Mua Thu Co Nho by Tam Doan
  • Part II
    • Heartache (心痛) by Dave Wang
    • Waiting (等) by Jacky Zheng
    • Loved You Once (曾經愛過你) by Jacky Zheng
    • Carefree (消遙) by Wallace Huo
    • Sau Mot Tinh Yeu by Tien Dung
    • For Get Me Not (該忘了) by Amber Kuo
    • Painted Heart (畫心) by Nicole Wang
    • This Is Love (就是愛) by Nicholas Teo and Amber Kuo
    • One Person’s Eternity (一個人的天荒地老) by Phil Chang
    • You Said You Would by Freya Lim

Slicing Boundary

  • A Wound In The Heart (痛彻心扉) by Nicholas Teo

The Business

  • Painted Heart (畫心) by Nicole Wang
  • Sai Lam Van La Anh by Nhat Hao
  • A Wound In The Heart (痛彻心扉) by Nicholas Teo
  • Rift (缺口) by Freya Lim

The Dating Game

  • Part I:
    • Let Me Love You (讓我愛你) by Vic Chou and Barbie Hsu
    • A Date So Sweet (甜蜜约定) by 183 Club
    • Affective Line (感情线) by 183 Club
    • Can’t Bear To Be Lovers (捨不得當情人) by Jacky Chu
    • I Want You (我要你) by Jacky Chu
    • Joke (笑話) by Jacky Chu
    • Love Is Over (逝去的爱) by Ou Yang Fei Fei
    • Invisible Wings (隐形的翅膀) by Angela Chang
    • Song Ends, People Leave (曲终人散) by Phil Chang
    • Xin Shi (心事) by Tony Sun
    • My Heart Is Like A Cloud (心雲) by Jimmy Lin
    • Torture (折磨) by 183 Club
    • Listen With Your Heart (用心聽) by Van Fan
    • Chuyen Tinh Hoa Ngoc Lan by Ngoc Ho
    • Khong The Chia Xa by Quang Ha
  • Part II:
    • The Rainy Season Has Started (雨季開始了) by Achel Chang
    • I Don’t Regret (我不後悔) by Jimmy Lin
    • Love Letter (情書) by Van Fan
    • Dare to Love (去爱吧) by Hu Ge
    • Em Se Den by Ngoc Huong
  • Part III:
    • White Fox (白狐) by Ai Yi Man
    • Tormented (煎熬) by Tony Sun and Cyndi Wang
    • Nguoi Hay Noi Di Nguoi Oi by Phung Ngoc Huy
    • Love You 10,000 Years (愛你一萬年) by Vic Chou
  • Part IV:
    • You’re My Only One (你是我的唯一) by Eric Moo
    • Every Night (夜夜夜夜) by Jacky Chu
    • Love Story 1 (愛的故事 – 上集) by Eric Suen
    • Admitting Fault (認錯) by Sophia Chou
    • Things Those Girls Taught Me (那些女孩教我的事) by Victor Wong
    • 999 Doa Hoa Hong by Anh Tu
    • Sai Lam Van La Anh by Nhat Hao
    • Belong To (屬於) by Fish Leong
    • Love Is Empty (愛太空) by Cyndi Wang
    • In Love, There’s No Wrong Party (愛情里沒有誰對誰錯) by Jacky Zheng
    • Heartache (心痛) by Dave Wang
    • Lent Heart (心借過) by Cai Xiao Hu (蔡小虎)
    • Don’t Say You Love Me When I’m Feeling Lonely (不要在我寂寞的时候说爱我) by Jacky Zheng
    • Anh Khong Con Yeu Em Nua Dau by Ly Hai
    • One Person’s Eternity (一個人的天荒地老) by Phil Chang
    • Priceless (千金難買) by Phil Chang
    • For You (送給你) by Long Qian Yu
    • Really (真的) by Angela Chang
  • Part V:
    • Noi Nho by Phung Ngoc Huy
    • To Your Side (너의 곁으로) (Piano Instrumental Version)
    • A Wound In The Heart (痛彻心扉) by Nicholas Teo
    • The Rainy Season Has Started (雨季開始了) by Achel Chang
    • Love Won’t Change In This Lifetime (今生情不變) by Kenny Lin (KTV version)
    • Tinh Yeu Don Phuong by Ngoc Ho
  • Part VI:
    • Affective Line (感情线) by 183 Club
    • Dare to Love (去爱吧) by Hu Ge
    • Song Ends, People Leave (曲终人散) by Phil Chang
    • Don’t Say You Love Me When I’m Feeling Lonely (不要在我寂寞的时候说爱我) by Jacky Zheng
    • One Person’s Eternity (一個人的天荒地老) by Phil Chang
    • Admitting Fault (認錯) by Sophia Chou
    • Let Me Love You (讓我愛你) by Vic Chou and Barbie Hsu
    • Invisible Wings (隐形的翅膀) by Angela Chang
    • Priceless (千金難買) by Phil Chang
    • You’re Still Here (你還在) by Freya Lim
    • Too Foolish (太傻) by Eric Moo
    • Don’t Want To Understand (不想懂得) by Angela Chang
    • Dusk (黃昏) by Steve Chou
    • Khong The Chia Xa by Quang Ha
    • Find A Word To Replace (找一個字代替) by Samuel Tai
    • Dung Hoi Vi Sao by Philip Huy
    • I Don’t Regret (我不後悔) by Jimmy Lin
    • Afraid of Darkness (怕黑) by Bianca Bai
    • Dau Co Biet Truoc by Lam Nhat Tien
    • One Umbrella (一把傘) by 183 Club
    • Torture (折磨) by 183 Club
    • Cuoc Tinh Cay Dang by Luong Tung Quang
    • Feeling So Right by Jacky Chu
  • Part VII:

The Other Extreme

  • Every Night (夜夜夜夜) by Jacky Chu

True Friendship

  • I Know (我知道) by Shi Xin Hui

Wan Xin Bang

  • Part I
    • Love Won’t Change In This Lifetime (今生情不變) by Jackie Lui (Canto version)
    • Love Won’t Change In This Lifetime (今生情不變) by Kenny Lin (Mando version)
    • Your Number One (你的第一) by Wallace Huo
    • Men Don’t Cry (男兒無淚) by Andrew Yuen
    • To Your Side (너의 곁으로) by Jo Sung Mo (조성모)
    • To Your Side (너의 곁으로) (Piano Instrumental Version)
    • One Person’s Eternity (一個人的天荒地老) by Phil Chang
    • Don’t Say You Love Me When I’m Feeling Lonely (不要在我寂寞的时候说爱我) by Jacky Zheng
    • Crossroads (分岔路) by Chen Guo Hua (陳國華)
    • Things Those Girls Taught Me (那些女孩教我的事) by Victor Wong
    • Waiting (等) by Jacky Zheng
    • Dem Buon Tinh Le by Truong Vu
    • Heartache (心痛) by Dave Wang
    • For Get Me Not (該忘了) by Amber Kuo
    • The Smile In Your Bosom (在你懷裡的微笑) by Rainie Yang
  • Part II
    • A Mark (記號) by Eric Suen
    • Too Foolish (太傻) by Eric Moo
    • Jiang Dao Li De Shi Zhi Ji (讲道理的是知己) by Dai Rao (戴娆)
  • Part III
    • Suffer For You by Jeff Chang
    • Loi Noi Yeu Dau Tien by Vu Tuan Duc
    • Resenting Heaven For Changing His Heart (怨蒼天變了心) by Sophia Fang
    • When Will We Meet Again? (何日再相見) by Teresa Cheung
    • Two Unwavering Hearts  of Love (情義兩心堅) by Teresa Cheung
    • Commemorating Today’s Love (留住今日情) by Teresa Cheung
    • Men Don’t Cry (男兒無淚) by Andrew Yuen
    • Rouge Tears (胭脂淚) by Luo Yong Juan
    • Fairy in the Water (水中仙) by Steven Ma

When Wishes Come True

  • Invisible Wings (隐形的翅膀) by Angela Chang
  • The Sky Within A Pocket (口袋的天空) by Angela Chang

*Information will be updated from time to time just for fun.

Project Ji Xiang

It was about time that I blog about this, considering how I watched it three times already. It was so funny how I did not remember all the details or the main reason why–thus leading to a continuance of interest surrounding the series. Not to mention the reasons why I liked it so much and still able to watch it that many times.


  • Kenneth Chan as Yam Gut Cheung. I always liked Kenneth and liked it even more that he was finally leading. He had the main guy presence but still managed to stick close to his role without looking like he was trying too hard (like most guys who were finally given opportunity). He managed to exude the ‘guy next door’ image in here (though his link to the paranormal made it hard to be someone normal).
  • Joey Meng as Dai Si Hing. Another role linked to the ghost theme yet this time she was more of a non-believer (at least at first). But I really liked it seeing her as a cop. She was serious yet there was a vulnerable side to her too, NOT just the whole unreasonably stubborn and tough exterior. It was not one-dimensional. And I was glad since I thought it was just another typical role BUT it wasn’t.
  • Kenneth and Joey as a couple. I really liked this pairing after watching and they will always remain one of my favorites. I was surprised that they matched so well since after the whole My Date With A Vampire sagas and their roles on the opposite sides had let on. Their chemistry was really interesting and lovable that almost made me wish that they were together in MDWAV III (which was funny since their characters said otherwise, lol). I liked that the scriptwriters made both their characters strong and were equal in talents and with a similar mentality. I rather see that than making the main female lead a weakling so the main male lead could shine since that plot is more than overkilled. There was this strong bond between the two of them–seen more at the later part of the series–that said a lot. They were different when they were with each other than when Gut Cheung was with Sally or when Si Hing was with Yat Yat. It was funny that they dated the siblings (Gut Cheung with Sally and Si Hing with Yat Yat of course) before getting together. I had a feeling like they were soulmates when they were together versus when they were with the other two.
  • Kenny Lin as Lui Yat Yat. I usually don’t like the too nice guy roles that were often portrayed by the other guy who will never get the girl, lol. (Since they were often made to be too good and often made you pity them, which I don’t like that tactic used to approach, seeking sympathy from the audience.) But I have to make an exception for Kenny since I liked his character and how there was no hype over his character. At least NOT that often slapped around like other series like to portray. He was just another guy and just someone moving along in life.
  • Kenny and Joey as a pairing. I know that it was a bit ironic to like both pairings but blame it on them for having chemistry as well. AND the fact that Kenny lost to the main guy again! (Poor Kenny!) When Si Hing was with Gut Cheung, we–the viewers–got to see her aggressive, strong personality but when she was with Yat Yat, there was this gentle, kind personality. She was really comfortable with him and acted more considerate toward him for a reason. Yet it was easy to see that because she was holding back some things with him that it seemed they did not work out as a couple and were better off as friends.
  • Ricky Chan as Johnson. I did not notice Ricky until watching this and found it interestingly funny that he was Kenneth’s sidekick in here. It was nice seeing him as a sort of bum role and how he was overly obsessed with networking, etc. It was really funny also that Johnson seemed like a cool dude but was able to think up of all sort of plans and giving love advice, lol. It seemed like he wasn’t around that much the later parts of the series but it was all right since he was not forgotten either AND considering the intensity of other things set in, it was understandable.
  • Wailis Pang as Yung Siu Lan. At times, I found her kind of snobby BUT then Wailis was so cute and lovable at times that it was forgivable. It was all right that she was spoiled, at least she wasn’t hateful like other series like to portray of the ‘other girl’. I actually felt quite sorry for her since she witnessed such a traumatizing event since young and it had affected her later on, causing an emotional breakdown.
  • Ricky and Wailis as a couple. They really matched wit per wit all right. Both having an equally strong tongue and how they bickered, in the beginning, was really funny. It was funny how they had so much similar qualities yet was unable to get along at first. Another one of the pairings that had some similar personalities and was able to compete against each other–like how Kenneth and Joey were, but on a different level. It was somewhat cute that they met again at that one cybercafe at the end. They were probably meant to be together since they kept bumping into each other.
  • Kenneth and Wailis as a couple. Okay, so another one that I couldn’t resist but put in. But I felt they were really comfortable with each other when together and did have some chemistry. There was something obviously missing in their relationship but it was still cute that she was willing to go through to help him at various times or try to get his attention. When Gut Cheung was with Sally, there was this obvious look of them being the glamorous couple yet and matched really well. What was a bit annoying was when Gut Cheung was trying to think, he was not able to since Sally was always ranting about something. Maybe they were showing how the two didn’t click as well at times so it was inevitable that they did not end up together. The hint with the light was also telling us that they would not work out. The most obvious hint was the whole idea with her father responsible for his parents’ death. Though she was not responsible, it would be too weird to have them end up together. It wasn’t just happily ever after, they had to live with that for the rest of their lives.
  • Berg Ng as Hong Yau Wai. An interestingly funny character. Though he was in the gang, I found him really funny since his actions said otherwise (which we found out later why).
  • Kong Mei Yee as Dai Lai Hing. Every time she appeared, I wanted to laugh. Well, except for the parts where the incidents with her father and all. She was really witty in her way and was a comedic relief where the plot was concerned.
  • Berg and Kong Mei Yee as a couple. They were probably the comedic couple in here. Every time they appeared together, they caused laughter or other hilarious scenes. The funniest thing was I noticed how they were another couple matching wit per wit. YES, it seemed the same formula was used BUT at least there was no dominance between the two genders in here since I’m rather sick and tired of the whole who was stronger or had a stronger personality between different couples. At least they had a different story and relationship from the other two pairings. I really enjoyed those times when he let her bully him into various things and how he had on that expression like, “She had no idea.” It was really lovable how she kept pretending to NOT like him OR how she kept stalking him BUT had to come up with a reason for stalking him. It was really silly but lovable. Their wedding was utterly hilarious too since they made it sound like they were forced to marry each other but silently cheering for it to happen too. Then the most hilarious part was her finally getting her wish of arresting him at the end and making him serve a life sentence of taking care of her and her baby. AND he had no problem with that since he was more than ready to hang up his hat with his undercover job.
  • Bak Piao as Yam Suen. Funny to see Bak Piao in such a comedic role. But he did well–as if there were any doubts.
  • Yam Suen (Bak Piao) and Gut Cheung (Kenneth) as father and son. Though they weren’t really blood-related, I found it really likable with their father and son bond. It wasn’t cheesy or overkilled with stressing how important they were to one another. There was this comedic element to it. They appreciated each other, BUT it wasn’t stressed or implied too much through words but could be seen through the actions and interactions throughout. It was really funny too that Yam Suen wanted to leave OR attempted to leave after the whole thing with him revealing the truth about Gut Cheung’s identity. His luggage was empty AND he was just pretending BUT it was extremely funny that he pulled such a thing. Then Gut Cheung found him out!
  • Ruco Chan as Yung Siu Lung. It wasn’t the character but more like his portrayal of the character. He had the potential and the look but it wasn’t his time and it was okay for me since he did have a major part to play in the main plot (though he didn’t appear a lot).
  • The majority of the cast. Regardless of the role they portrayed, I thought it was a good cast. Everyone fit well with their given role. I did not feel the hype so I felt it was a success. These people worked together before, but somehow I didn’t feel bored OR feel overkilled when they were grouped together for this production as well.
  • The fact that every time Lai Hing walked out of Si Hing’s office, she bumped into Gut Cheung. It was funny all right and Lai Hing always pointed that out. It was funnier that Lai Hing was the one seeing how only Gut Cheung was the one for Si Hing, always encouraging them on AND that she kept saying to Gut Cheung, “Take good care of my sister.” Perhaps, it was because Lai Hing knew both a lot more and how they would match well.
  • How the pairings seemed to reflect a different feeling. I just realized it and placed it in when thinking and typing for the other pairings. Like I felt differently about when Kenneth was with Joey or Wailis OR how Joey was with Kenneth or Kenny. It must be really something and how they portrayed their roles because they seriously were convincing with their interactions with each partner.

Sorry, no ‘Dislikes’ for this one, considering how I tend to lean more towards ATV regardless of what problems they had internally OR how others hated them. Not recommended for those who DO NOT care for supernatural stuff OR care to understand it. (There’s a difference between understanding it versus believing. You DO NOT have to believe it to understand.)

Jin Sheng Qing Bu Bian

(Uploaded by: mtieulinh1985)

Go here for Kenny Lin’s Mandarin Version.

I was randomly surfing through Youtube to find a song to listen and then I found this. It was the song contributing to Jackie Lui and Joey Meng’s story in The Great General. Great memory actually since I remember watching this a while back. It was one of ATV’s great series. (Not that the others weren’t.) However, I actually realized that it was a shame I did not watch it in totality since I was quite occupied with schoolwork. All was not lost since whatever I managed to watch was very memorable. I missed some parts here and there but thought that the chemistry between Jackie and Joey were awesome. Their tragic story was one of the most memorable stories in The Great General. In fact, it was the most tragic among all the characters in there.

At first, he was just a simple-minded person or it seemed that way. The only problem he had was losing his memory. But she gave him hope and made him realize he could have done lots more. He learned to loosen up and not blame himself anymore for having no past. They seemed to live a normal life–aside from getting thrown into other people’s conflicts. When things unmasked and he finally regained his memory, things complicated (as always in series where the memory thing was in play). They were no longer able to live a carefree life of their own. He remembered and wanted to seek revenge, gaining back what was his. She only wanted him to be the nice and kind person whom she met at the beginning. Though he had never forgotten her as the person who had saved him and taught him many things, he had become a man with greed among other things–which was unavoidable for an emperor. Actually, it was more like he returned to his true self. Still retaining a deep affection for her, he forged on to seek more power. What was the result? A tragic ending because in an attempt to stop him from his acts, she committed suicide. (That was also after many failed attempts to talk him out of the situation when she agreed to stay by his side.) He went ballistic and lost his memory again, becoming the nice and gentle person she once knew. He then carried her body away from everyone, claiming that he wanted to take her to a place where they were able to find peace at last (or was he saying that he was back–meaning that he was back to the person she once met him). He died in the snow at last still holding dearly on to her body. I forgot the majority of what happened already and was not sure if he died from madness or from the poison. But it was really sad. I actually remember crying at the part where she died and then afterward. Thinking about it now makes me want to cry all over again. Perhaps I should try to hunt it down and watch it again for old time’s sake.

I thought both Jackie and Joey portrayed their roles really well in here. They made the story lively and moving. Though their story was just a fraction of the overall series, they contributed majorly with their efforts. Jackie did very well as the kind and nice guy in the beginning when he lost his memory. He was just a simple guy who was trying to find out his identity. Yet he lost it in the end again. It actually showed her importance to him though to cause him to go mad like that. Jackie did not disappoint to show the transition between the innocent guy who was clueless on matters at different points to the intelligent and powerful emperor. What was the same after he regained his memory was his feelings for her, especially how he was always so protective of her regardless of what happened. It did not change and it was very precious. Something they still shared yet it was much more complicated. She was carefree and innocent at the beginning yet she became much more worrisome toward the end because of what happened. Joey showed her great acting in here with her grace and witty side. There was also the tragic twist at the end.

What I really liked about this was that though I mentioned many times in other posts about hating the idea of memory loss and the hassle in between, this one did it really well. It was not emphasizing on the idea of regaining his memory being good or hinting a happy ending, considering how his role played in the overall story. He was a kind person when he lost his memory but he was a power thirst person when he regained his memory. Yes, memory was brought up as an important element because it was the key to discovering his identity, but it did not push forth and made it over-killed in a sense. The idea of the conflicts of different countries was brought more into focus. Not to mention the relationship that both characters shared.

What did Kenny Lin have to do with anything? If you listened to the Mandarin version of the song, it was him singing it. I just found that out after trying to search for the song. I thought he sang the song with enough amount of emotions in it although I prefer the Cantonese version. Jackie sang the Cantonese version. It was sad yet there was this hollow feeling to it. It was like a bittersweet feeling. There was a mixture of sadness and warmness. It was like emphasizing his character in the story or at least suitable for it since he was ruthless when he regained his memory yet he was still very caring toward Joey’s character. It seemed like the words were simple and the song not that good to some people but it was enough for me.  (His voice sort of reminds me of Deric Wan for some reason.) The song was, of course, the sub-theme for The Great General so that was interesting that Jackie got to participate in the soundtrack also.

Though the Mandarin version that Kenny sang was not as emotional as I thought, it was enough like I said before. His voice was not as clear as Jackie’s since I prefer that type of voice more. Kenny’s voice also brought a different feeling to the song while listening to it. There was this coldness within that was unexplainable yet made it even more meaningful. I have forgotten if he was in the series or not. Probably not.

Anyway, Kenny was also one of my favorite co-stars of Joey Meng. I feel really bad for him though since each time he paired off with her or somehow supposedly liked her in a series, he never ended up with her. Even when they were dating in Project Ji Xiang, they broke up later. (Kenneth Chan was the main dude! LOL! But I like both guys so can’t argue there.)