Jin Sheng Qing Bu Bian

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Go here for Kenny Lin’s Mandarin Version.

I was randomly surfing through Youtube to find a song to listen and then I found this. It was the song contributing to Jackie Lui and Joey Meng’s story in The Great General. Great memory actually since I remember watching this a while back. It was one of ATV’s great series. (Not that the others weren’t.) However, I actually realized that it was a shame I did not watch it in totality since I was quite occupied with schoolwork. All was not lost since whatever I managed to watch was very memorable. I missed some parts here and there but thought that the chemistry between Jackie and Joey was awesome. Their tragic story was one of the most memorable stories in The Great General. In fact, it was the most tragic among all the characters in there.

At first, he was just a simple-minded person or it seemed that way. The only problem he had was losing his memory. But she gave him hope and made him realize he could have done lots more. He learned to loosen up and not blame himself anymore for having no past. They seemed to live a normal life–aside from getting thrown into other people’s conflicts. When things unmasked and he finally regained his memory, things complicated (as always in series where the memory thing was in play). They were no longer able to live a carefree life of their own. He remembered and wanted to seek revenge, gaining back what was his. She only wanted him to be the nice and kind person whom she met at the beginning. Though he had never forgotten her as the person who had saved him and taught him many things, he had become a man with greed among other things–which was unavoidable for an emperor. Actually, it was more like he returned to his true self. Still retaining a deep affection for her, he forged on to seek more power. What was the result? A tragic ending because in an attempt to stop him from his acts, she committed suicide. (That was also after many failed attempts to talk him out of the situation when she agreed to stay by his side.) He went ballistic and lost his memory again, becoming the nice and gentle person she once knew. He then carried her body away from everyone, claiming that he wanted to take her to a place where they were able to find peace at last (or was he saying that he was back–meaning that he was back to the person she once met him). He died in the snow at last still holding dearly on to her body. I forgot the majority of what happened already and was not sure if he died from madness or from the poison. But it was really sad. I actually remember crying at the part where she died and then afterward. Thinking about it now makes me want to cry all over again. Perhaps I should try to hunt it down and watch it again for old time’s sake.

I thought both Jackie and Joey portrayed their roles really well in here. They made the story lively and moving. Though their story was just a fraction of the overall series, they contributed majorly with their efforts. Jackie did very well as the kind and nice guy in the beginning when he lost his memory. He was just a simple guy who was trying to find out his identity. Yet he lost it in the end again. It actually showed her importance to him though to cause him to go mad like that. Jackie did not disappoint to show the transition between the innocent guy who was clueless on matters at different points to the intelligent and powerful emperor. What was the same after he regained his memory was his feelings for her, especially how he was always so protective of her regardless of what happened. It did not change and it was very precious. Something they still shared yet it was much more complicated. She was carefree and innocent at the beginning yet she became much more worrisome toward the end because of what happened. Joey showed her great acting in here with her grace and witty side. There was also a tragic twist at the end.

What I really liked about this was that though I mentioned many times in other posts about hating the idea of memory loss and the hassle in between, this one did it really well. It was not emphasizing on the idea of regaining his memory being good or hinting at a happy ending, considering how his role played in the overall story. He was a kind person when he lost his memory but he was a power thirst person when he regained his memory. Yes, memory was brought up as an important element because it was the key to discovering his identity, but it did not push forth and made it over-killed in a sense. The idea of the conflicts of different countries was brought more into focus. Not to mention the relationship that both characters shared.

What did Kenny Lin have to do with anything? If you listened to the Mandarin version of the song, it was him singing it. I just found that out after trying to search for the song. I thought he sang the song with enough amount of emotions in it although I prefer the Cantonese version. Jackie sang the Cantonese version. It was sad yet there was this hollow feeling to it. It was like a bittersweet feeling. There was a mixture of sadness and warmness. It was like emphasizing his character in the story or at least suitable for it since he was ruthless when he regained his memory yet he was still very caring toward Joey’s character. It seemed like the words were simple and the song not that good to some people but it was enough for me.  (His voice sort of reminds me of Deric Wan for some reason.) The song was, of course, the sub-theme for The Great General so that was interesting that Jackie got to participate in the soundtrack also.

Though the Mandarin version that Kenny sang was not as emotional as I thought, it was enough like I said before. His voice was not as clear as Jackie’s since I prefer that type of voice more. Kenny’s voice also brought a different feeling to the song while listening to it. There was this coldness within that was unexplainable yet made it even more meaningful. I have forgotten if he was in the series or not. Probably not.

Anyway, Kenny was also one of my favorite co-stars of Joey Meng. I feel really bad for him though since each time he paired off with her or somehow supposedly liked her in a series, he never ended up with her. Even when they were dating in Project Ji Xiang, they broke up later. (Kenneth Chan was the main dude! LOL! But I like both guys so can’t argue there.)

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  1. DTLCT says:

    @aa – I don’t know really since I’ve been searching myself. But my best shot would be to search for a software that converts video into audio format. I think I saw some sites out there where you could just plug the url in and then it’ll give you a download link. As for the CD that the song’s in, I’ve been looking but I can’t find it either. Not sure if ATV had ever released it.


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