Throwback Thursday: Too Foolish

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(Uploaded by: peiquang)

What made this song the first ‘Throwback Thursday’ post for me? Aside from the legendary Eric Moo singing it–that was. Actually, the real version was, I was finished with end of quarter stuff and for some reason was thinking of this song. NOT sure how it began. But it was one of the things that were bugging me. I actually didn’t know Eric sang this song until I finally successfully hunted it down after 16 years. Yeah, drop your jaws. I actually first listened to this song when I was watching A Tough Side of a Lady like around the time when it was released. It was in episode 20, several minutes near the end when the main leads finally met again after so many years of lost contact from him. It was the memory loss formula, but it was really, really sad AND the song aided greatly toward the cause when she turned to walk away, knowing it was hopeless that he could remember. But then, at last, he remembered so, of course, happy ending. Anyway, it had been bothering me for years searching for this song. The most I got was knowing there was a Viet version of the song. So after trying to listen last night with my broken Cantonese and trying to type somewhat of the lyrics out to search, it finally occurred to me to just plain search for the Viet version again and look to see if anyone had asked for the Cantonese version. Yes, indeed someone had asked and a helpful person responded. So here I am, listening to this song all over again. I didn’t realize it was Eric. Seriously! But not too surprising since he’s really amazing in so many ways.

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