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I haven’t watched anything that inspired me to blog about it in awhile. At least not the HK related ones. Yet this one just made me jump to blog without caring if it’s good or not. I meant I started writing since I started the series and continued watching on throughout. Hey, ATV addict alert, so yeah…always so good to see the old gang portraying different roles. Not to mention it’s a cop one so I was glued from the start.
Main Cast/ Characters:

  • Stephen Au as Bat Ga Yung (畢家勇) aka Bat Sir (畢Sir). It has been a while since watching a Stephen role that is worth mentioning. Glad that I stumble upon it. Anyway, he’s clever and witty. But that doesn’t mean he’s so into the cases that he forgets to live his life (like as often portrayed with those main guy cop roles). We get to learn more about him throughout and between the cases. For instance, he’s such a good chef that he would use his delicacies to bribe his team to work harder, lol. Then it was later revealed that he used to be a chef at some restaurant hence his good culinary skills and laid-back nature. He also has a spunky sister (who is kind of on the nut side, lol).
  • Joey Meng as Bonnie. A cop role and not to mention a stubborn, kind of smart-aleck one. YES, fits all of her usual roles at times, mostly the stubborn and smart-aleck combination. Yet it’s different because she’s not a pro like some of the other ones yet still runs her mouth at times. It doesn’t mean she’s not good at anything though since her advantage of being transferred from ‘Missing Persons Department’ helped them and got Bat Sir quite impressed with her during the first meeting (after the initial fallout since she was late to the crime scene). Her comments at times and her analysis help drive the case forward also. ‘Cause her perspective is different from them so it helps with some missing details or how they would think too complicatedly about certain matters. Her connections definitely help also. Though she’s from a rich family, but she’s not spoiled at all, kind of sarcastic at times, but not rude or plain disrespectful to anyone on the team. Then there’s her huge appetite that made it so hilarious. We also learn that she’s allergic to flowers when her lawyer boyfriend sent her some flowers and she sneezed on site and even tossed it into the trash afterward.
  • Yung Kam Cheung. Finally a role worth watching after years. I meant I remember him portraying bigger roles for ATV than the usual for TVB. BUT like that’s news so let’s not even go there, right? A very sharp character, always knowing his way around and proves to be a great senior for Bonnie and others. Though it seems like there’s not much background information on him but his history came forward with the 3rd case regarding how he became a cop because of his brother.
  • Yeung Chak Lam as Uncle Kong. One of my favorite veteran actors and funny that I don’t remember seeing him in modern series as much as ancient. Really enjoy his performance as the veteran cop in here, knowing his way around yet trying to adapt to the changing technology around him. And this is proving to people that he honestly doesn’t need an exaggerated script or like super ‘break-through’ role to make his character shine without trying too hard. He has his own part in the team and how his character is so brilliant yet sarcastic makes it so hilarious. It’s interesting to watch him portray a comedic character–at least off-work. Then professionally, he’s just so brilliant and cunning. People nowadays are so dept on wanting an important role and the right script, but he proved that he didn’t need those ‘over-hype’ roles to make his character interesting. It’s all about good acting, NOT those caviar.
  • Gilbert Lam as Robert. Cute. LOL! Though projecting a nerd look but he still managed to make his character so charming and brilliant at the same time. He doesn’t appear much but I love the little that he does since it managed to bring forth some hilarious and/or witty exchange between him and the rest of the team. Though he’s not really considered a main character, but since he’s part of the team, I just want to include him.

The Team:

  • The bond between the four main characters. Love it that they could get so random that it turns into being ridiculous yet also maintain its charm between the cases. Their conversation fills up the character background and some developments throughout.
  • Uncle Kong and Bonnie. It’s funny how he often uses his ‘veteran’ status to ‘teach’ her. LOL! It’s really funny and not overly done. Like she’s willing to admit that he’s right though they don’t say as much (or it would be over-killed). Or he would be willing to admit that she has some talent. But then there are signs that he’s willing to help her with all his sincerity at times, like opening that one drawer for her. Or how she’s giving him compliments.


  • Stephen Au and Joey Meng as Bat Sir and Bonnie. It’s funny that she was joking about following him for the rest of his life upon tasting his delicacies. And that was messed up that his sister teamed up with the others to play a trick on him regarding how she said she confirmed that Bonnie likes Bat Sir. LOL! I have a hard time believing that she doesn’t like him though since she seems really suspicious. Plus how she reacted upon knowing about his sister, she got all friendly instead of somewhat of an awkward situation and somewhat wanting to distance herself from the so-called ‘girlfriend’. If there was more episodes, they’ve might gotten together? Still funny.
  • Gilbert Lam and Joey Meng as Robert and Bonnie. I found it interestingly cute that he was introducing himself to Bonnie before proceeding to tell them of what he found out through the search on the computer (while they were discussing some details of the case). Then there was also the part where he was roused up in the middle of the night by the others to search some information for them, so he was getting kind of touchy (but just slightly) because they kept rushing him. But when Bonnie made a request for him to zoom into the photo, he said, “Anything for you” with a smile. That was cute all right. (This reminded me of Crossborder Daddy though this series was before that. Need to hunt down past series where they were actually a pair–and for a longer time than that of what happened in Crossborder Daddy. Were there any?)


  • Case #1: A warm up, right? Seems too easy. Cat fight, kidnapping, accident, murder, and the cover-up. But it has some character development with the main cast and how each uses his/her talent to work the cases. Sometimes it doesn’t take technology to solve it, but brain-work. Average regarding to complexity but shows that they don’t need to rely so heavily on technology to solve the case.
  • Case #2: I think it was supposed to be Case #1 since they were focusing on this one serial killer but got side-tracked ’cause of the copy-cat schemes from the other one. Sad, very sad ending really.
  • Case #3: It really emphasis the point of the bonds between the sworn brothers yet too bad someone had to use their trust for his own benefit. Quite meaningful and touching on some levels.
  • Case #4: Tragic to death.
  • Case #5: Great one since it was very confusing and complex with how everyone was moving the body around. A lot of brain-work involved.

Careless Bits (YES, they have these. Though I’m an ATV fan but I’m not delusional, I know when they’re not perfect.):

  • GLOVES. Hello, people. They’re going to get their fingerprints on there too if they handle the evidence found at the scenes like that. Though during the first case, it was shown how they were carefully using a pen to lift the hair out of the bathtub, but might want to wear gloves to make sure it’s not contaminated. (Aren’t they prepared for anything when they’re doing a house search?) Then during the 2nd case I noticed how Bonnie was being scolded for not wearing gloves. It made sense since they had to be careful. Yet what was odd was they only wear gloves or seemed to be wearing gloves when they were investigating the crime scene like the first time during discovery. Then other times, it was like they didn’t need to or didn’t care to. Not sure. But should’ve been more careful than that.


  • Time frame so NOT as advanced technology. So you might want to check it out for the cast (or some of the cast) BUT got stumped by the outdated technological tools/devices/gadgets. PLEASE keep in mind it’s 1996. What do you expect?

Even though it was really short but I really like it–regardless of its careless flaws at times. There are more brain-work that made up for it. Then there was also the lack of side-story. YES, people might think that it’s annoying with so little of character focus with the main cast and there was no love relations–at least not so intense like other series. Yet I found it really nice that way since I hate it overlapping cases, making it a romance more than a cop story. So that was good that they didn’t stretch it out to the point of annoying on relationships. They managed to get in character development with the main cast throughout. It wasn’t like any one of the cast was robbed yet they still created a vivid personality for each. Through the cases and some side conversations, we know of their personalities. So it was a great one for me with most of the focuses on the case.


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