Borrow Your Love: Episode 3

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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This episode continued with the promised DNA testing event. They were all present at the center for the sample taking and were told that the results would come out after three days. It was soon revealed that Ping An couldn’t stand the pain. (Who would, but it seemed strange she was such a chicken after all those courageous and righteous scenes in the past.) As the two girls were done with giving their blood samples to the nurses, they left the room and ended up bumping into Bai Ming Li–which wasn’t so surprising. While Ping An seemed indifference to the other woman, Xi Le attempted the polite manner while addressing the other party. It was hard to blame either party for behaving so–because it was their nature. It was also revealed that Ping An was able to head back to work, but would still have to keep it shush about the whole matter of the DNA testing. Ping An was offended that Bai Ming Li didn’t trust her to keep it hush, who could blame Bai Ming Li at this point? Ping An was sure loud at various points up to this now, often out of righteous rants, so who could believe she was capable of keeping a secret? Yet Bai Ming Li will have to take Ping An’s words for it while they all wait for the results.

As Bai Ming Li parted from the other two, she received a call from someone pulling one of those really secretive talks in an attempt to extract money from her in exchange with helpful information. Bai Ming Li wasn’t some naive person who just entered the world. She quickly recruited Ye Chen for a second assignment–since the previous one would soon be done after the result of the DNA test come out after three days–to reveal the truth. This time, the assignment was to protect her–and in the future her daughter as well. Yes, he was her new bodyguard now.

As for Ping An, she returned to work daydreaming of the day she could yell right back at her supervisor–because she’d become a princess. Yet she was soon cut short by her supervisor scolding for her to wake up. The scene was witnessed by Zi Wen, who smiled at her after the bossy supervisor left. And as Ping An was about to drift into another ‘dream world’ because of Zi Wen’s reaction to her, she was soon awakened by a mob of employees–mostly female–coming over to deliver birthday presents for Zi Wen. Yes, it was then that Ping An realized it was Zi Wen’s birthday that day. She rushed to purchase a gift for him and was about to use that opportunity to confess to him. However, upon arrival (and luckily she hadn’t stepped in), she discovered that Xi Le was already inside and had given her gift to Zi Wen–and thanking him for helping them thus far. It wasn’t until Zi Wen stepped out wearing the scarf Ping An seen Xi Le knitted awhile back that she realized the person Xi Le secretly liked was Zi Wen. So when Ye Chen stepped in to pay his friend a visit, Ping An–unlike her usual self–had apologized profusely to him when she bumped into him (literally) while trying to dodge out of a sticky situation. Zi Wen soon invited them all to dinner–in order to celebrate his birthday. As the guys chatted, the girls fell back holding their own conversation and how Ping An finally know Xi Le liked Zi Wen. Soon though, Ping An said she wanted to go buy a birthday cake for Zi Wen–yet it was an excuse to escape from the scene and allow Xi Le a chance of a date with Zi Wen. Ye Chen, having detected all sorts of signs from Ping An since earlier, told Zi Wen that he would go with Ping An to buy the “cake”, but he was just following her to keep an eye on her.

While Zi Wen and Xi Le were waiting for the other two to return, they ended up ordering as well, considering how Ye Chen had texted back (using Ping An’s phone) saying that Zi Wen and Xi Le didn’t have to wait for them. Ye Chen took Ping An to a simple shop out by the street side for a meal. So the sad moment for Ping An (after discovering that her good sister was in love with the same guy she liked) turned into another hilarious scene between Ye Chen and Ping An. It was his fault for bringing out the beer–because he ended up having to carry her on his back as they headed home together after their so-called ‘dinner date’. Not only that but Ye Chen also got to witness Ping An’s other hilariously cute side. He ended up taking her to his apartment instead of letting her go home like he initially planned. He was worried that she would blurt out random stuff during her drunken state and caused awkwardness between all parties later. In fact, he even turned off his phone after 9 missed calls from Zi Wen to hide from that situation as of recent developments. (Yet I swear Xi Le’s such a blabbermouth BECAUSE didn’t Bai Ming Li tell them NOT to tell anyone? I seriously was putting my bet on Ping An letting it loose first, considering how she was daydreaming about becoming a princess later on IF the DNA test pointed to her being the daughter of Bai Ming Li. She would soon blab before the three days run out. Who knew Xi Le blab first? Even if it was Zi Wen but it still was Bai Ming Li’s business AND Ye Chen was working. It would make sense he was NOT sharing work-related matter with Zi Wen, just like how Zi Wen wouldn’t share with him every meticulous detail of his work, except that one time he needed Ye Chen to protect the two girls from harm.)

Anyway, the hilarious, random moments with Ping An didn’t end at the part where Ye Chen was forced to take her home and put her to bed and plain call it a day. She was roaming around his apartment like it was her own, causing him even more troubles than it was worth hiding the other secret. The many hilarious moments soon subsided for some seriousness with how Ping An didn’t want it to be true that Bai Ming Li would turn out to be her mother. She was hoping on that. And the saddest part was hearing her call for her father, wondering where he was. (She had no idea he was hit by a car years ago hence her landing in the orphanage in the first place.)

The comedic moments continued the next day when Xi Le knocked on Ye Chen’s door, asking for Ping An’s whereabouts, considering how Ping An was last seen with Ye Chen after all. And Ping An’s fatal mistake was hiding in the bathroom because Ye Chen’s bathroom was made of glass SO Xi Le was able to see her in there–as Ping An realized it herself of the bathroom’s glass material. What now? Ye Chen jumped in to say that they (he and Ping An) were together already hence explaining why Ping An was there all night. So Ping An had to seethe inside from that day on yet had to pretend that she was currently with Ye Chen on the surface. (Yes, she wanted to cover up the fact that she also liked Zi Wen and didn’t want it to cause grief for Xi Le, wanting Xi Le to bravely step forward to confess to Zi Wen.)

Later in the day, Zi Wen managed to hunt Ping An down at last and invited her to a meal to make up for the one from last night that she and Ye Chen had ditched him. When he asked for his “birthday cake” that she apparently promised, she drew one on an order slip and got it over with. Yet he wanted her signature as well–like an IOU slip. Their little meal was interrupted by Ye Chen coming by to pick her up and drop her off at Bai Ming Li’s house. Apparently, Bai Ming Li had pulled some strings to have the DNA tests done faster than expected, stating she couldn’t wait longer. So the result was finally out, who was on the in and who was on the out? Bai Ming Li–after much pausing to increase the already intense atmosphere–declared that Xi Le was her daughter–as the result showed. However, upon hugging Xi Le and vouching she would make up for past abandonment, she had looked at Ping An with much reluctance. As she requested for Ye Chen to take Ping An home, she looked after Ping An with the same reluctance.

On the way home, Ping An ended up breaking down. She had clarified to Ye Chen she wasn’t jealous of Xi Le having found her mother. Yet she was just saddened that she would be alone from now on. She confessed to him that she was with Xi Le since little and now Xi Le found her mother, she would be alone again. She hated that loneliness feeling the most. He soon stopped the car to comfort her. However, the heart-breaking moment didn’t last long, because they soon returned home and ended up fighting over dinner. She was getting freebies yet was bossy about it. He finally told her why he was so scared of those ‘bows’ like several scenes had let on. (He was picked on when he was a kid at that one time and had been surrounded by so many kids wearing bow ties that the incident had etched into his mind, and thus transferring to him fearing all bows in general.) Instead of comforting him, she laughed that he was so cool in other situations, not fearing Heaven or earth yet fear bows. Their spar didn’t end there because she wanted a second bowl of food and he had to go fetch it for her. They engaged in another fight as he made fun of her. She hunted him down in his apartment and chased him down with a frying pan! (LOL!)

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