Borrow Your Love: Episode 9

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Ye Chen finally had a chance to take Ping An to Wei Zhen’s grave, and tending to the flowers he asked of her advice earlier. At first, Ping An was wondering why he’d took her there since she expected him to plant the flowers at home. However, upon arriving, she was a bit lost for words. Not for long though since she asked him who the other person was. He said it was his sister. He then faced the headstone, telling Wei Zhen that he’d brought Ping An to see her. Ping An commented about how Wei Zhen’s smile was so bright–and wondered what happened. Ye Chen said it was a car accident, he was still in prison so he didn’t get to see Wei Zhen for the last time. It was then that Ping An placed a hand on Ye Chen’s shoulder for comfort. Then she realized that the first time they’d met, he was carrying flowers and asked him if it was for Wei Zhen. She then said it was Wei Zhen who’d saved her and Bai Ming Li also since Ye Chen was visiting his sister and coming back to town hence seeing them both (and the whole rescue scene). She faced Wei Zhen again and thanked her for it. After paying some respect for Wei Zhen, Ping An turned to check on the flowers. She said he was exaggerating about the flowers being all dead. He was pondering why there were no flowers after so long. She said all the flowers were the same, needing water, food, etc. So she promised to help him tend to it. Seeing her bright smile, he walked over to her and pulled her to her feet. While having both hands on her shoulders, he asked her to promise him whatever happens in the future, he hoped that she would keep smiling. She obliged but also asked him to stay by her side no matter what happens in the future. Then they hugged. (Awww…they’re finally together.)

Meanwhile, elsewhere at some shopping center, Xi Le was seen out shopping with Ji Li Sha again. YES, they were back to the same team, being best friends and all. Yet another development worth mentioning was how Ji Li Sha accidentally dropped her handbag so all contents spilled out. As Xi Le helped her retrieve the items inside, she spotted the pearl earrings right inside the bag. She soon confronted Ji Li Sha YET after all the jealous rants, she’d somehow hit the correct spot, causing Xi Le to think of how Ping An was seriously interfering with her life, and how her mother seemed to be favoring Ping An at times too. (GREAT. It’s all Bai Ming Li’s fault for doing this. Although I dislike Xi Le’s fake, perfect image but I know it was Bai Ming Li’s doings to cause so much confusion now. Well, she said she had her reasons–and it seriously had happened with how Zi Wen had tried to jump in to further his plans, but like Ye Chen said, it wasn’t fair to Xi Le or Ping An.) So after Xi Le left–with saying how Ji Li Sha still didn’t have to do those things even if she hated Ping An, Ji Li Sha herself wasn’t upset that Xi Le had tried to lecture her. She was satisfied that she’d gotten to Xi Le since seeing how Xi Le walked away with her head down. She said she didn’t believe how Xi Le would be happy with being Ping An’s shadow since she knew Xi Le wouldn’t disclose the real whereabouts of the pearl earrings (aka Ping An would still be responsible for those crimes she didn’t do). (And I know for sure Ji Li Sha wasn’t up to any good when she promised to help Xi Le in exchange to keep the secrets. She was just saying that to help herself and then eventually tearing both Ping An and Xi Le apart with all the tactics that she’d got.)

Back at the hospital, Ye Chen was seen signing some documents. It was actually Bai Ming Li’s will. Yes, the documents she told Ye Chen to go retrieve from her lawyer was the will. She wanted to change her will–with both her doctor and Ye Chen being witnesses. After thanking her doctor for helping, she gave the documents to Ye Chen and told him to keep it safe. If anything happened to her, he was to give it to her lawyer. They discussed further suspicions and future plans. She told him to protect both Ping An and Xi Le if something happened to her since whoever was the one striking would be targeting her daughter after her passing.

Later at Bai Ming Li’s house, Ping An and Xi Le were cooking together. Xi Le spotted the necklace Ping An was wearing and was about to ask, only able to mutter about the word “pearl” when Ping An accidentally cut her finger. She tended to it quickly and told Xi Le that she would definitely work hard to earn the money so she could compensate Xi Le. Ping An was talking about the pearl earrings that she’d lost. Xi Le clarified that she didn’t mean it yet Ping An insisted. Xi Le apologized to Ping An for scolding her so fiercely that time. However, Ping An said because Xi Le treated her like family so scolded her, and she understood that she was all grown up now yet still didn’t know the seriousness of it so she should learn to take responsibilities. The fact that Xi Le never told Ping An about the whole incident that she found out and how Ping An was innocent all along said something about their so-called friendship. Ji Li Sha was indeed right that she’d hit the correct spot. The conversation soon moved toward Ping An and Ye Chen since Ping An wanted Xi Le to guess where Ye Chen took her to yesterday. Yes, the truth finally came out that Wei Zhen was actually Ye Chen’s sister, not Zi Wen’s. It was also then that Zi Wen walked in and overheard that his plan was going haywire. He soon interrupted their talk to ask about the delicacies they were preparing, and if they needed any assistance.

At the dinner table, awkwardness all around since Ping An was trying to ignite some sort of lively conversation to dissolve the atmosphere yet she, like her usual self, would go a tad over at times hence Ye Chen having to kick her under the table multiple times. She got the message somehow but was still trying to patch matters. Yes, Bai Ming Li did compliment Xi Le’s delicacies and said she really liked it, etc. Yet Xi Le was still upset over the other matter hence not really talking much. Bai Ming Li soon got up to leave. Ping An said that she hadn’t eaten much yet Ye Chen said she just got discharged so she should go rest. So there it was, Bai Ming Li went to rest while the others continue. As Xi Le was washing dishes, Zi Wen tried to strike up a conversation. He wanted to help her yet Ping An jumped in and told him not to since she got it. Ye Chen finally pulled her aside and told her that he was taking her out for a walk. So when they finally left, Zi Wen tried again yet Xi Le left in a huff. He chased after her, admitting that he had lied about Wei Zhen yet the rest was true. He then proposed to her. She agreed yet she said she had to talk to her mother first.

Elsewhere, Ye Chen and Ping An were seen taking their walk. She was pondering why he’d taken her out for since it was cold, etc. He said he brought her there to watch the stars. It was then that she realized it was indeed nice. After some more teasing from him, he asked her about her new ‘gift’. It seemed like he hadn’t seen the pearl necklace her mother gave her yet. So he was mumbling about how first it was a cell phone and now it was a necklace, he pondered what Huo Ying’s intention was. Ping An clarified that it wasn’t from Huo Ying but from Bai Ming Li. He looked reassured and settled down next to her on the bench. They talked about their necklaces looking like stars. Ping An also admitted that she somewhat knew her father had passed away already but she didn’t want to believe it.

Then Xi Le finally saw the picture on her mother’s dresser and realized that her mother had given the necklace to Ping An. Bai Ming Li disclosed that it was her 2nd husband giving it to her. So that had caused Xi Le to be even more unease since she reasoned that it was indeed very important of memorial value yet Bai Ming Li had given it to Ping An. After some more words being exchanged, Xi Le told her mother about Zi Wen’s proposal. She was happy for Xi Le and as long as Xi Le was happy, she would agree to this marriage. So Xi Le went to the company to tell Ping An of the good news. Ping An was more than happy about the news. Xi Le then gave Ping An a package that Ping An had to deliver before heading off to shop with Ji Li Sha.

Ping An’s trip proved dangerous and it had become her last chance at the company because she ended up losing the documents and was forced to quit. It was because of Huo Ying. He’d listened to his father and switched the package from Ping An while trying to help her. He had claimed that it wasn’t safe to hold it in her hands like that hence wanting to put it in her backpack for her. That was when he’d switched the package. The more obvious sign was how he’d uttered a “sorry” to her after she left his car because of traffic, claiming that it was faster for her to walk. So she rushed off and delivered a package that was empty. And contrary to her past protecting of Ping An, Bai Ming Li actually personally told the others to do as appropriate. She even stopped Ye Chen from trying to investigate–though she obviously knew it was Ji Shi Cheng. Ye Chen still didn’t understand since he’d requested a copy of the clip from the security room to present it in front of Bai Ming Li. However, she told him it was best to let Ping An leave the company and away from all the madness. So that night, he brought Ping An back to his place. (And for the record, Xi Le knew of the whole matter yet didn’t say anything, because she was supposed to give the package to Zi Wen BUT she’d ended up giving it to Ping An. Bai Ming was setting a trap to see if she could believe Zi Wen–and she claimed that Xi Le had become her daughter after spending all these times together so she wanted to make sure Xi Le had met a good person, but the inevitable happened so she just have to go with it to get Ping an out of the complicated company and its business wars.)

Later, Bai Ming Li was talking to Ye Chen on the roof again. Mostly to discuss of their current plan and possible moves. She also mentioned how she made sure to have the best arrangements for Xi Le’s wedding. She said it was the best she could do for Xi Le, and making up for her with the trap since the beginning. Considering her past traps and thinking for herself and only people who are related to her. It seemed like a change because she’d even admitted that she ended up treated Xi Le like her daughter. She then told Ye Chen not to tell Ping An that she was actually Ping An’s mother, because it was the only way to let Ping An continue on happily.

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