Things Those Girls Taught Me by Victor Wong

(Uploaded by: hilarywang) Song Title: Things Those Girls Taught Me (那些女孩教我的事) Lyricist: Chen Mei + Mayday's Ah Xin (陳沒 + 五月天阿信) Composer: Mayday's Ah Xin (五月天阿信) 要不是你讓想念猖狂打破天窗 yao bu shi ni rang xiang nian chang kuang da po tian chuang If it wasn't you whom let those furious thoughts break through the skylight 我不會發現枕頭上的荒涼 wo bu … Continue reading Things Those Girls Taught Me by Victor Wong

Sisters OST

1. Sisters (姊妹) by Victor Wong (品冠) and Phoebe Huang (黃嘉千). The main theme of the drama, and was suitable and tied in with the drama. 2. Because of You, I Want to Become A Better Person (為你我想做更好的人) by Victor Wong (品冠). The ending song of the drama. Though Zheng Fang kept repeating his mantra … Continue reading Sisters OST

Sisters: The Overall

(image was captured by DTLCT) I actually finished this several months back already. Amazing, isn't it? I actually finished a 60-episodes drama. I guess an episode or two a day will somehow lead me to achieve the goal. So how was it? Mixed feelings. YES, I couldn't help it. But I thought the ending made … Continue reading Sisters: The Overall

Sisters: First Impressions

This one proved that I should watch the daily dramas more than weekend dramas. I meant it was much more realistic and down to earth than the weekend dramas with some of the overhyped stuff. Or maybe family dramas were the ones that were closer to reality versus the whole romance scenes. Well, there were … Continue reading Sisters: First Impressions