Close Your Eyes And He Came: A New Wallace Project

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Yes, I knew about this project a while back but just didn’t want to blog about it until some other cast was confirmed. This is an adaptation from Ding Mo’s novel.

Wallace, of course, will portray the main character, Bo Jin Yan (薄靳言).

Sandra Ma (马思纯) will be the female lead, Jian Yao (简瑶).

Wang Kai (王凯) as Li Xun Ran (李熏染).

Zhang Lu Yi (张鲁一) as Xie Han (谢晗).

Zhang Ling Zhi (章龄之) as Yin Zi Qi (尹姿琪).

Yin Zheng (尹正) as Fu Zi Yu (傅子遇).

Anyway, according to some of the descriptions in the novel, I think that Wallace seriously suits this type of role, LOL! Not saying that it’s repetitive of past roles. But I think he could pull it off. The description so far reminds me of Tang Lang, lol. Not sure if the character would be crazy like Tang Lang or would be more serious. Regardless, looking forward to it.

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