Copenhagen’s Fairy Tales

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I bought this album several months back and thought it was very good. Okay, maybe mostly because it was so catchy and because I like how Cynthia’s voice was in the album. But anyway, I did not regret buying it since it was something refreshing for me, knowing my limited collection so far. My level of addiction to it? Honestly, I meant to pop it in first out of the two albums that I ordered so I could save the other one for last BUT I actually let it ran into its second round when the last song finally finished. I had to actually make myself press stop after the album replayed by the second time around. (Not to mention when I finally ripped it to my computer, I ended up listening to it continuously several hours later when I was back on my computer.) Perhaps it was really refreshing since regardless of how I usually buy my favorites’ albums, I would listen once and then sync it to my mp3 player and let it shuffle, only liking a few catchy songs on the album, depending on my mood and soon discard of it to make way for new albums when the time came around. But this time, I didn’t want to let it end. It was an addiction. I don’t know. Maybe it was Cynthia’s voice flowing so well with the songs. (The way she sang the songs made it seemed so energetic with the upbeat ones and were really smooth flowing with the slow ones. Her ability to express her emotions through her voice was just amazing.) ‘Cause sometimes even if the song was good and catchy, it would eventually get boring. I didn’t get bored with this. I wasn’t able to decide which song I liked more–though I’m sure there should be one or two that rise above the others, etc. But I still can’t decide after the 4th or 5th run. What was funnier was I was singing along with some of the songs by the 5th run.

I am not going say that Cynthia is beyond awesome OR this album was the greatest because it all depends on personal taste. I enjoyed this album a lot. You just have to listen to find out for yourself if you like it or not.

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