Love Actually

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OMG, finally reviewing this. But what could I say about it? Let’s say that I like this one better than Never Said Goodbye although NSG was also a very good album. It was just that it had taken on another arch that it felt weird to me. (Or maybe I’ve been listening to pop for too long that I couldn’t appreciate quality stuff anymore.)


1. Party Life. Featuring Mike Kasem. Very lively and addicting after a while when you get into it. Indeed living up to the opening track.

2. Petty and Low (卑微). Just a few tunes of this song and I was hooked already. I was surprised how fast I stopped what I was doing to see what the song was. A very nice flowing song, along with beautiful lyrics also.

3.  You Are My Queen (妳是我的女王 [偶像劇「女王的誕生」主題曲] ). The main theme of The Queen. Lived up to being the main theme, drawing one into the drama. But it could also be a nice, cute song on its own too.

4. Letting Go With Happiness (幸福的忘記 (feat. 梁文音) [偶像劇「女王的誕生」插曲]). Featuring Rachel Liang. The sub-theme of The Queen. I didn’t expect to like the song so much. But it was very enjoyable. Sad, mellow song. A great duet overall.

5. Disheartened Joke (傷心笑話). Depressing song, obviously, I know. Intense. It reminds me of some song I can’t really recall at the moment, but maybe it’s because from that same songwriter so it has the same feelings.

6. The Most Favorable Breakup Time (最愛時放手). Nice, soothing song. Although there’s an underlying sadness, it’s still a good feeling one since it’s NOT too much over on the overly depressing zone.

7. Elegant Lie (謊言秀). Upbeat song. I could get into it. But the mix is bugging me to death so yeah. I have to pass on this one.

8. I Don’t Love You (我不愛妳了). I swear this sounds like another song that I dare not name, in case fans go after me. Not that I’m implying something. Yet I feel like it really reminded me of that one song I listened to more than once in recent years. Not really my favorite, but still feel it’s a good song.

9. Skipping (跳針). This song is a tad longer than the other ones. Or it feels that way.

10. Love…Is Not (愛…不是 [偶像劇「女王的誕生」片尾曲] ). The ending theme of The Queen. Totally living up to be the ending theme of the drama. Not to mention the exit song for the album.


1. Letting Go With Happiness (幸福的忘記) MV. (feat. 梁文音). Featuring Rachel Liang. Nice MV. Like the artistic direction. Enjoyed their collaboration–though subtle. Because it was suitable for the theme of the song itself.

2. Love…Is Not (愛…不是) MV. Average. Okay, maybe I’m nitpicking but it was just some scenes from the drama, and that was it.

Conclusion? Totally living up to my expectations. Or maybe because I’m an Eric fan so I can’t say no. Although I wished there were more MVs. But I guess I was just being greedy and not having enough of Eric’s performance, etc. If I could pick though, I want to see the MV for track #2. But overall, another good album from Eric.

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