Love In Penghu: Episode 3

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

As it were, Mei Juan had enough of her sister’s self-pity rants. She told her sister since she wasn’t home, she expected her sister to be more matured yet the girl was throwing tantrums instead. She asked if Mei Yuan thought she (Mei Juan) wasn’t able to do anything about it. Before things could escalate, Tian Hao got up from his place and interfere, reminding Mei Juan that everyone had been in a bad mood for the whole day. He told Mei Juan to let Mei Yuan be. Mei Juan, of course, didn’t agree. Mei Juan said if they let Mei Yuan off so easily, who knew what other tricks Mei Yuan would pull tomorrow. While Mei Yuan used her headphones to plug her ears up, Tian Hao dragged Mei Juan toward the opposite side of the room, trying to calm her down. Tian Hao told Mei Juan the main reason he called her over, i.e. discussing Yi Ming and Yong Yi’s situation. Both ended up confiding about each other’s significant others. Mei Juan hoped that their work project in Penghu would be a success so she and Jia Qing could go to Shanghai together. Interestingly, Mei Yuan only pretended to plug her ears yet still listened to the conversation. She ended up sending a message to someone that her sister wanted to go to Shanghai.

The next morning, Mei Juan returned home all exhausted and hungry. She went to make some breakfast for herself, just a normal routine. Yet when she turned, she saw her dad standing there–for who knew since when. When she confronted him about it, he said that she should have heard his footsteps. They had a little lighthearted exchange before she told him to not give Yi Ming a hard time. He said that he knew and that he would try to talk to Yi Ming.

Later, Jia Qing woke up and found that his father-in-law and sister-in-law were sitting at a table outside for breakfast. Mei Juan soon came out with more food. Mei Juan told him to settle down and chided Mei Yuan to put her notebook away. Mei Yuan was still carrying her attitude but she didn’t say anything. Soon though, Yi Ming walked in, seeming to be still upset over the previous day’s matter. Mei Juan stopped him and told him to join them. Yet he responded that he hadn’t slept all night, stating that he had been fixing someone’s boat the whole night. Upon hearing that, his father uttered words of approval, stating that Yi Ming could follow his footsteps and take over the family business. Yi Ming didn’t care to respond but just marched inside. Li Jin Shui, not being able to take it anymore, got up and yelled after Yi Ming that he wasn’t done. Mei Juan interfered, telling her father to forget it. However, the old man said his words were useless at that point anyway. He told the others to eat first before leaving the house. Mei Juan tried calling after him yet it didn’t matter. Mei Juan, exhausted, left for her room and decided to catch up on sleep. Jia Qing followed her into their room, asking why she was tired and if she had slept the previous night. She blamed it on his snoring instead of exposing her sister for being the sole reason. Jia Qing promised to take care of the Yi Ming/Yong Yi matter before Mei Juan drifted off to sleep.

Still later, Jia Qing found Lin Xiu Chun at a golf course, talking to some possible business partners. She sent the businessmen off first, stating it was a small matter she needed to take care of. She told him that she wasn’t in the mood to discuss matters regarding Yi Ming and Yong Yi. Jia Qing tried to convince her that it wasn’t a big problem. She said that it was actually Li Jin Shui’s problem, not understanding things. Jia Qing defended his father-in-law, stating that Li Jin Shui understood. Jia Qing also stated that Li Jin Shui had his reasons for opposing the expansion of casinos, i.e. gambling had led to many family problems. Lin Xiu Chun, riled up once again, stating that since their perspectives were different, there was nothing to discuss. When Jia Qing attempted to say that he could resolve this matter with her, she attacked him by saying that he wasn’t part of the Li family, just an outsider and probably was just there to help while Li Jin Shui needed someone, considering how Li Jin Shui would hand his business over to his son for management in the end. She even stated that Jia Qing didn’t have any power to actually discuss with her, considering how he couldn’t even take care of his family situation. She delivered the final blow by stating that when he was done cleaning up his messes at home, he could then come and talk to her.

As Yong Yi was reminiscing about the past, her mother ended up taking the picture of her and Yi Ming. Tian Hao arrived in time, managing to rescue Yong Yi away from the situation. He claimed that he needed to discuss with Yong Yi about business. It was half-true, because of the project his company was taking on. However, he ended up taking Yong Yi on a road trip with Jia Qing to let her regain her confidence in Yi Ming, even showing her the boat that Jia Qing had placed hers and Yi Ming’s name on it. Not that Yong Yi had lost faith in Yi Ming, but her mother’s words and the turn of events from the previous day had left her devastated. She definitely needed some cheering up at that point. The hopeful atmosphere had taken a turn when Tian Hao learned of Jia Qing’s plan, regarding how he hoped things would be with Mei Juan returning to Penghu yet Tian Hao had also thought back to what Mei Juan had told him about wanting the both of them to go to Shanghai. Tian Hao was indeed torn with whether he should tell either party about their conflicting plans.

Li Jin Shui finally sat down to have a talk with Yi Ming. He asked Yi Ming if Yi Ming knew why he opposed Lin Xiu Chun’s plans. Yi Ming stated he understood. Li Jin Shui went on to say that it was already hard that the fishermen had to go to sea to endure hardship, among other things to return with the fishes for profit. Yet it was even hard to see them spent all the hard-earned money by gambling. Yi Ming mumbled that he understood and excused himself to go and continue with his work. Yet the old man didn’t let him off. Before he could make things worse, Yi Ming remembered what Jia Qing had told him the previous night at the dock. He told his father that when he mastered his skills and when he was prepared with stuff, but the old man stopped him. He told Yi Ming to stop ‘preparing’ since he didn’t prepare anything when he got married, he didn’t have to ‘prepare’ anything or when Jia Qing married Mei Juan, he didn’t need to ‘prepare’ anything. What the old man indirectly stated was Yi Ming didn’t need to wait any longer to marry Yong Yi. Or more directly, he stated if Yi Ming waited until he was ready, who knew where Yong Yi would be (possibly already married to someone else).

Yong Yi came back to her mother’s hotel to find out that her mother had surpassed the plans and tried to do the project herself. She’d done some research and insisted on carrying it out herself, reaping from the profit instead of collaborating with Mei Juan’s company. Yong Yi was more than upset when she found out, stating that her mother had already promised to collaborate with the Li family. Lin Xiu Chun stated that no one cared to discuss with her anyway so why bother. When Yong Yi told her mother that it wasn’t right, her mother ignored her. Yong Yi had the right to worry. This would fuse the conflict between the two families even more.

When Mei Juan finally woke up, she found Jia Qing knocked out in the living room. Jia Qing woke up afterward and stated that he’d taken care of everything already. She couldn’t believe it, considering how hard it was to convince Lin Xiu Chun while the old woman was still so upset. Jia Qing updated Mei Juan on some other stuff before taking her out to check out the boat. Soon, Jia Qing confessed to her of how he had waited for this day for so long, having her back by his side again. He went on to say that he didn’t dare call or come to Taipei to visit her, fearing that he would be bothering her or putting more pressure onto her. He said that he actually went to Taipei the previous year and actually saw her working hard. He even thought that he didn’t deserve her. He didn’t dare to ask her to come back either. Now, he was more than happy that she’d changed her mind and returned to Penghu.

Lin Xiu Chun finally sought Tian Hao out to talk about their plan. Or more like her plan. When he showed up for the meeting, he learned that she’d already found out about his fiancee and how she’d talked to You Zhen (the said fiancee who also happened to work at the same company as Tian Hao and Mei Juan). She even knew about how You Zhen’s future plan. She wanted to forgo the plan but with Tian Hao and You Zhen instead of collaborating with Mei Juan. Tian Hao, upset, wanted to leave the scene after stating that it was Mei Juan’s project. Yet Lin Xiu Chun stopped him, reminding him that You Zhen was his wife and who he valued more, his wife or Mei Juan.

On the other hand, Yi Ming also sought Yong Yi out to talk. When she arrived at the dock, he asked her for another chance. He wanted to start over with her. She wasn’t the least satisfied with his promises to make her happy and take care of her, etc. She asked if he ever wondered why others were getting married so easily while theirs was so hard to achieve. She said unless they solved the problem, it was better that they not see one another again. He quickly apologized to her, stating that he didn’t realize how deeply he had hurt her. Yet he stated that he couldn’t go on without her and he was determined to work hard from then on, not letting anyone separate them again. That was when she remembered back to what Jia Qing told her about Yi Ming when Jia Qing and Tian Hao took her to see the boat. She finally allowed herself to be embraced, but she wasn’t so touched that she didn’t think of other matters. She then asked him about her mother’s side. He reassured her that he would take care of it and that his whole family would find a solution to convince her mother.

Jia Qing and Mei Juan finally sat down with Li Jin Shui to go over the plans. Both Mei Juan and Jia Qing were convincing the old man of how popular it was and how it would help spread their cultures, etc. There were many benefits to it. Jia Qing especially stated that Mei Juan would be staying there to carry out the plan, etc. As happy as they were, they were soon interrupted by Yi Ming. Luckily, this time, Yi Ming was in a good mood. He just returned from the sea, stating how it was a success with convincing Yong Yi. He thanked Jia Qing for helping and how Jia Qing had ended up giving the boat to him and Yong Yi. Mei Juan joked that Yi Ming should thank her as well since the gift was initially for her. Jia Qing interfered and said that they were all family so it didn’t matter. While the three were happily joking, Li Jin Shui soon jumped in, sounding upset that no one informed him about the plans. All three waited for his wrath but he soon had on a smile, indicating that he was joking. The three, of course, was more than relief. Yi Ming was glad that his old man wasn’t mad. The old man stated that he was more than happy to see everyone was so united in the matter, helping one another.

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