Love Is Beautiful

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This was probably one of TVB’s biggest mistakes. This also explained why Marianne Chan quit acting. Seriously, she had never been given any type of strong role or a role worth her talent. (Aside from Mu Lan and this other role.) Although both Marianne and Anne did a great job portraying their roles–before and after the switch–but the plot lacked big time in development. Everything seemed to repeat itself. The scriptwriters found it funny or entertaining to bring down the majority of the characters’ IQ or something. It seemed impossible not to notice after so many times, especially how Ling Wun kept falling for Chor Chor’s schemes. Yes, she had a kind heart, but she was so naive to the point of stupidity that made it so annoying. Aside from the ongoing repetitive events, there were actually some good things coming out of it though a little too late.

The second generation with their sons was much faster for some reason, considering both sons were quite intelligent and knew what it took to end it all. It was much better to watch in a sense rather than continuing to see Ling Wun fall for Chor Chor’s traps over and over again.

The majority of the cast did a good job portraying their roles. But again, if the speed were faster and the plot improved, it would’ve been more bearable and believable.

It was a bit funny to see Kenneth Ma and some of the actors being cameo though. Charmaine Sheh even got an appearance at the beginning of the series, which made it WAY too funny yet she was so cute that was so hard to hate (since she was portraying Chor Chor).

Posted (on Xanga): November 11, 2009

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2 thoughts on “Love Is Beautiful

  1. DTLCT says:

    Yup, totally. I kept wanting to throw something at the screen every time someone does something stupid, especially Eddie or Marianne – which is A LOT of times. But I resisted since I wouldn’t have a screen if I did throw something, lol. They were convincing YET their characters were like whatever.

    Yes, I know that eventually they would work something out with the sons’ generation BUT I was ready for another typical more schemes from Anne’s character and more stupidity from Marianne’s character YET I was glad that it moved forward faster from there on. Or it would have been a waste.

  2. llwy12 says:

    DTLCT: I so agree with you on this one. I got so sick and tired of Marianne’s character being so stupid that I just wanted to slap her silly (and kill Anne’s character in the process)…I was like — wait, look at all she’s done to you and still you trust her???? What the heck?
    The “2nd generation” story was definitely much more interesting in comparisons. Though I must say that it was “predictable” that the 2 sons would reconcile in the end — but still…better than watching the lame Marianne-Eddie-Anne triangle!
    EDIT: I also agree that the artists did a good job portraying their roles — I just didn’t like the stupidity of the characters.



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