Momo Love: Episode 10

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode continued with Zhuan, He, and Yu Yi discovering someone lurking in the dark and spying on them. It was none other than Xue Zhi Qiang–as we saw in the previous episode. He was in for good since He got his hands on him now–literally. What explanation would he give them then? And I guess he wasn’t any more original than that was expected of him since he rattled off the most typical answer and also the most unbelievable answer that was to utter out. Like Zhuan and He were going to fall for that.

And that was the wrong answer as well. What? This Xue Zhi Qiang dude was in deep trouble already. He dug a deeper hole for himself than he was able to imagine. It was so funny how all three Chen brothers were answering to his question in that harmonious tone. I guess in the matters in regard to Tao Hua’s safety, they were considered unified.

More stalker alert time! Aww…Shi Lang so protective of Tao Hua. And wait the minute, how did that turn into a Xue Zhi Qiang protecting Tao Hua scene? Eh…scene snatcher dude! Lucky Tao Hua had a big mouth so she was able to call for help! More Shi Lang protective scenes instead of the usual crazy brothers’ protective scenes. But then Shi Lang had to make sure Tao Hua was all right. He left the torturing task to Cheng instead.

I think they had more than enough people around to protect Tao Hua so who needed Xue Zhi Qiang anyway? Okay, maybe someone but Tao Hua had more than enough protectors as of that moment that all the brothers were united–along with Shi Lang.

So when the others were still sorting out the matter and Zhi Qiang was actively convincing Shi Lang and Cheng of his actual good intention, Cheng heard some noises and made the others quiet down so they could investigate further. They actually found a lurker outside and Tao Hua was a scaredy cat all right! Poor Yu Yi! (But why did he have to tap on Tao Hua’s shoulder at such a time?) It was a rare time again that they were gathered around all worried about Yu Yi’s well-being. Then Zhuan, He, and Xiao Mi returned, allowing Cheng to have more allies to chase after that stalker. Three against one, lurker, watch out! The chase was on! (And how was He and Xiao Mi still able to hold hands in such times? Come on now, this was a chase! Still funny and cute though.)

And the fake ghost was revealed to be none other than Hui Qi. Who else, right? They did not tell others about their trip except for Hui Qi–who probably told Zhi Qiang about it. It was expected that she wanted to scare Tao Hua out of her wits. And why was she running? Was she only capable of underhand tricks and not capable of facing the consequences?

Eh…He losing his cool? Well, can’t blame him since Qi was the scariest among the brothers after all. Who could forget Qi’s threatening glares, right? So cute to see He and Xiao Mi always holding hands regardless of wherever they were though. Luckily Zhuan came to their rescue with his secured plan to save everyone from Qi’s attacks. (We’ll see if it works.)

So while the others were carrying out the plan, Tao Hua realized Yu Yi was missing. Didn’t he tell them it was not safe to be wandering around in the middle of the night? (At least that was what the old man told him.) How could he risk his safety like that? Was he practicing with the whole idea of dying because of the girl? Okay…hopefully it would be worth it since Yu Yi was really risking his life this time around. I knew it wasn’t Hui Qi. She usually yelled at him, not stay quiet like that when he kept talking. Eh…so he was another one of those lovesick nuts? At least they get to eat. (Or not.)

Shi Lang and Tao Hua finally arrived at the location where Yu Yi and Hui Qi were captured. Shi Lang had to ask further? And they were captured as well. To look on the bright side, at least they were tied up in pairs. (Was that even a reason to be happy about? Since they were in danger after all.)

Anyway, day finally arrived and they witnessed a touching scene between Dan Dan (their captor) and Lulu (who he claimed to be his girlfriend). If that was a good time to stare in awe. There seemed to be a difference in opinions since Tao Hua looked almost touched or amazed by it while Yu Yi was not as in favor of the pairing. Though he did manage to take advantage of the situation to chant about love’s power. And spoke too soon again, these two were too much! Poor Shi Lang, Tao Hua, Yu Yi, and possibly Hui Qi too for witnessing such a scene. (Get a grip already!)

Some admittance from Hui Qi? At least she was not beyond cure then, considering how she was a bit more gentle toward Yu Yi at last. At least she began to realize how good Yu Yi was. What a time for a confession too! (This is beginning to remind me of some wuxia series instead of the typical romance drama. LOL!) More daydreaming scenes! This was getting crazier by the moment. I didn’t realize she was supposed to be Audrey Hepburn in the black and white film! Pretty cool! Charlie Chaplin and Audrey Hepburn? Nice… And Hui Qi getting deep? Wow… Too bad a confession turned into a rejection. At least she was honest about it.

What?! Dan Dan and Lulu eavesdropped on them? That was soooo wrong! Couldn’t believe Yu Yi did not have any privacy, even during his confession. But can’t argue with them since Dan Dan still had the gun.

Okay, so much for finding professional help. And He still found the time to be all closed to Xiao Mi? (They were always like that so I should not be surprised anymore.) It was his first day? Not to mention that Zhuan had to remind him about turning it on! Lucky Tao Hua finally called them or they would’ve gone bonkers and murdered the other dude already! Honestly!

How in the world did a kidnapping situation turn into a friendly gathering? They were having a picnic in the middle of nowhere? Okay… And I thought it was getting intense and creating more dramas. Phew! More time for He and Xiao Mi to act all close! And that was strange seeing how Hui Qi was shutting Yu Yi up before the other dude caught on to what he was saying. (This time it was more out of concern than the usual shutting him up because she was annoyed. Something different indeed.) They were sitting in pairs again! More cuteness! Can’t believe Dan Dan was even slower than Yu Yi!

Whoa! That was scary! That cop was a maniac in disguised? What in the world was he doing? He should’ve investigated first before shooting! Crazy!

The scene we saw in the previews was actually caused by the cop (ironically) instead of the supposed kidnapper. So sudden though…

I have to agree with Zhuan about the matter though since if it wasn’t for the cop shooting like a maniac, things wouldn’t happen. Couldn’t he see them having a picnic right there? Why in the world would they gather around like that if the other dude was of threats? Anyway, great to see Cheng and Xiao Xue’s silent communication method. (Often seen with husband and wife! And he was wearing that shirt, hinting much?) Xiao Xue accepted Tao Hua? Yay! (Though it was seen in the last episode of the changed attitude too but having some real recognition like that was better.) Spoke too soon again since they were being spied on! LOL!

While that was going on, Yu Yi was regretting about his confession since he was put in an awkward position now. Somehow, he was left out on the ‘hero saving the beauty’ scene again. Why was everyone so nicely paired off again? Poor Yu Yi was actually sitting next to Hui Qi but was not able to enjoy the moment. But then he realized someone was missing! Ekk! They forgot about Xue Zhi Qiang! Come on now, Shi Lang was in a critical condition, who in the world would care so much? (Best answer, Cheng!) For once, Yu Yi was not left behind but someone else who was less important to them.

So what actually happened to Xue Zhi Qiang? He was still stuck at that place! What else? Serves him right for stalking them! No signal and no GPS, tough luck! Uh…I think you have to get out of there before you could get back at anyone. Have fun with the wolves!

So life resumed at the Chen resident with Qi back into the scene. How funny that Qi and Zhuan were signaling to each other when they saw Yu Yi staring at Hui Qi. What were they up to this time? So much for a cheerful smile because Yu Yi was in for some disappointment once again. No harm done. He’ll live. (And was that Little Raindrop with them outside?)

The task of watching Yu Yi’s behaviors dropped as soon as Tao Hua arrived on the scene. Too bad Qi had to wait until next year! LOL! Poor Zhuan got shot down also since he was just trying to be supportive but Qi had to reply with “Who wants to go with you?” Oh well, Zhuan tried.

A very familiar scene at meal time since Tao Hua was missing again yet Cheng and He had no idea. They kept rambling on. So oblivious to Qi and Zhuan’s morbid expressions. It was funny that they were on the out this time and not Yu Yi. In fact, Yu Yi was the one who had to enlighten Cheng and He out of their trance since Qi and Zhuan did not bother to clarify anything for them. It was only until then that Cheng turned to Qi for verification and Qi nodded. Why do I have a feeling like they’re back to their schemes again since Shi Lang was taking their precious sister’s time away from them? Were they too dramatic? (Not out of their characters though.) Zhuan did not want to eat breakfast anymore while Qi was still mumbling about having to wait for another year. They were all attached at this point, so why were they so down? They could come up with some dating plans! No wait, Zhuan and Yu Yi were still single.

Uh…what baby? Funny how the others were giving him weird looks. He was kidding? Drama King all right! And how clueless could Yu Yi get? He was forgetting his place again! Didn’t he see their murderous expressions?

What? New game? Yay! At least they got something to occupy their time now. Cheng was confident all right. He just grabbed the keyboard out of Zhuan’s hand and typed away. Too bad it wasn’t him. Qi was mean to laugh at him though! Cheng’s turn to not be able to get over something! Yu Yi was also laughing nearby though. (Did he get that from Qi?) Next… Qi had a point though since Tao Hua did sacrifice her happiness for his job. He had a higher chance, right? And one more down! So much for trying to be #1. Cheng got his revenge! And more laughing as Zhuan failed too! Zhuan, how could you say that about your twin though? But Zhuan had a point since they shared the same birthday! Of course, it wasn’t him! Ooooohhh, so the reason Yu Yi was maintaining that secretive smile was because he knew it was him! So Yu Yi’s birthday was April’s fool! But he was so unlucky to have the joke on him always though. And it worked! Come on now, what did they expect? Yu Yi even stayed behind a year just for Tao Hua’s sake. (Yeah, the others contributed a lot over the years too, but it was Yu Yi who suffered the most through their bullying.) Nicely done with all the flashbacks of their past shared memories.

So they dropped the plan to bully Yu Yi since they realized there was no point? The game did not cheer them up at all but had sent them down further to morbid-land. They were back to being Drama Kings also. Uh…He, that was going to solve the problem?

So after a heated debate (or not so heated since only the heated moment was when He threw the monitor), Qi called for votes. Qi was cunning all right since he saw He’s expression with staring Yu Yi down but did not say anything. Then he just raised his hand just like that! Yu Yi was very happy in raising his hand while Cheng and Zhuan were not that happy but still agreed for the best. He was badly outnumbered! No wonder he was pissed off.

And they have turned into pussycats again as they were notified about their mother’s e-mail. But she was scary all right! Even He was not so fierce anymore.

So Tao Hua arrived home to an empty house. Well, not so empty since He was still around looking all shattered. (Or what it seemed to be.) Why was he being sneaky about the matter though? So he was having second thoughts whether to agree with the others or not? More sneaking around? All right… It was only Cheng, why was he so scared? Or did he need some privacy? I had to agree with Tao Hua this time with He’s weird questions. How could it be compared? More running…great…all we need was more suspense. (Note the sarcasm!) It was only Yu Yi! How could He be scared of Yu Yi too? That was strange. Awww… He was so sweet and has such a soft heart but he didn’t want to be all weak in front of the others! He just wanted to make sure that Tao Hua was happy. And then they were running again. This time from Qi! They had a big house all right! They kept sneaking around but didn’t get caught yet. I knew there was a catch! It was too easy! And He, how could you forget? Tao Hua was afraid of knives! (Well, sharp objects actually.) He had a point though. What would Tao Hua do in the future? She had to conquer her fears! (Or would she want to bring her brother along when she gets married too? LOL!)

Tao Hua and her daydreaming! How could she? But that was too tempting since they were on the subject. Awww…they were so cute as a married couple! Well, nice thought! Yes, Tao Hua, pay attention! He was trying to be serious and considerate here! Not his usual tempers and attitudes…

Eh…Zhuan was stalking Tao Hua? But then Tao Hua was trying to cheat. She was avoiding dishes without needing knives for it? Great… Zhuan’s turn to be sneaky. No wonder Zhuan and He were twins since they had some similarities after all. So that was Zhuan’s deal. Tao Hua had to achieve 80% in each class to get his acceptance? Great…why wasn’t Shi Lang doing anything? (It was something different though since the girl was the one jumping through the hoops this time and not the guy like other typical dramas.) At least that got Tao Hua motivated all right. Um…what was with everyone and one month? But then again, were they just using this technique to wear Tao Hua down and in the end separate her and Shi Lang? Anything was possible, right? Or were they getting back at Tao Hua for not putting them as #1? Hard to tell.

Phew! That was a close one! How could Tao Hua! Almost gave Yu Yi and Xiao Mi a heart attack. Lucky Shi Lang came to everyone’s rescue. Yup, she was trying all right. If only she succeed or they would suffer in vain. Can’t blame Shi Lang for being suspicious of the twin since it was really strange.

After a day of work/classes, the Chen brothers were back at it. Tao Hua and Yu Yi arrived home in time to see another argument unfold. So just as Tao Hua rescued the twins from the other two’s grasp, they managed to steer their attention back on Yu Yi. Here we go again indeed. Great time to bring out the excuse of being twins also, Zhuan.

I thought they already did the vote, how come Qi and Cheng were so fierce toward the twins? Or were they just pissed off that they weren’t included in the plan? Seeing Qi’s expression was priceless though since he had to grasp the concept of Tao Hua leaving them one day. (Like the sound effects also! It was effective all right!) But no wait, Qi and Cheng got it! I knew it was something else! Lucky Qi stopped Cheng in time. (Probably saving it for their meeting in their headquarter.) It was smart of Tao Hua all right to ask for proofs! She definitely needed that since they were always so cunning.

And what was Qi doing? His expression always sent chills down my back. Honestly, what was behind that door? Tao Hua can’t back down now! So cruel of Qi! But must admit he was effective all right with his tactic. That was even harder than Zhuan and He’s demands. Control those two monsters? Impossible! Time for a miracle now!

Spoke too soon yet again. It was Cheng’s turn and what was the task? Something related to his job of course! Good luck, Tao Hua! She had to turn into a Superwoman for this or something. It was a bad idea after all to have so many brothers. But it was not her fault, right? She did not have the chance to choose.

The others still had time to rub it in? Zhuan had to expose Cheng! Cheng only wanted it for himself! LOL! What was that? Cheng told the others to go buy it themselves? Nice comeback!

It served them right for coming up with so many obstacles since they were digging their own graves. Tao Hua was still up at 3 and Zhuan couldn’t sleep? That was funny all right! Cheng couldn’t concentrate either! Qi was suffering as equally as the other two since he was up as well. After plugging his ears with cotton balls and covering his eyes, he was still not able to sleep. So it was He’s fault? Okay…

Eh…why was Shi Lang bullying Yu Yi? Oh…he was only trying to find out the truth so he could help Tao Hua. Shi Lang was getting braver all right. He even dared to go question He on the matter. The others were present as well so it increased his chance of danger. Oh well, it was time he stepped up and took care of matters. (LOL) Awww…it was so cute to see He being so proud of his culinary skills. Yu Yi making a fuss over not getting food? It was getting interesting again. (Not that it wasn’t before.) So the truth was revealed, at last, causing more heart-wrenching scenes. How could they?

Rising back up to .84. Still time but it would take a miracle to see something major happening. Still hopeful though. Three more episodes.

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