Shocking News: Rabbit Yang Committed Suicide

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I just saw the headline yesterday when I was doing a fast scroll on Facebook before heading to bed. However, this got me. I thought, in my half-asleep state, my eyes were playing a trick on me. Then when I scrolled back up to read, I read it more slowly yet still didn’t believe. I doubted my reading skills. After clicking into the article, I forced myself to look up each word or phrase carefully, because I’m still learning. Yet after a thorough reading, it was indeed true.

According to this article, Rabbit Yang attempted suicide but was discovered by her cohabitant boyfriend, Zhang Ting Hu. Despite having discovered her in time and getting her the help needed yet she still passed away tragically after twelve days. Her last wish was to donate her organs. Zhang Ting Hu was by her side all the while she was going through her last moments. (ETtoday published four more articles on their page back to back to talk about Rabbit Yang and her career and more.)

Just recently, I saw an article about them dating and how the media had used the phrase “too immersed in their roles” (入戲太深) jokingly for their situation. Yes, after The New World (新世界), they had grown closer. However, I wasn’t really paying attention yet I thought it was cute. I was looking forward to seeing new developments regarding them too. However, we would never get to witness anything blossoming between them anymore. They had only dated for such a short time. Zhang Ting Hu, of course, had been devastated. Hopefully, he will get past this pain–with the support and love from others around him. Both of them are still so young yet having to face this tragedy.

Not to make this post about me again, but if anyone’s calling me out for shedding crocodile tears, I already explained in the other post, and that I was annoyed with the characters, not the actors and actresses themselves. I adored the cast and crew of the drama so much while watching The New World that it had become a set of bittersweet memories so it was indeed shocking and devastating to learn of the news.


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