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I don’t know. I think I’ll get into the habit of updating fan fiction status like once a month so it wouldn’t keep people on the edge? Or more like some more reasons to throw stuff at me? Oh well. But here goes…

Past Fan Fics:

Slanted Thoughts – DONE! Yup, more rubbing it in for everyone since it’s another record for me. Though I regretted in fixing some of the elements. BUT it’s okay. At least I still liked Wallace’s parts and how it had turned out in the end. Though not everyone liked or cared for it but it was still one of my favorite works. Finally, something I liked though it was a sad ending. Sort of.

Current Fan Fics:

Heaven’s Gift – Got some ideas going again and sort of steer it toward other happy things but haven’t write Chapter 10 yet. Sorry…still trying hard not to kill anyone.

Hide & Seek – Yeah, in limbo again but it’s still there. I won’t give up on it.

Payback – NEW fanfic! Like I don’t have enough on my hands already. But I placed it in for now. It’s a murder mystery. Not really a new thing for me since ‘Desperate Moments’ did have police stuff and some murder/conspiracy yet this one would be more on that and less on randomness. Hopefully so. Maybe darker than my usual. But not too dark. Not sure. But working at my own pace like always. I have to clarify that Nic and Cynthia were already in when I planned the mystery part–possibly around the same time I was planning Slicing Boundary and then I added in Xiu Jie Kai. They might be an interesting team. Who knows? I haven’t watched 4 Gifts yet. Just like five or ten minutes of it SO hope I’m not copying something by accident.

Slicing Boundary – Still stuck. I feel like killing already since it seems right to me. Restraining really hard. But can’t seem to get it going anymore. I told you guys last week I was sort of sick of Jindi craze already so just want to end it all. Or I should leave it hanging for now and come back later. But that’s mega-waiting for you guys. So you guys want the killing or no?

Tri-Visual – Focusing on the other Xiu Jie Kai one so this one’s suffering. But this one is another treasure of mine so I wouldn’t abandon it altogether. Not really.

True Friendship – Another new fan fiction. It’s one of my personal favorites though I didn’t post it yet over the years. It’s a Jacky and Joanne fanfic. I did it after some discussions with fans and how there would be possible with Jacky and Joanne pairing up. YET I didn’t post yet ’cause I thought it would be great if I could finish it first, considering how I already have lots going on. But I decided to post it finally because it might motivate me to finish faster. So I felt lucky that I time-stamped the chapters over the years or I would end up without evidence since everyone who watched ‘Liu Mang Xiao Zhang’ must have known their relation in there though they didn’t end up together. SO people might think that I’m ‘borrowing the idea’ BUT no, it has been there for several years now. I have 22 chapters posted already and those were not influenced by what has been happening recently. Only Chapter 23 through 25 will possibly be showing some similarities–if any–of recent events. YUP, this will be 25 chapters long BUT we’ll see when I finish.

Wan Xin Bang (萬心帮) – Stuck. Not really. Too lazy to write in Viet lately or maybe I kept messing up on the grammar. But still, have notes jotted down. I’m going to do this my way this time around without interference of random comments since I have it planned out already and told you guys I did the ending already SO I won’t be affected by IF people are hating it when I got the translations done. Still trying to get audio in. But I swear it’s harder than I thought. Just reading it out, right? NO. The mood isn’t right. I’m still super morbid for it. Need to maintain the neutral tone. So I’ll get back to it later when my moods improve.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

The Dating Game 3 – Still jotting down notes. But I have a better grasp of it now so might jump back and forth later on but won’t post until I finish some of the above for real.

Jindi One-Shot #2 – I told you guys last week regarding the poll update that I’m scratching it out BUT it’s still around. Just low down there in my list. When it comes again, maybe I’ll post.

What else? Oh yeah, I think I told syko this awhile back. So might as well announce it here. I’m thinking of going back to some fanfics I haven’t posted yet and see if there are some similarities in characters, ideas, or whatever else and will scratch it out completely or turn it into one-shots to get it out there so I wouldn’t end up losing inspirations in the end. It would also reduce the amount of fanfictions I still have to work on in the future. You guys would never know what happen and how many, etc but at least that means I will have more time for the current ones, right?

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