Status of Fan Fiction VIII

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It’s like a month–almost, so I thought it’s suitable to update on fanfic? If it isn’t obvious already.

Past Fan Fic(s):

Heaven’s Gift – DONE! YES, finally finished it. It was strange how I declared that I couldn’t get anything going yet seem to come up with some ideas later and ended up finishing it.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – Still stuck…YUP…though I could see some votes coming in for this one. Not trying to make everyone wait on purpose SO don’t go after me for it. Just don’t want to ruin it like I did with some stories in the past.

Payback – Slow but no one’s paying attention right now so it doesn’t matter?

Slicing Boundary – NOT sure how to take it anymore. But been writing bit by bit.

The Dating Game 3 – Still not going anywhere with this yet.

Tri-Visual – I posted up to Chapter 5. Trying to work on other parts right now. Didn’t realize people were liking this though I said from the start that it was more of an outlet for ‘morbid’ mode. It’s going to be a slow one too BUT we’ll see. Whenever it comes, it comes.

True Friendship – Still couldn’t move it forward but I’ll try harder somehow. Just don’t want to ruin the ending by being too corny. In fact, I think I’ll backtrack a bit and fix it so it flows better. BUT not the current chapters so don’t worry. Just what I have on hand right now.

Wan Xin Bang (萬心帮) – I backtracked until Chapter 7 and fixed stuff to add more excitement. Or so I hope. Because of this, I won’t do the English version or audio version until I finish this since it would be a waste of time, LOL! Sorry for those who can’t read Viet.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

Slanted Thoughts 2 – Should I post this? I was so into it and then I got stuck again.

Honey In Tea – Should I post this now or wait some more? It would be better to wait?

Redish Orange – Maybe I should finish ‘The Dating Game’ first before posting this?

I saw some requests for ‘more one-shots’ in the poll. Good news, I’m planning a QiaoRu one in the future. OR what would you prefer actually?

Thanks for those who voted on the fanfic poll. I’ll try to update but can’t promise with speed.

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4 thoughts on “Status of Fan Fiction VIII

  1. hi, is there going to to be more Joanne and Jacky Fan fiction ? i really like there story from True Friendship Fan Fiction, also Joanne and Clavin fan fiction 😀 P.s. i really love the dating Game 3 fan fiction its really good 😀 cant wait for it to finish and true friendship 😀

  2. @jessica – Thanks for the encouragements! I’ll try to plan another Jacky and Joanne one – after I finish True Friendship. Thanks for reading.

  3. I agree with Jessica. I’d like to read more RL Jacky and Joanne–especially since I enjoyed seeing them together again in Mafia Principal. I also am a fan of Dating Game series. Can we expect any more of DG 3 any time soon?

  4. @vgag – I’m surprised that you were reading ‘The Dating Game’ series, LOL! It was so random. But thanks. I posted one chapter the other day. Still working on ‘True Friendship’ though since I got halfway thru chapter 24 and then stuck again. LOL! Sad…will try harder….

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