Status of Fan Fiction XII

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Some progress so worth updating sooner? ‘Cause I tried to spread out my general updates lately. The current total is 42.

Past Fan Fic(s):

Scheming Nature  – 1 Vote – YES, this is the untitled ‘Vic, Cyndi, Jacky, and Joanne’ fanfic from the last update. AND yes, I finished it already. AND YES again on all chapters have been posted already. With no poster and whatnot but I’ll try to get it together somehow. I’m seriously running out pictures for them, except for Vic. OH WELL…

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 14 Votes – I know, I know. People are getting impatient. BUT I’m still in morbid-land. I managed to post another chapter yesterday. SO it’s not like I’m not trying. This might be picking up again since it was a cliff-hanger and at an exciting point (or so I hope). BUT again, no promises.

Honey In Tea – 0 Votes – Trying to focus on H&S right now? Still no votes so I guess I’m safe?

Payback – 1 Vote – For some reason, I’m mad stuck. Like I kept thinking of a scheme but it eventually wouldn’t work or sound so cliches. I’m trying though.

Slanted Thoughts 2 – 0 Votes – Put it aside for a while. For some odd reason, I can’t focus on stalking Wallace’s latest projects and write fanfics at the same time, or can I? OY!

The Dating Game 4 – 4 Votes – WOW! I was surprised that this got bumped up. Though more than glad since that means at least some people are enjoying this saga? I need to backtrack a bit to think about the ending and if I want to go that way. Seriously, it’s so hard at this point. I landed myself into it, I know. I thought of Wallace’s ending already but can’t decide on Jacky’s.

Tri-Visual – 11 Votes – Might be another chapter coming up. NOT sure.

Wan Xin Bang (萬心帮) – 0 Votes – MAD ahead but I’m still having trouble with translations. I can’t seem to find the right terms for it. SO I’ll just get creative again. OR try. Maybe the storyline would still be the same but the wording different? I still can’t get the audio version going since I’m never alone and it sounds MAD odd reading my own story out loud. YES, I just feel it’s too lame though I already agreed ages ago that I’m an amateur writer.)

Upcoming Fan Fics:

Neurotic – Since ‘Scheming Nature’ is out of the way already, I should post this? OR wait again?

Redish Orange – It might be scratched all together to focus on TDG. I don’t know. I have a feeling the cast/characters might change.

One-shots is now at 12 for votes. I got several on the burner. Still not finished yet.

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9 thoughts on “Status of Fan Fiction XII

  1. yeah like the sc one-shot you promised me :p ooo, when will chapter 1 of neurotic be up? any clue?

  2. I got an idea. Maybe you can give me a one-shot for my b-day. July 16th. That’ll be good 😉

  3. Of course I’m counting, you’re posting a very important one-shot that day (no pressure). But anyways, I’m just kidding. Crank them fanfics out at your own pace. BUT! I’m not backing out on the Cyndi Show one-shot, it’s due by the beginning of 2013… remember that. GORILLA!

  4. okay…. *places pinky strategically at the corner of the mouth* mu-mu-mu-muahahahahahahahahah oh, i looked at the polls. looks like one-shot is in second place after all the vic fans came to bombard your h&s.

  5. YUP, I actually posted several within some times. SO, not that bad? Oh well…just lazy with posters and all. Don’t feel like doing those lately.

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