Status of Fan Fiction XIX

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Okay, I wasn’t going to update until I clear more stuff out of the way. Yet I swear I’ve not been making any progress lately. So going to update anyway to put in some notes. So the current total is 59.

Past Fan Fic(s):

The Dating Game 5 – 1 Vote -YES, it’s done! I slowed down a bit but then it was like whoa, suddenly got inspiration so yeah. And yes, it’s a cliff hanger! I was going in a different direction, and not ending it right there for this part because I was stuck. So yes, it was intentional in case anyone’s confused.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 24 Votes – Working on it. I kept backspacing but trying to make it work so it wouldn’t be rushed or lame. It’s hard at this point since I just want to finish it and get it over with. But I have like 1 and a half chapters left so I don’t want to ruin it. At least not ruin it so bad.

Honey In Tea – 7 Votes – Unfortunately, not making progress at all with this one. Still in the background.

Neurotic: Tainted World – 1 Vote – I worked on it somewhat, but still not anywhere near what I wanted so taking my precious time. Yes, I want to finish strong. I could say right now that it will be fifteen chapters. There are lots of explanations to wrap up the saga so it would take some creative manipulation to tie the last two parts in so yeah.

Payback – 2 Votes – Slowed down again. It happens.

Stranded – 2 Votes – And I managed to think up some stuff already, just need to get it on paper.

The Business – 3 Votes – Interestingly popular, and I’m so sorry that I got stuck. But I kept backspacing.

One-shots is now at 20. Still not making progress, but I think it’s better that I focus on getting some of the current ones done. And yet again, that’s my sad lack of progress. Hopefully next time there will be more.

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9 thoughts on “Status of Fan Fiction XIX

  1. BleedLikeMe says:

    Yessss, H&S still leading with one shots coming a close second. Whooohooo. Well… at least you finished something.

  2. BleedLikeMe says:

    Oh, the Business is new to the lst since I last visit.

    1. DTLCT says:

      Yes, I wasn’t going to post until I finished some others. But at one point, that was the only one I could work on so I posted anyway.

      1. BleedLikeMe says:

        I think the only fight was that Penny one. I thought I was just being supportive and agreeing with you and listening to your rants, but I guess you were stuck in the middle? ahahahah. Like the peanut butter and jelly.

        1. DTLCT says:

          Yeah….you insisted I was the Wallace & Penny fan, BUT I have always been a Wallace fan so I support most of his pairings. (MOST, not all.) And yeah, there’s a difference between just being a Wallace fan and Wallace+pairing fan. LOL!

          But it’s over now. I managed to clear my head so don’t have to worry on stepping on anyone’s toes anymore.

          1. BleedLikeMe says:

            If only winglin wasn’t dead so I can look up our convos. I don’t remember saying you’re a wallie penny fan. All I remember back in those days was Wallie enjoys calling Penny his wife. That’s the only thing that stuck ahahah I always saw you as a Wallace fan. If you are able to pair him up with many other actresses, you are not a pairing fan, you are a Wallie fan lmao Just like how I am a Cyndi fan. Our pairs work the same way.

          2. DTLCT says:

            I think it might be in one of our chat convos BUT I hold grudges so I remember. Yes, it’s silly. But (yes, another but, lol), like I said. I don’t care about those anymore so moving on now.

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