Year 2014 in Recap

You know what? I’m beginning to feel like the year in review from WordPress doesn’t even justify my accomplishments, especially this past year. So I decided to go all out on the rebellion and make my own post. It might not look as glamorous as WordPress’s version but at least it doesn’t make me look that lazy, lol.

Starting off with some general stats.

Total Posts in 2014: 139 – Yes, posts ONLY. But the number would have gone up if I counted the pages since I usually use ‘pages’ for fanfic updates, except if it’s a one-shot.
January: 19
February: 16
March: 13
April: 14
May: 6
June: 12
July: 8
August: 10
September: 7
October: 9
November: 8
December: 17

Times Updated on People on the Poll: 63 – Looking at the breakdown, it goes to show that I update on whoever I feel like, not having to do with the who is leading the polls, etc. It’s nothing new, it’s like what I said before. It’s not that I placed in the poll just for kicks or just messing with people. But it’s more like I was curious (like I mentioned in the past already) and try not to put myself on pressure as to update according to votes. What I do feel bad about is not updating on Vic and Janine or Nic more like I should have.
Wallace Huo: 8
Ady An: 1
Hu Ge: 1
Vic Chou: 4
Joanne Tseng: 4
Janine Chang: 2
Angela Chang: 1
Xiu Jie Kai: 1
Nicholas Teo: 1
Yvonne Yao: 3
Zhao Jun Ya: 16
Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu: 5
Sophia Chou: 3
Van Fan: 1
Eric Suen: 3
Penny Lin: 3
Jacky Chu: 10
Bianca Bai: 1

Music Reviews: 13 – Not bad, right? I managed to empty the majority of the list I had up. So it’s something to celebrate here.

Movies + TV Series Reviews/Episode Summaries: 22 episodes and 6 reviews – I could have done better here but still not too bad.

Fan Fiction: It has been a sad case here since I don’t know when. But I really do apologize for all those waiting for certain stories that have been lagging for the past few years now. It’s just that I didn’t find inspiration to do work with it and didn’t want to end up ruining it more than I already did.

  • Slanted Thoughts 2
  • The Dating Game 45 – Mad progress on this saga, right? Sadly, it could only be said for this one, lol.

Songs Translations: 12 – Hey, it’s a record here! I’m serious! Translations are hard! It’s harder for my case since I’m still learning in some areas.

Chinese: 9

Vietnamese: 3

Side Updates: 41 posts – YUP, these have been occupying my time as well. At times, I cheated and posted pictures only, but I swear, some of them were kind of too secretive to talk about. Or some were adaptations that I hadn’t read about yet.

  • Fu Rong Jin: 5 – It’s going to show like next year, right?
  • Favorite Scenes Saga: 1 post, but I did have a lot to work on so it wasn’t like I was slacking on purpose
  • Worth Watching Saga: Managed to publish all 3 I have in the background for the recommendation posts. Plan to launch another one this upcoming year.
  • Seasons in the Sun: 5
  • Love Knows No Distance: 2
  • Gold Pretty Girl/Dan Shen You Yue: 3 – Seriously, been waiting for this to air.
  • Dong Jiang Heroes: 6
  • Never Ending Love: 2
  • Royal Tramp/ The Deer and the Cauldron 2014: 4
  • Yuan Yue Wan Dao: 1 – Seriously, when is this airing?
  • Shen Yi Da Dao Gong 2013: 4
  • Throwback Thursday Saga: 3
  • Reasons to Stay Positive Saga: 2

What do I want to focus on for this next coming year? More on Couples posts and pages. Not to mention the “Special Profiles” pages that I had suddenly abandoned. There’s also the “All About” saga that I halted all of a sudden as well. So are these my New Year resolutions? No. I seriously don’t want to force myself into that, considering how this is just a blog to share all the randomness that I like. So putting pressure on that would lose the purpose of the blog itself even more. I’m just bringing it up because I want to say I’m not abandoning those completely yet. Although what I would want more is to finally finish some fanfics that I have been lagging since whenever. Wouldn’t that be something?

All right, have a great year next year, everyone! Happy blogging or stalking if you don’t blog! (LOL) See you next year for another random update of the wrap-up from me!

Can’t Bear To Be Lovers by Jacky Chu

Song Title: Can’t Bear To Be Lovers (捨不得當情人)

Music by: Blue J (纪佳松)

Lyrics by: Huang Zu Yin (黃祖蔭)

Bold = Chinese
Indigo = Pin Yin
Purple = English

ni guan xin yan shen
Your caring expression
zhuan da ni wu sheng de wei wen
Convey your silent consolation
ta yuan zou ni mo mo
She has already left, so you silently
pei wo dao zao chen
Accompanied me until the early morning

ni shou xin zhi re de ti wen
Your heated palm
zhuan lai ni wu yan de yi wen
Expressed your wordless suspicion
bu dong wo hui ju jue
Not understanding, I resist
ni wen cun
Your gentleness

我們想法接近 默契很深
wo men xiang fa jie jin   mo qi hen shen
Our thinking is close with deep tacit understanding
chang heng tong yi shou ge
Frequently humming the same song
zhi xin peng you nan de
Being close friends is hard
我捨不得 當情人
wo se bu de dang qing ren
I can’t bear to become lovers

ai zong tai duo yi wai de shi fa sheng
There are too many unexpected things happening in love
you qing que neng zhen zhi pei ban yi sheng
Yet friendship could sincerely accompany us for a lifetime
cong bu xu yao fei xin bao zheng
There’s no need to waste our efforts in guaranteeing
不斷猜測 誰愛誰比較深
bu duan cai ce shui ai shui bi jiao shen
And continuously guessing who loves whom deeper

wo zhen xin xiang bao you ni de hou dun
I really want to keep on supporting you
dang wo wu nai wei qing wei ai xin yi leng
When I can’t help but because of love that my feelings have become cold
等你給我溫暖微笑 關懷眼神 
deng ni gei wo wen nuan wei xiao   guan huai yan shen
Waiting for your genuine warm smile and caring expression
就像 從前那樣真
jiu xiang cong qian na yang zhen
Just like previously

*All translations were done by DTLCT.