Prayers for Selina and Yu Hao Ming

I usually do not do this since most people are spreading the words already but I’m got influenced by all the efforts on Weibo and much more. So pray for their well being until we wait for more news.

If you haven’t read the news regarding their accidents yet, it was regarding the explosion accident on the set of Love In Spring (愛在春天).

Selina is of course Selina Ren from S.H.E.

Yu Hao Ming is a famous singer from Mainland China. A talented one in fact. (Here’s a clip if you want to listen.)

UPDATE: Both artists recovered and went on with their lives. Yu Hao Ming decided to try again with the drama after his recovery. The script was rewritten and Yuan Shan Shan was cast as the female lead because Selina didn’t want to come back, which was understandable since it was a traumatizing incident for her and everyone involved.