Mei Ren Long Tang: Episode 11 – Original Point

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Interestingly enough, the episode started with everyone gathered around the dinner table to enjoy Long Tai’s latest delicacies, not following up with how Long Tian He had returned already.

While they were enjoying Long Tai’s dishes, they were also talking about how Xiao Xiang’s business was taking off on a good start. Lao Tu pointed out that it had to do with their distribution of flyers. Xiao Xiang didn’t forget to thank everyone for their efforts. She even sent Lao Tu some extra “gift”, which caused him to feel quite embarrassed. Not only that but Ah Pan Jie was also happy that Ah Lun and Ah Xiang were so hardworking of recent. That wasn’t the biggest moment because they soon realized (through Long Shou Cheng’s disclosure) that Long Tai had used this meal as a chance to cheer Ren Mei on. Touched, Ren Mei didn’t know what to say. Yet Long Tai dissolved the moment by telling everyone to try the foods and give him some feedback. The funniest thing was seeing how the others were placing all the drumsticks on Ren Mei’s rice bowl, causing it to be overflowed with drumsticks. Luckily, Long Tai told the others to take it off, considering how much there were. So they resumed the meal in a merriment mood.

On the day of Ren Mei’s ballet competition event, various parties were seen around the auditorium. As Long Shou Cheng glimpsed the place, he questioned Lao Tu about Long Tai/Tian He and Ah Pan Jie’s whereabouts. Lao Tu had said that Tian He would be arriving later since he had to go somewhere, while Ah Pan Jie had to tend to the soup pot before she could leave. Upon spotting Grandma Zhao, Long Shou Cheng was a bit worried but didn’t make his move. What was even more surprising was seeing Wen Zi arriving at the event, considering how she exuded enough hostility toward Ren Mei for Ren Mei to stay away from her. (Even if Ren Mei wanted to seek her out, Ren Mei was too busy of recent regarding practice to tend to the matter.)

Yet what was even more blood-boiling was how Wen Zi had arrived at backstage to tell Ren Mei that she wasn’t giving up just yet. Wen Zi went on further by saying that she was just going away for a while to let Long Tai know that he couldn’t go on without her. That wasn’t the worst bit of the encounter because when Ren Mei tried to explain to Wen Zi, Wen Zi shoved her. Even if Wen Zi didn’t know about Ren Mei’s leg injury previously, shoving Ren Mei like that was already going WAY over. And what was she trying to do? It was before Ren Mei’s performance, saying those things would cause her to lose concentration. So what will come of Ren Mei’s performance really? It wasn’t just about shining on the stage, but it was a chance for Ren Mei to prove to her grandma that she could do it.

As for Long Tai, he was seen at a jewelry shop. He was there to pick up his order. Yes, he had sent the picture he snapped of Ren Mei’s necklace in to make a duplicate. Or at least try to create the other shoe to complete the pair. That was the reason for the delay in going to the venue of Ren Mei’s performance.

And the previous scene of Tian He returning wasn’t the ending of the other episode. It was seriously deceiving us with going ahead and throwing in that particular scene. (Yet if observed more carefully by flipping back to the previous episode, the outfits didn’t match so it made sense it wasn’t linked to the previous episode’s event.) The scene actually occurred after Long Tai left the jewelry store and was on his way to the competition event. So his comment with the day being a good day was seriously ironic.

The disaster began with Ah Pan Jie on the way out of the door and was ready to go to the venue. She spotted Tian He walking in with his luggage. Confused, she asked him why he was coming back to the house for and was even carrying that luggage. He replied with a sharp tone, stating that it was his house so why couldn’t he return? She said that no one was around–to which he was more than confused as to why. She soon helped him carry the luggage inside and told him about where everyone was, cheering Ren Mei on, etc. Seriously, he looked more than confused than pissed off at this point. (Yet Mike’s acting was seriously good since he was able to create the vibe with Tian He’s cold exterior and Long Tai’s sunshine feeling. Well, he should be more than pro with the ‘mean’ persona already, considering some of his past roles, but it was a change with his sunshine personality.) So after Ah Pan Jie placed the luggage to one side, she shoved Tian He outside, lol. He was so confused, asking “What?” It was hilarious yet his nasty side would come out soon after he learned of what happened, right?

Back to the competition, it wasn’t Ren Mei’s turn yet but it was going quite smooth with some of the other performances. Backstage, Ren Mei was experiencing nerves. She took a peek outside and realized that Long Tai/Tian He wasn’t there yet. Meanwhile, Long Tai was still on his way there, hoping to make it in time for her performance. So he was in a race with Ah Pan Jie and Tian He at this point. Yet would it make sense that Long Tai would arrive first? Since he did get a head start at that one stoplight–with Tian He heading home and he went straight to the venue. Anyway, on top of the nervousness, Ren Mei realized that her grandma was even present.

Ren Mei’s performance finally came yet Long Tai was still nowhere to be seen. She tried to encourage herself on and the performance went nicely for the most part. Even her instructor was seen proud of her moves. It wasn’t until somewhere in the middle that she lost her balance. (Yes, that leg injury had caused it. AND Wen Zi’s shove had made it even worse at this point.) It was at that point that almost everyone gasped. Even Grandma Zhao was seen quite worried. Her instructor was holding his breath. At the most crucial moment, she remembered Long Tai’s cheer for her and continued right on, weaving some of the similar moves into the mistake to patch it up, making her instructor looking proud again. Even the others were seen quite impressed by her as well.

After all the performances, the result was finally announced. Grandma Zhao seemed indifference and got up to leave. Ren Mei seemed depressed–as usual. It wasn’t until her name was also announced that Long Shou Cheng and Lao Tu almost jumped. It was indeed a happy moment for them all. It took seconds later for Ren Mei to react with this news. Yet what made her day even more was how Ah Pan Jie and Tian He stepped in at that time. (Um…I still didn’t get why Long Tai didn’t come sooner. If they were stuck in traffic, then it would make sense, AND that would mean Ah Pan Jie’s route was less busy so they arrive before Long Tai.)

As Ah Pan Jie received the news from Lao Tu (it was hard not to since he was practically yelling at that point), she joined right in cheering Ren Mei on as Ren Mei stepped over to hug Tian He. That was also when he stopped being so confused and pushed Ren Mei out, even blurting out some sharp words. Both Ren Mei and Ah Pan Jie were shocked of Tian He’s reaction, so different from the Tian He they were living with these past few months. Yet Long Shou Cheng was able to detect right away that it was the real Tian He returning.

That was also when Long Tai stepped in. Long Tai, not realizing what was happening, walked toward them anyway as Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie’s mouth hung wide open with shock. It didn’t sink in for Long Tai yet because he was still taking out the necklace and was ready to give it to Ren Mei. He finally realized something was up until he saw everyone staring. With Ren Mei’s glare, Tian He also realized something was up and turned around to see his lookalike. That was also when Long Tai’s sunshine smile turned off, and confusion was thrown around by some people in the room. Lao Tu soon realized from Tian He’s question that he was the real Tian He. Yet the others were indeed still confused. Well, except for Long Shou Cheng, who was still staying quiet, that was.

So the face-off began. At least it was Tian He who stepped over to confront his lookalike. Long Shou Cheng finally spoke up as Long Tai struggled to explain himself, stating Long Tai’s relation to Tian He. After saying that, Long Shou Cheng stepped toward them and told them to accompany him home. Long Tai’s expression showed that he was having mixed emotions toward his twin brother at that point. Yet it was too clear that Tian He was already hating this so-called ‘twin brother’. As words traveled around town, Ren Hu was more than interested in the ‘Long Tian He lookalike’ news than his sister’s good news, like it was any more surprising that he didn’t care for his sister. Of the parties still digesting the news, only Wen Zi was seen celebrating inside.

Though Xiao Xiang was absent for the performance and had to tend to her shop, after hearing Ah Xiang and Ah Lun’s words about the twin brothers, she immediately abandoned the shop and ran back to the Long resident to check. She had stated that they had helped her in the past so she couldn’t just stand around and wait for news to travel. She had to go and check for herself. She had previously stated that it made sense with the twins incident, considering how Long Tian He had always been known to be cold and all, etc.

And now that they were home, it was only right that questions were thrown around. The answer for Tian He’s first question with hiding the ‘twins’ thing from him was because Grandma Long didn’t allow for Long Shou Cheng to say it. Then Tian He said that his grandma had passed away all these years so there were numerous opportunities for his old man to say it out. (EXACTLY!) And then Long Shou Cheng said that it was because Tian He’s health condition so he didn’t want to aggravate Tian He anymore, and he wanted to find Tian He’s mother and brother before telling. Um…okay. While the old man was talking, Tian He was seen giving his brother dagger looks. It wasn’t until Tian He said that “that woman” (referring to his mother in that term instead of ‘mom’ or something similar) had fled with some man not long after giving birth to him. (No wonder Tian He’s so bitter all these years, thanks a lot, Grandma Long! She’s actually ten times worse comparing to Grandma Zhao. Grandma Zhao’s all about ‘tough love gone wrong’ but Grandma Long’s just outright slandering others’ reputation to make herself look good.) YUP, it was Grandma Long who had affected Tian He’s views on life and his evilness all these years. (Honestly, Tian He was like Ren Hu in a way, but Grandma Zhao didn’t mean it with hurting Ren Mei at times.) Tian He then accused his old man of putting the blame on the grandma just because the grandma had already passed away. (Okay, that was honestly a sticky situation BUT this time, it was indeed true that it was the dead person’s doing.) Not being able to take it anymore with Tian He’s usage of “that woman” for calling their mother, Long Tai finally jumped in to yell at Tian He. Yet Tian He wasn’t scared (far from it), he yelled right back.

Outside, Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were eavesdropping on the conversation while Lao Tu was trying to get Ah Pan Jie to quiet down–or they would be busted. Even Ren Mei was seen nearby, trying to check on the situation. Ah Pan Jie was scolding Lao Tu for saying that she was spouting nonsense when she talked about the twins incident previously yet it was true. All the while the two battle it out, Ren Mei was forced to remember all the times that she had encountered both–and realized she had confessed to the wrong person.

Back inside, they were still at it. Long Shou Cheng was explaining how it was because Grandma Long didn’t like his mother hence talking about her in that way. Yet Tian He stated that he believed his grandma wouldn’t hate someone without a good reason, even chanting his grandma’s mantra with how it didn’t matter with who gave birth to him, etc. OY! Very frustrating indeed but in a way, it was hard to blame him with all the years he’d been poisoned by nonsense. Long Tai jumped in again–after some quiet passed between Long Shou Cheng and Tian He–reminding Tian He how intelligent he was with his school achievements yet he didn’t know how to investigate for himself or distinguish between right and wrong yet just listened to others’ words, etc. Tian He told Long Tai that he didn’t know what had happened to him (Tian He) all these years so he (Long Tai) DID NOT have any rights to say those things. So after rattling out some more nasty words, Tian He left the scene, yelling at Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie to get out of his way.

As he walked past them, he encountered Xiao Xiang, Ah Xiang, and Ah Lun on their way in. Another battle of words ensued as he scolded at them for calling him “Tian He Ge”, etc. Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie soon came over to try and break the argument up. Xiao Xiang was already on a roll though and was about to say something else yet Ah Pan Jie mumbled a “Please” under her breath to get Xiao Xiang to stop. Ah Pan Jie tried to explain the new arrivals’ identities yet that didn’t calm Tian He down–far from it. He told Ah Pan Jie to tell “those people” to be more polite to him in the future. After he left, Ah Xiang claimed that he wanted to punch Tian He, considering how he couldn’t believe the bad attitude Tian He was far worse than rumors had it. When Xiao Xiang asked him why he didn’t punch Tian He and he replied with saying he didn’t dare to. (Hey, after all, Long Shou Cheng did agree to let him and Ah Lun stay to have a new start, so of course, he couldn’t just punch out Tian He like that–regardless of how hateful Tian He was.) And while that was going on, Ah Pan Jie was seen with a disappointed face, mumbling about how she thought Tian He had changed yet it wasn’t so after all. Lao Tu, though looking as disappointed, told Ah Pan Jie that it was only right to let Long Tai have his identity back or it wouldn’t be fair to him. After all that was cleared away, Xiao Xiang asked about Ren Mei, and it seemed like Ren Mei had disappeared already. Xiao Xiang soon went to Ren Mei’s room to comfort her yet Ren Mei didn’t care to speak up or open the door for Xiao Xiang.

As Tian He returned to his room, he found out that Long Tai’s possession had taken over his habitat so he once again tossed stuff around like the old days–when he wanted his way. And even yelled for Ah Pan Jie to come and clean up. The devil was indeed back in their lives.

Back in Long Shou Cheng’s study, he clarified with Long Tai regarding Grandma Long and how things had become of the ‘false’ stories of the twins’ mother. Long Shou Cheng also told Long Tai to be patient and it would take a while for Tian He to accept it. Yet Long Tai turned Long Shou Cheng down, stating that he only promised to stay until Tian He return because he knew his mom would want it. Now that Tian He was back, he should leave. Long Shou Cheng asked Long Tai if he still wanted to return to Japan. Long Tai said that since he wasn’t so welcomed here anyway, he might as well return to Japan. He went on to say that at least Japan has the memories of him and his mother all these years–and the family that he grew up with. Long Shou Cheng wanted Long Tai to think it over carefully, because he really wanted Long Tai to stay. He finally admitted that he was an irresponsible father and had been a failure in being a father all these years. Yet Long Shou Cheng went on to say if Long Tai–after thinking really carefully–still wanted to leave, he would respect Long Tai’s decision.

The others finally were able to see Long Tai at last–after having waited so long. Unlike his usually hot-headed self, Lao Tu was quite understanding of Long Tai’s hardships all these times, trying to pose as Tian He. Ah Xiang and Ah Lun were as understanding. Or perhaps, they were already through the worst with interacting with Tian He earlier so, of course, the apology from Long Tai was tenfold more sincere now that they heard it from him. Ah Lun was still stuck with the “Tian He Ge” yet he said “Tian Hao Ge” was weird so Long Tai jumped in to clarify that he didn’t like the name either. He told them to call him “Long Tai” instead–since it was the name that his mother called him. Soon, Ah Pan Jie was seen walking by, stating that she had to help Tian He clean up–and that she was so slow hence him tossing stuff all around. Yet Lao Tu stopped her, trying to make Long Tai feel better. But Long Tai soon interfered, stating it was all right. He understood how Tian He was feeling with someone else invading his personal space–and said if it was his situation, he would be as upset. Ah Pan Jie then promised to set up another room for Long Tai, and she even took time to add in how one person was yelling out orders to her versus another apologizing for making her do extra work–hence Lao Tu dragging her out of there before she could say anything else about the twins.

Long Tai finally got a chance to go to Ren Mei’s room and check on her. Xiao Xiang was still standing in front of Ren Mei’s room. Upon hearing his voice, Ren Mei got up and came over to the door, but she didn’t open it yet. She was just curious. Though Xiao Xiang had reminded Long Tai of Ren Mei ‘treating Long Tai like Tian He’ the whole time (aka the mistaken identity like everyone) and it was normal that Ren Mei was going through a ‘confused’ phase (again like everyone else), but she also cheered Long Tai on. After Xiao Xiang left, Long Tai was about to knock on Ren Mei’s door–to which she seemed to want him to–yet he hesitated and let his doubts took over. Indeed, Ren Mei wanted him to explain to her why he had deceived her. (ARrrrrrgggg, it was tenfold more frustrating that he just left like that. Yeah, I got it with the confidence thing at this point and also to let Ren Mei calm down a bit more, but seriously, how long are they going to drag this out?) And Ren Mei had every right to be mad at this point, not getting an answer at all, thinking that she had been conned.

That night, as everyone was restless all around, a surprise turn moved the plot forward slightly. Ren Mei, not being able to take it anymore, went to Long Tai’s room to confront him. She said she was able to understand and sympathize with the Long family’s situation and their past grudges toward one another. Yet what she wanted to know was why he didn’t clarify or say anything when she confessed to him in the cave when they were up in the mountains. Inside, he said because he liked her. Yet in reality, he replied it with not wanting her to be disappointed. She misunderstood the comment as wanting to play with her feelings. He finally got up from his place and said that he didn’t want to either and it was really torturing to pose as Tian He, etc. She mistook that comment even further, thinking that it had been hard for him to pose as Tian He and pretend to like her, etc. (Seriously, can’t blame her for misunderstanding because his words seemed to imply so instead of what he wanted to say. Those words were indeed too vague.) He immediately clarified it wasn’t so but she told him he longer had to suffer posing as Tian He so he was free of her, slamming the door in his face.

The next morning, round 2 commenced for the twins. Tian He had given Long Tai an intimidating look before turning to leave yet Long Tai said he wanted to talk to Tian He. He told Tian He how their lives (Long Tai and his mother’s that was) were all these years. He even mentioned how their mother often prepared 2 portions at dinner time. He didn’t understand why before but now he understood. Tian He didn’t care for the words and thought Long Tai was trying to brag about how much their mother loved Long Tai. Yet Long Tai clarified that he wasn’t. He was just saying that their mother had been thinking of Tian He all these years. Yet Tian He continued to call their mother “that woman” and also triggered Long Tai’s moods. Tian He went on to say that “that woman” was Long Tai’s mother, not his. The conversation went back to how Tian He was saying that aside from his grandma, he doesn’t believe there would be anyone who treats him well. Long Tai said that Tian He was quite pitiful, not caring if that would upset Tian He even more. Tian He reacted by saying like Long Tai had never done wrong before. That was when Lao Tu walked by and said it was good that they were both present. (Really?) According to Lao Tu, Wen Zi was there to look for Long Tai.

Outside, Ah Pan Jie was tending to Wen Zi and was asking if Wen Zi was returning to Japan hence looking for Long Tai to say goodbye. That had surprised Wen Zi, considering how she was so happy and celebrating that it was finally the day when Long Tai ‘return to her side’ as it were. So her answer to Ah Pan Jie with how she was going to return to Japan with Long Tai, which sparked a major outcry from Ah Pan Jie. In fact, that had caused Ren Mei to look worried as well, even if she was still upset over Long Tai’s vague response and had cried most of the night last night. Upon seeing Long Tai, Wen Zi–of course–walked right over and embraced him, claiming how happy it was that the day finally came. Ren Mei finally understood Wen Zi’s words about warning Ren Mei to distance herself from Long Tai, misunderstanding that those two were a couple. Long Tai finally reacted, pushing Wen Zi out slightly yet he responded that he would return to Japan with Wen Zi. That was when Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie jumped in to interrupt, wanting to talk it over among themselves before resuming. (LOL!) That was when Ren Mei dodged out of the way.

So Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie moved to a corner of the room to talk it over. Lao Tu was asking what to do now and Ah Pan Jie responded with “Of course we have to prevent Long Tai from leaving.” So they were saying since Long Tai came, not only was their boss’ mood turning good but also their business SO they couldn’t allow Long Tai to leave. However, they were forced to stop again, because they couldn’t find a reason to keep Long Tai there. Yet Lao Tu soon thought of something. It was indeed clever because even Ah Pan Jie looked confident enough. (What was it? Just have to watch to see.) It was indeed quite clever with how Lao Tu eased into it. LOL! And then they even steered it to the fact that Wen Zi’s passport was already lost so how could she return right away. She needed time to get a new one, lol. NICE! Then Ah Pan Jie didn’t want to let Wen Zi stay there since she stated that Wen Zi would continue to pester Long Tai to return to Japan. Yet Lao Tu jumped in to patch it up by saying that Wen Zi would be a distraction hence Long Tai not being able to concentrate properly to help them with the new dishes. Even Long Tai agreed, saying that it was a bit chaotic around there with Long Tian He returning so after he took care of stuff there, he would go to the Zhao family’s hot spring resort to look for her.

Then the head of the town came to inform them that Ren Hu was outside, wanting to seek justice. So they were forced to go out and face Ren Hu and see what else he was up to. (Didn’t Grandma Zhao say she was going to take care of it? Great, like it was news that he would go behind her back and do stuff.) Anyway, Long Tai said all it was because of him so whatever it was that Ren Hu wanted, it was between them. Before Ren Hu was able to say anything, Wen Zi jumped out, saying she won’t let him make trouble for Long Tai. Things moved toward another interesting point as Ren Hu pondered why Wen Zi was there already (since it was still so early) because that was when Tian He stepped out. He quickly delivered a taunting remark about how he was wondering who could be disrupting the peace at this time of the morning (totally aiming it at Ren Hu). As Ren Hu inspected the twins, he also took the time to ‘pretend to seek justice for his sister’. Ren Mei had indeed stepped out since she had overheard earlier about her brother coming over. Ren Mei said that they (the Long family) didn’t mean to deceive them on purpose–to which Ren Hu snapped back at her, questioning her about taking the Long family’s side. It was then that Tian He delivered another one of his attacks, saying that the Zhao family should be thankful that they (the Long family) were willing to let such useless person stay (i.e. Ren Mei). That was when Long Tai yelled at Tian He for talking about Ren Mei in that way, and Tian He said Long Tai didn’t have any right to stop him for saying it. Long Tai was about to say how much Ren Mei cares for Tian He yet Ren Mei yelled out to stop him.

It was then that Long Shou Cheng finally stepped out to admit wrong. He asked Ren Hu what Ren Hu wanted at that point. And as Ren Hu was about to deliver his orders, Grandma Zhao arrived at the scene–to much of Ren Hu’s surprise. She reminded him of what she told him last night. After chiding Ren Hu in a low whisper, she turned to Long Shou Cheng. He, of course, repeated his wrongdoings and said he didn’t know how to explain to every one of their family’s situation after realizing the person appearing during that dragon dance competition was actually Long Tai hence causing trouble for everyone. He even apologized to Ren Mei. Grandma Zhao accepted the apology and said she didn’t want to pursue the matter anymore. Ren Hu, of course, jumped in to object. Yet Grandma Zhao stated that Ren Hu indeed got beaten by one of the members of the Long family. Not to mention how good the Long family had treated Ren Mei after she arrived and had helped her change all the while staying there. Therefore, she said that they didn’t need to compensate or do anything else to make it up. After hearing those words, not only were the members of the Long family happy, but the townspeople were also cheering Grandma Zhao on for her understanding nature. Only Ren Hu was seen still very much upset upon seeing Tian He leaving the scene with a taunting smile. Grandma Zhao’s only request was to let Ren Mei go home. And Ren Mei only wanted a little time to pack. Grandma Zhao agreed and said she would send Lao Zhang (their driver) over to pick Ren Mei up.

As Ren Mei packed and was thinking of the event earlier, Long Tai entered. He looked quite heavyhearted watching her. She didn’t realize he was there until she turned around. Yet she chose to ignore him. That didn’t work because some of the items she was carrying got dropped. Those were her ballet shoes and some roll of paper. They both rushed to pick up her ballet shoes, causing their hands to come into contact. She withdrew her hand first after some silent staring between them, and he got the message, letting go so she could pick up her items and leave.

Along the hallway, Ren Mei bumped into Tian He. He, like his usual self, uttered some mean words, saying it was good that she was leaving so it was less troublesome around there. He then went on to say that he didn’t even recognize her at first and wouldn’t even dream of it, considering how he thought she would be fat all her life. He didn’t realize she could become this current person. Ren Mei didn’t just take it in this time, unlike her past self, but had responded with saying he was the same as in the past, always saying mean things to hurt others. Yet he said he didn’t want to say nice words to people he didn’t care for. (Wow, when in the world did he say nice things to people? That day seemed so foreign to everyone present.) Ren Mei then said that Tian He didn’t need to say nice things to her since that wouldn’t be the Tian He she knew since little. Then she left. He turned around to look at her. Yet what was he thinking at that point? Like he would suddenly change his thinking, but why was he staring after her for? Thinking she was still dumb as always? Or surprised that she was able to defend herself now?

Outside, Ren Mei was saying goodbye to the others and thanking them for taking care of her since the day she arrived. Ah Pan Jie looked quite depressed seeing Ren Mei leave. Even Xiao Xiang was saying how they were worried about Ren Mei going home and being bullied by her grandma and brother again. Ren Mei said that she wasn’t like before and she will try to communicate with her grandma and brother more; and that it was her actual home so she had to return. Long Shou Cheng soon stepped up to apologize to Ren Mei for deceiving her the whole time. She didn’t mind, saying that these past months have been some happy times for her. Lao Tu spoke up then, saying that even if he didn’t like her brother yet he treated her like family so he told her to return from time to time to visit them – to which she nodded. When it was Ah Pan Jie’s turn to say something, she wasn’t able to. She was too busy crying. Things didn’t improve with the crying even after Ren Mei stated that Ah Pan Jie was like her mother and hugged her. While that was going on, Ah Xiang told Ren Mei if anyone would dare to bully Ren Mei in the future, she should tell him so he could beat them up. Ah Lun and Xiao Xiang each told her to continue pursuing her dream and become an excellent dancer. It was indeed a touching goodbye scene. The party didn’t break up until Lao Zhang reminded her that Grandma Zhao was waiting for her.

As the others were saying goodbye to Ren Mei outside, Long Tai was still sitting at the exact spot that Ren Mei left him. He was thinking of how he only wanted to protect her yet had caused her to hate him in the end. Yet he soon realized what he should’ve done. So he sprang up and chased after her car. Calling out the nickname he once gave her, it seemed useless. But she had heard him and turned around at last.

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Mei Ren Long Tang: Episode 9 – Confession

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

As it were, Long Tai rushed out of the hot spring resort in search of Ren Mei, fearing that she might be on her way to do something silly. On his way out of Ren Mei’s room, he was stopped by Ah Pan Jie asking about Ren Mei’s current condition. However, he just blurted out some vague answers, claiming he had to go find Ren Mei. Ah Pan Jie was forced to figure it out on her own. It wasn’t until she read the letter that Long Tai shoved into her hands that she realized the seriousness of the situation. It was also around then that she yelled out for her boss, informing him about a major crisis.

Though Long Tai declared that he was out to search for Ren Mei yet the whole household was not far behind on the task. And I don’t mind this time that they backtracked a bit to recount of Ren Mei’s letter and let her voice be the narration while the others were searching for her. It indeed added to the hectic atmosphere as anxiety build for everyone, pondering where Ren Mei could be heading toward. The ones not searching for Ren Mei were Long Shou Cheng and Xiao Xiang. Xiao Xiang was trying to call Ren Mei on her cell phone while Long Shou Cheng was on standby to wait for words from the others. After half a night of unfruitful searching, the others were getting even warier. Long Tai wasn’t about to give up though. It wasn’t until daybreak that he returned home as the others were seen resting and waiting for news. He probably thought that the others must at least have some news so he rushed home to check. Yet upon learning that the others didn’t have any luck either, he vouched to go search again.

Wen Zi stopped him as he was getting ready. She told him to go rest, considering how he hadn’t slept all night. (She hadn’t slept all night either–according to Lao Tu’s words earlier.) Long Tai’s response was that he wasn’t tired. (What else? He was worried nuts so he didn’t care.) Wen Zi reminded Long Tai that Ren Mei wasn’t a kid so she would be all right. Yet Long Tai asked Wen Zi how would she know that Ren Mei would be all right. So what else did Wen Zi do but ask back how would he know she would encounter some trouble, etc. OY, yup, jealous episodes unleashing. She was too smart not to recognize how much Long Tai cares for Ren Mei. YUP, Wen Zi confronted him with the whole Ren Mei “isn’t just a friend” to him, etc. Long Tai didn’t want to answer her yet she blocked his path and forced him to respond. (Nice?) Yet I guess everyone will have to thank Wen Zi because she had forced Long Tai to face his own feelings. He had told Wen Zi to get out of the way since he already lost his mother, he didn’t want to lose Ren Mei as well. Wen Zi kept asking, and Long Tai begged her to step aside so he could go search for Ren Mei. Though he hadn’t really answered, it was too clear already. Seeing Long Tai’s determination, Wen Zi had no choice but to do as she was told, letting him leave at last.

Inside, the others were breaking down one by one. Lao Tu was his usual hot-headed self, bursting out words of frustration while Ah Pan Jie cried over Ren Mei’s possible doom. The others tried to calm Ah Pan Jie down but it seemed unsuccessful. It wasn’t until Long Shou Cheng spoke up, saying that he would go over to the Zhao resident to see if Ren Mei had gone home. Ah Pan Jie voiced out her injustice of how Ren Mei was being treated at the Zhao family that she might as well not go home. Yet Long Shou Cheng reassured her that he would calmly talk to them, etc.

Long Shou Cheng’s trip to the Zhao family seemed smooth at first. At least he hadn’t gotten kicked out, etc. Grandma Zhao was shocked that Ren Mei had gone missing. However, when Long Shou Cheng tried to explain the situation, Ren Hu jumped in to stop him, putting all the blame on his sister for being dramatic, etc. (Seriously, I just want to slap Ren Hu at this point.) Even Long Shou Cheng seemed more caring toward Ren Mei. In fact, the whole Long family cared more for Ren Mei than all of the Zhao family combined. (It didn’t matter if the grandma was doing the ‘tough love’ bit, it hadn’t worked yet had caused Ren Mei’s confidence to sink lower and lower over the years.) And just when Grandma Zhao wanted Long Shou Cheng to finish what he was saying before Ren Hu interrupted (about twice already), Long Shou Cheng was faced with the fact that Grandma Zhao might not be able to take it. (Ren Hu just had to remind Long Shou Cheng of his grandma’s high blood pressure situation, etc.) So what now? (Honestly, just plain say it already!) He just had to go with it didn’t matter what the reason was, he would find Ren Mei, even saying that he had told Lao Tu to inform the cops of the situation. (Seriously? He was going to take the fall for it? Now Grandma Zhao had more reasons to scold him.)

Okay, so Ren Hu was successful in shutting Long Shou Cheng up–one way or another. Yet it wasn’t so with the assistant. She was mumbling about how it was strange that people from the Long family came over last night and now they were coming over again. That was what got Grandma Zhao’s attention and she inquired further into the matter. It seemed slim that anyone was connecting the dots, considering how the other lady didn’t know much of the details anyway. Then a confrontation was set forth. So the assistant did know a lot more. Ooooh, so no wonder words got leaked. The cell phone Ren Hu had with him while talking to Long Tai the previous night was the driver’s cell phone, not his. He kept his in his office–as seen from last night.

And my faith in Grandma Zhao somewhat restored. At least after she said Ren Hu shouldn’t hurt his sister–and the fact that if he’d done wrong she (Grandma Zhao) would scold him. The fact that she didn’t want to use underhand tactics to operate her business was admirable enough already. Then Grandma Zhao realized how cold-blooded Ren Hu had turned out. (She was thinking to herself outside in the hallway after warning Ren Hu to never pick on Ren Mei again.)

After having some lead from the head of the town, Long Tai went to the woods in search of Ren Mei. According to the former, Ren Mei might have gone to her parents’ place. So it was really worrisome and NOT at all random that Long Tai spotted the ropes hanging from high above by one of the trees. It made sense she wanted to go there to talk to her parents before ending her life. Though it seemed random, viewers who might not know (or had forgotten some previous details) would treat it as random. Then there was also Ren Mei’s belongings laying nearby as well. Who could blame Long Tai for thinking of the worst?

Having run around and around in circles, Long Tai resorted in yelling out and telling Ren Mei not to do anything stupid to hurt herself or he wouldn’t forgive her for it. Not getting an answer, he opted to bargain with Heaven, asking Heaven to return Ren Mei to him, saying that he couldn’t lose anyone else in his life. Whether that had helped or Ren Mei might have heard him previously already, she soon appeared from behind him and called out his name. (Or at least she had called “Long Tian He”.) He turned around, surprised, not knowing what to say yet just stared at her while she asked him why he was there. She even dared to ask him which important person did he lose? (Well, it was hard to blame her since he kept insisting on hating her or was just caring for her because of some responsibility so how would she know? And he had said he was dating Wen Zi as well.) Soon, she showed him some flowers that she had picked. The flower was called Angel flower, her mother’s favorite. Long Tai still didn’t say anything. Yet he finally pulled her into a kiss–to much of her bewilderment.

Afterward, they were both standing in front of Ren Mei’s parents’ graves. Ren Mei confessed to her parents that it was her first time coming after all these years. She kept making excuses not to come and therefore had created even more tension with others, causing them to think that she was not filial. Yet the real reason why she didn’t want to come was because she wanted to lie to herself that if she didn’t see their graves, she could still believe that they were still alive. The moment was indeed both heartbreaking and touching. (Da Yuan’s acting at this point was really good. It really tugged at the heart. If anyone had gone through this type of loss, they could so sympathize with Ren Mei’s character at the moment and understand why she wanted to deceive herself like that. Da Yuan really brought out that feeling with her acting. NOT at all bland. Her face and eyes were full of the appropriate emotions.) Long Tai soon stepped forward to comfort Ren Mei and reassured her that her parents were always living in her heart.

Back at the Zhao resident, it seemed like Grandma Zhao was going crazy trying to dial and couldn’t get through. She wished she had treated Ren Mei better in the past. Yet she soon said she wasn’t going to give up on the search, even insisting on going out. Her assistant asked if she would want Ren Hu to go with her yet she was more upset upon hearing Ren Hu’s name, claiming that she could go on her own. So it was set.

Meanwhile, Long Tai and Ren Mei were making their way back. Or so it seemed. As they were walking, Ren Mei was happy inside that Long Tai had confessed to her. Yet her smile soon turned upside down. She was thinking of Wen Zi and what would come of it. As she was phasing out, Long Tai turned around to tell her to hurry if they wanted to get back before dark. They ended up lost because Ren Mei was so sure that her direction was right. (Nice?) So they made their way back to the one that Long Tai had pointed out before. Again, like last time when they made their way home–or tried to, rain hit. So they were forced to find shelter before continuing on. Ren Mei tripped over a tree and had to be carried. Lucky for them, they found a cave to hide for the time being. The funniest thing happened when Long Tai was trying set some fire going so they could warm up. He used a traditional method with rubbing two rocks together to get some sparks. However, he didn’t realize there was a lighter inside his pants pocket all along. Well, the reason how he came into contact with that lighter in the first place was because he caught Xiao Xiang smoking inside the hot spring one day so he confiscated it from her and had put it in his pocket. Another brush of luck since his rocks didn’t work.

Anyhow, Grandma Zhao was in a brink of some kind of breakdown when she overheard the head of the town yelling about something. She came to check it out and he said that he was trying to make an announcement over the microphone so the townspeople could come and help in finding Ren Mei. Though Grandma Zhao was desperate, but she also managed to fix the microphone and made her own announcement with making a plea for others to help her find Ren Mei. A touching speech indeed. It proved that she really cared for Ren Mei, even letting go of her own self-pride for the moment and only think of Ren Mei’s well-being.

Back in the cave, it seemed to stop raining–or something. Yet they were all nice and warm again. Long Tai even took the time to check on Ren Mei’s leg. He almost blew his cover yet patched things up in time. They soon moved onto the situation with their misunderstanding. She still thought that he was just pitying her yet he clarified that he liked her. He didn’t mean to blurt it out so fast yet how could he take it back? Besides, why would he take it back at this point? After some awkwardness passed between them, Ren Mei asked what would happen to Wen Zi, considering their current situation. (She had no idea.) He took that time to clarify that there wasn’t anything between him and Wen Zi. She, of course, realized that she had misunderstood. (Major time, lol.) As Long Tai was saying how he treated Wen Zi like both his best friend and younger sister, Ren Mei realized that the way he spoke of Wen Zi was like they grew up together. (YES, she wasn’t so clueless after all. In fact, she wasn’t dumb, just lack confidence on different levels due to her grandma and brother’s behaviors toward her all these years.) But Ren Mei soon abandoned the analysis and focused completely on Long Tai’s words since he said he didn’t know what love was until he met her. However, what Long Tai discovered was Ren Mei’s secret admiration of his brother since young, even donating blood to his brother when his brother was sick that one time in high school. (The recounts of how Long Shou Cheng was willing to kneel in front of Grandma Zhao to beg for the donation also was quite touching.) How could Long Tai be happy when he realized the reason why she was so tolerant of him and even feel happy when she got bullied by him? Since it wasn’t because of his identity but because she thought (like everyone else) that he was Long Tian He. She confessed she was able to see Tian He’s pain hence treating others like that. (Ummmm….) The more Ren Mei talked, the more Long Tai realized how stupid he was, considering how he was currently posing as Long Tian He. So when he confessed his love to Ren Mei, he was Long Tian He AND not Long Tai. Beating himself wasn’t going to help now, right?

The finally made it home at long last–while the townspeople were gathered at the Long hot spring resort to divide up tasks and think of other ways to find Ren Mei. Upon knowing that Ren Mei was all right, the others were more than happy. However, Grandma Zhao was giving her a stare down. While Ren Mei apologized, her expression was also turning worrisome, knowing from her grandma’s look that it wasn’t going to be good. Far from it. Yet Grandma Zhao still stayed silent while the head of the town recounted the events of Grandma Zhao’s search for Ren Mei and her speech. After hearing those words, Ren Mei stepped over and apologized to her grandma. How did Grandma Zhao react? From her expression, it was too obvious yet I still wanted to be hopeful. But it was indeed inevitable. She gave Ren Mei a slap–to much of everyone’s surprise. After a brief lecture, Grandma Zhao departed with her employees following closely. Then Xiao Xiang walked over to comfort Ren Mei. Contrary to her usual negative outlook on matters, Ren Mei was actually happy that Grandma Zhao was worried for her. (Considering how she had always thought her grandma didn’t care for her.)

That night at the Long resident, they celebrated for Ren Mei’s well-being and safe return. Ah Pan Jie was scolding her son (Ah Lun) for eating like a ‘starving ghost’, lol. Yet Ah Lun resorted with saying that they’d been searching all day hence they should be able to restore their health by eating more. The atmosphere indeed was harmonious, even Long Tai and Ren Mei were seen more than happy at the moment. They weren’t at war anymore and even sat next to each other. Ah Pan Jie pointed out that Long Tai/Tian He searched harder than them so he should eat more. Ren Mei quickly apologized again for causing them to worry. Yet Long Shou Cheng said it was all right, but told Ren Mei to talk to them in the future, not go off alone like that. Xiao Xiang then spoke up, stating that she didn’t realize the people in the area were that nice and caring toward one another (hinting at how everyone dropped what they were doing to help search for Ren Mei). Lao Tu soon stepped out to say that of course they were a good bunch of people who had big hearts. The spar between Lao Tu and Xiao Xiang soon subsided, because they were focusing on celebrating that night, not argue. After everyone had settled down already, Long Shou Cheng realized that Wen Zi wasn’t around and asked the others. (Yes, strangely–but not so strangely–Wen Zi wasn’t around for the celebration.) Though Ah Pan Jie was saying that Wen Zi had said she didn’t want to eat, Wen Zi stepped into the room to much of their surprise. Xiao Xiang got up at that time and let Wen Zi have her spot as Ah Pan Jie rushed to get additional utensils and whatnot. Wen Zi, of course, didn’t seem that all happy like she tried to show.

A showdown quickly commenced–with Wen Zi stating that she wanted to celebrate for Ren Mei’s safe return–yet she ended up drinking away. Even if she stated that it was for Ren Mei, the others could see how intense things were. As the others interfered with Wen Zi’s drinking and Wen Zi’s attempt to lure Ren Mei in, Wen Zi stated that she was just celebrating for Ren Mei. Long Tai, knowing what was going on, tried to stop Ren Mei yet Ren Mei decided to stand up for herself and take it. (Though she was wondering if Wen Zi had known of her get together with Long Tian He already.) So the so-called celebration event ended up being a disaster with everyone watching and not being able to stop it. It wasn’t until Ren Mei was finally so drunk that she developed multi-visions that Long Tai interfered, trying to help her stand up straight. Wen Zi, not drunk at all–or maybe not that drunk yet, decided to fake drunk too so Long Tai could catch her. As Long Tai yelled for Ah Pan Jie’s help, Xiao Xiang was smiling, knowing too well what was going on. To much of Wen Zi’s disappointment, Long Tai told Ah Pan Jie to tend to Wen Zi while he took Ren Mei to her room.

After putting Ren Mei to bed (and hearing her declare how much she liked Long Tian He), Long Tai went over to Wen Zi’s room to check on her. Wen Zi jumped up from where she was sitting and hugged Long Tai, begging him not to like Ren Mei, etc. Long Tai assured her that there was nothing going on between him and Ren Mei because Ren Mei had someone that she liked. Wen Zi, more than happy to hear that, wanted Long Tai to be with her, etc. Yet Long Tai turned her down as well, stating that it was impossible between them. She was upset all over again, declaring that she didn’t want to see him anymore, asking him to leave.

That wasn’t the last bit of drama of the night. Because Wen Zi soon went to Ren Mei’s room to confront her. Ren Mei, still very much drunk, told Wen Zi that she didn’t want to drink anymore. Wen Zi asked Ren Mei if she liked Long Tian He. Ren Mei quickly apologized for what she did, stating that she knew Wen Zi also like him. However, Wen Zi clarified that she didn’t like Long Tian He. When Ren Mei asked Wen Zi who she like, Wen Zi said that she didn’t blame Ren Mei for the mistaken identity, but told Ren Mei to stay away from him. Ren Mei, more than confused at this point, asked Wen Zi what she was talking about. Wen Zi disclosed that the person Ren Mei was currently interacting with wasn’t Long Tian He but someone else. That was when Ren Mei sat up and questioned Wen Zi more about the confusing situation. Wen Zi said that when Long Tian He return, Ren Mei would know. She was about to disclose further of the siblings’ identity yet Long Tai stepped in to stop her. Their argument continued in the hallway. He reminded her that she had promised him not to say it out. Yet she told him it was a matter of time that Ren Mei know so she might as well end it now. The fact that Long Shou Cheng overheard their argument made things tenfold more sticky.

But that had allowed him to ease into wanting to restore his own identity. Long Shou Cheng, as it were, still stood firm on his past words, wanting Long Tai to continue on. He stated that Ren Mei was already so drunk and wouldn’t remember what she was told the next day. He even told Long Tai to keep it in and play along for one more month until Tian He return. Long Tai, having had enough, confronted his old man once again. He didn’t want to be Long Tian He’s shadow anymore, and that he was also a human being. This confrontation was as emotional as their first encounter. Yet it seemed like Long Shou Cheng never changed, always wanting to cast Long Tai aside and only cared for Tian He. He said he didn’t mean it in that way, but he had disregarded Long Tai’s feelings all these times. (And one would think that he had changed through all these months staying with Long Tai and perhaps wanting Long Tai to stay with them as well. Even if he was thinking it, but honestly, what was he trying to do by saying that Long Tai wanted to return to Japan anyway. Honestly?) It took awhile for Long Shou Cheng to speak up again. And it had probably also caused Long Tai to make up his mind. When Long Shou Cheng offered to make up for Long Tai with all these years not being able to take care of him, Long Tai said that he was already grown up and that his mother was already gone so it was already too late. (It didn’t matter that the old man looked pitiful. He already made his choice to protect Tian He.) Even if he pleaded to Long Tai to give him a chance to prove it, it was indeed too late. (If only he hadn’t insisted so strongly for Long Tai to stay patient for Tian He’s return. Because honestly, when Long Tai wanted to step out of Tian He’s shadow and declare his existence to everyone, his old man turned him down. So I honestly do not blame Long Tai for not taking that offer.)

Back in his room (or more like Tian He’s room), his anger was far from being extinguished. It had re-ignited upon seeing Tian He’s pictures all over the room. He walked over and grabbed one of the pictures to confront it. It seemed like Long Tai was the same as Tian He, trying to confront his inner demon. The only difference was that Long Tai’s anger would eventually subside, because he had his mother as guidance and would always be the kind Long Tai, unlike Tian He who had always fought his own battle and withdrew from others all these years. (Yet Mike’s acting was honestly so good here. The confrontation with his old man and then with his supposedly twin brother.)

The night was indeed far from over. Aside from Long Shou Cheng’s little walk in the garden and trying to talk to his wife, there was also the confrontation between Xiao Xiang and Wen Zi. Xiao Xiang told Wen Zi not to act in that way and gave Wen Zi some advice. Yet Wen Zi said she didn’t want to talk and slam the door in Xiao Xiang’s face. Nice?

So the next day, Wen Zi was out walking and ranting about how “Long Tai was hers.” (Honestly, now he was an object? I used to like her as well, but now less. NOT because she was being mean to Ren Mei, but because she was objectifying Long Tai like her toy, stating that he was hers, etc. I don’t like it when the guys do it to the girls SO it would be the same with girls doing that to guys as well SO not picking on just her.)  Anyway, Wen Zi also felt like what Xiao Xiang said was true so she wanted to leave so that Long Tai would turn around and acknowledge her, etc. Yet she had no money at this point. What else but to finally call her father up for help? Yet instead of asking for financial assistant or the like, she ended up assuring her father that everything was good before hanging up. (OY, changing her mind or growing a conscience since she realized how much her old man was worrying over her well-being?)

Back at the Long resident, Ren Mei finally woke up. She, of course, was feeling like hell after all of that drinking the previous night. Yet Long Shou Cheng was wrong. Ren Mei remembered about the conversation she had with Wen Zi last night regarding Long Tai/Long Tian He. What now? Dismiss it like another weird dream or investigate further?

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Mei Ren Long Tang: Episode 4 – Persistence

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Long Tai returned home already from the way it was shown. Though he was still recovering from the last fit, someone was already knocking on his door so early in the morning. It was none other than our cute protagonist bringing food for him. Not only that but she acted so caring that led him to ponder about matters. She was just making up for her past ‘mischief’, lol.

And they were back at it again, lol. She didn’t realize she had placed the chair at a a careless angle so he had to balance it out. She had no idea so he resorted to his mean words again. It was so funny and cute at the same time that he was trying so hard to hang on until she left before scolding her.

OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing for five straight minutes. Okay, that was exaggerating BUT that was so funny that we found out Ren Mei’s scared of rats and thinking that Long Tai will come to the rescue (aka hero saving beauty scene) YET he was also scared of rats. (And then I got carried away with thinking if it would be a twins thing.)

The comedy had to subside to make way for the little explanation behind Ren Mei and Ren Hu’s parents’ deaths. It explained a lot more into why Ren Hu hated his sister so much thus far. (It still didn’t make it right for him to blame her though, but it shed some light onto his attitude toward her.) Also, possibly why Ren Mei’s self-esteem was dropping so much and eventually having the only outlet of indulging herself with food.

So Long Tai accidentally got locked in the storage room because the wind blew the door shut, locking it in the process. As Ah Pan Jie was reporting of her unsuccessful process of finding Tian He, she then went into pondering about Tian He’s strange behavior and how he wasn’t himself since he returned from Japan. Even Lao Tu was having a say, causing their boss to get all panicky. (Nice?) But then Ah Pan Jie’s ghost theory reassured Long Shou Cheng once again, lol. Those were indeed wild theories.

Long Tai was finally freed after Ren Mei came to the rescue! Well, she didn’t know since she was just transferring supplies to the room. Funny that they had to bicker again. At least he was kind of snarky with his response to her.

I spoke too soon about freedom since they have to waste time and lost the chance of escaping, lol. He was too late so couldn’t stop the door from swinging shut once more. (Thanks to the wind.) He had no choice but to help her rearrange the items, lol. While she tried her luck on the door–that was. Or just sit there and wait for the next person to come by. IF only when.

Still locked in. Ren Mei apparently gave up on trying to breakdown the door. And didn’t bother to yell anymore. Not after how Long Tai had scolded her for being noisy. (Long Tai to Ren Mei: “Since when did you exude such confidence? You’re not even the slightest bit small.” OUCH! But yeah…) She didn’t mean it literally! Anyway, awww…her self-esteem. But it was hard to blame after all that had happened to her. AND that was so off! She forgot she brought her cell phone with her. Too bad no signal, lol. Well, he have to try OR they’ll be locked in for a loooonnnngggg time.

And exaggerating much? I thought Lao Tu isn’t afraid of ghosts! OR he was claiming it was nonsense! But they misunderstood big time! (After they came to realize there was no ghost present.)

After recovering from one of his most traumatizing moments of his life (and possibly most embarrassing too), Long Tai overheard Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie’s conversation hence knowing about the hot spring’s financial situation. They definitely have to cut back and save money.

Which led to Lao Tu going to the spring to catch some fishes and ended up running into some bullies. They were unfruitful with extracting money from him. Yet Long Tai soon taught them a lesson after Lao Tu was out of sight. Of course he had to sneak fight or he would be found out of his identity, considering how it was already a push that Tian He was able to exert so much energy since his return (and supposedly just recovering right now). It would be too suspicious if he was such a good fighter too. After the fight, he went back to the spring and caught some fishes himself. (It was almost too easy, considering his previous occupation.)

Long Tai brought home his catch of the day yet he wasn’t able to brag about it because he had to protect his identity once again. His excuse was saying how someone had given it to him. But then the conversation scurried its way toward the income situation and how it had nothing to do with Ren Mei’s appetite–though both Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie might as well be talking about her, lol. Well, they ended up exposing one another but yeah…

Having to temporarily forget their current financial problems, they had to attend one of the Zhao family’s events. Mostly because the town’s head had personally invited them. Wouldn’t want to outright disregard him. Not to mention Ren Mei sort of persuaded them to help support her family’s event. Zhao Ren Hu’s bluff didn’t come out well since the guest he invited to attend the event had been in a car accident so the man was at the hospital at the moment. It was interesting how things turned out. I have a guess who the guest is, but won’t say it until later. Surely, Ren Hu would’ve been prepared than that? He should waited until the man was there to even announce or arrange such a gathering.

DARN, misunderstanding. I take back the bit of sympathy I have for Grandma Zhao. She didn’t let Ren Mei explain, just went with her assumptions. Okay, so Ren Mei have that dream of becoming a dancer, that was true. But she was assuming the whole situation away for this case, thinking the reason Ren Mei wasn’t around at the event was because of her daydream.

And Ren Hu so brought this one on himself. So he couldn’t blame others for mocking him. And it just have to be up to Long Tai to save the day. Perhaps, he was feeling bad for the Zhao family or because of Ren Mei that he helped them. Yet, of course, Ren Hu won’t thank him for it. Far from it. He probably thought Long Tai was just trying to show off and up him one.

And they celebrated at home. Or more like Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were trying to worship Long Tai at the moment. YUP, they were thinking how their place would improve with more business pouring in after Long Tai’s extraordinary performance at the event.

Seriously? After you practically begged him to stay, you’re going to protect your reputation and try to drive him away again? OMG, I was so deceived. I thought the father was so regretful of the past that he was trying hard to convince Long Tai to stay, etc. YET he has other hidden agenda, wanting Long Tai to act as Tian He while Tian He was away. And wanting Long Tai to leave afterward? Nice, disposing of him after usage. (AND I finally discovered why Mike’s voice is kind of weird when he’s Long Tai because it was supposedly that way. Because as Tian He, his voice perceived a different feeling. A nice touch.)

Dinner came as one hectic meal. Long Tai’s outburst and departure was already a mystery to Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie. Though they had opted for Long Tai being tired from the day’s events. Yet what about Ren Mei? They had no idea. Looking at Long Shou Cheng made me even more frustrated and couldn’t even sympathize with his logic at all. So he’s going to have to work really hard to earn Long Tai’s trust or care in the future.

The most reassuring part about the whole thing was Ren Mei got her answer as to whether her mother’s friend had remembered her. She received a letter from the lady and really wanted to meet up. Yet what troubled Ren Mei at that moment was her current state and how she was going to face the auntie she really wanted to meet up with again, knowing the chance was going to even more rare in the future if she didn’t take it now.

So after the talk with Long Shou Cheng, Ren Mei was determined to go forward with her diet plan. She was indeed determined all right because she had written all the mantra and posted ’em up around her room.

After all that fuss, they were still able to sit down and eat together? I meant the others could, but had Long Tai calmed down and not care anymore? I guess he have to eat and all. But poor Ren Mei had to stick to her mantra. It was funny how Long Tai thought she was staring at him and not the food, lol. OR he looked like it, lol. BUT that was kind of messed up though, Long Tai took Ren Mei’s drumsticks after she left? Well, he wouldn’t want to waste food but it was still kind of sad.

The next day, Ren Mei’s exercise was short-lived though she was still serious about losing weight. She worked so hard that Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were so worried, especially when she hadn’t eaten at all for a day now. Because she was so determined, they couldn’t stop her from overworking herself.

The result? Yup, it wasn’t about eating or not. She needs a better program than just starving herself like that. She had fainted after overworking herself thus Long Tai had to get help. He collapsed, just like that one time. Yet I was wondering why he didn’t run for help aka calling it in first before trying to carry her himself. (OY…)

And another misunderstanding as Ren Mei wasn’t able to explain. Honestly, when would Grandma Zhao stop jumping into people’s mouth? That was the end of the episode so have to wait and see.

Rating went up slightly for this episode but still a shame that it couldn’t go up faster. Still enjoyable and at the right pace.

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Mei Ren Long Tang: Episode 2 – Replenishing

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode continues with the dragon dance face-off between Long Shou Cheng and Zhao Ren Hu as Long Tai pursue the thief thus ending up in the same area of the competition taking place.

Within such a crowd, it was already a lost cause with the thief so Long Tai focused on the action onstage. Reenforcing his righteous actions from the fish market seen in the previous episode, he interfered upon seeing how Zhao Ren Hu had used such a low tactic to win over Long Shou Cheng. After the initial thank you that was uttered from Long Shou Cheng’s mouth as Long Tai helped him up from the ground, Long Shou Cheng shockingly stared into Long Tai’s eyes and soon realized it was Tian Hao returning. Though his servants had misheard him (just like previously when he hadn’t really agreed on the battle but was forced to compete) and ended up blurted out that it was Tian He returning from Japan.

Still in the midst of sorting out his thoughts, Long Tai was soon forced to make the decision of representing his ‘father’ to compete against Zhao Ren Hu or not. He silently came to the conclusion that they must be mistaken him for his brother. After some heated arguments between the two sides of the Zhao and Long family, the battle between Long Tai and Zhao Ren Hu began with many spectators ready to see the show as always. After all, what do they have to lose except some time out of their day to see this particular battle, right? To be straight about certain things, Long Tai didn’t care to meddle into the battle in the first place since he had shrugged it off and said it was none of his business anyway. Yet Zhao Ren Hu had to insult his mother SO that had really pushed his buttons. So it wasn’t like Long Tai was such a busybody, always meddling into others’ business, etc.

The result? Too obvious. Yet I find it really funny that the grandma was saying how the Long family was bullying them when she apparently had harassed the Long family previously before the battle with her harsh words. What I found more admirable coming from Long Tai was how he refused to let Zhao Ren Hu off so easily, demanding that Zhao Ren Hu knelt down and apologized to his mother. He wasn’t someone who liked to insult others or embarrass others so cruelly, but anything concerning his mother, it had to be that way. The poor women deserved every ounce of respect–whether alive or dead.

Before anyone could react with all the hostility in the air, someone within the crowd had discovered the fire blazing at the Zhao family’s place. Since things were urgent, it was understandable that Long Tai let the situation be for that moment. And I don’t know whether to think differently of the grandma for the time being because she first thought of Ren Mei upon realizing that her place was on fire–instead of blurting out about some ‘loss’ like some cold-blooded person out there usually would. So should her character be reconsider at this point? I could understand how she could be harsh on Ren Mei because she wanted what was best for the girl, but her techniques were just too wrong for Ren Mei. Yet her previous cruel words were still inexcusable, causing Ren Mei a lot of emotional pain and torture, thinking she was inferior to others.

As the Zhao family rushed off to tend to their family matters, a storm was also brewing within the Long family as the confrontation between Long Tai and Long Shou Cheng took place. A powerful one indeed, leaving Long Shou Cheng speechless in the end. It wasn’t like he wasn’t able to defend himself. He tried. But after learning that his wife had already passed away, it was a really, really hard blow. What else could he do aside from letting Long Tai leave?

So the little flashback with Zhao Ren Hu fuming at home did explain his reason for losing it. He was reminded of Tian He’s words to him about the ‘kneeling’ part when they were still in school. (I love the script-writers for this part because it makes both twins so similar though there were some differences because of how they grew up, etc. Real life twins are quite similar too, sometimes even scaring others with their routines, etc. At least the ones I know or was told of by some people.)

The most reassuring thing about our cute female lead’s story was how her parents really loved her when they were still around. It sure made me feel a little better about the whole situation because at least she have them to think about when she was down. It would be indeed too sad if her parents hadn’t loved her and would favor her brother over her as well. (A little pause here, Jacky fans, you’re NOT mistaken, that’s him in the flashbacks with the young Ren Mei as both were smiling happily and watching the mother performed her ballet moves. Then another scene of them eating together as a family of four.)

Opposite from Ren Hu’s reminiscing full of hatred, Ren Mei’s reminiscing moments were that of her parents and when she was still a happy little girl with both parents caring for her. Then it explained to us viewers how Ren Mei had used food in place of other things in her life, like how grandma had taken away her love for ballet dancing and wanting to take after her mother. (Here’s a typical plot device: grandma hates Mom’s gut so Ren Mei had to take the torture. SAD! And where have we heard this one before? Oh yeah, Long Tai’s grandma doesn’t like his mother either. NICE? Probably for different reasons OR none at all since ‘hate’ is just too tricky to figure out anyway.)

So fate intervened allowing our main leads to meet once again. This time, both were chasing after the thief. (YES, Ren Mei ran away from home and just had to use the opportunity at such a place to count her money that the thief snatched it from her as he ran by.) That was so mean though with Long Tai using Ren Mei as leverage to catch the thief. AND even threw her ballet shoes like that. He was desperate but still.

Poor Ren Mei, already having to fled her house. Now she was scared half to death by Long Tai’s warnings of the nightfall and how there would be ‘bad people, wolves, and ghosts’ out and about. (The third one being the most fearful I guess, though there wouldn’t be any proofs of it.) But have no fear, our main guy wouldn’t be that mean with not helping out the main girl after that little scheme of scaring her out of her wits. He had handed her some money before leaving. Though that wasn’t the last of their wacky encounters (far from it) because they ended up at that same abandoned house and even had a spout. Long Tai was seriously a prankster, lol, trying to scare her again.

Their disagreement continued the next day after they’d awaken from Ren Mei’s doing of knocking them both out the previous night. (It’s a long story but it happened, lol.) To add to the madness, the thief they were both looking for even dared to show his face and scolded them for being loud at such an early hour. He realized too late because they soon turned around and another chase ensued.

Wanting to payback for yesterday’s kick, Ren Mei landed herself into the enemy’s hands instead. Again, no worries, it was just briefly because the thief was soon bitten by Ren Mei and ended up being caught by the police afterward. Though Long Tai had to chase after the garbage truck to retrieve his precious dictionary again. Ren Mei wanted to help but was shrugged off by Long Tai. Though the funniest thing was after he found it, he wanted to explain to her why it was so important to him yet she wasn’t around anymore. (And Ren Mei’s daydreaming moments were quite hilarious. She sure have a wide imagination.)

Ren Mei’s runaway from home scheme was short lived because she was forced to come home and check on her grandma. Grandma had fallen ill and it was up to Ren Hu to take care of the family business for the moment. Yet as Ren Mei wanted to enter, she heard some bitter words from grandma hence getting discouraged. However, her brother had other agendas, wanting her to take the fall for it so he manipulated his way into making Ren Mei accepting the deal of coming to the Long family for ‘work’ to fulfill the previous terms at the dragon dance battle. And it seemed like grandma wasn’t so cold-blooded after all, considering how she was quite worried when Ren Mei went missing (though pretended she didn’t want to care at all) and then how she was really concerned with Ren Mei wanting to go to the Long family in place of her brother and grandma.

As Long Tai was still struggling with what to do regarding the golden dragon and wanting to shrug it off since it wasn’t his problem anyway. Yet he was guided by the dictionary opening to a certain page and spotted a certain phrase. (It means to return to one’s roots, if anyone’s wondering.) So was this a message from his mother? (Because this was her book to him after all.) Considering how according to the truck driver’s words that the golden dragon was an ancestral item, Long Tai took it back to the Long family’s place but had placed it on the ground of the entrance instead of entering. Though he soon had to change his mind and actually took it inside and placed it on the proper mantel. The result? He lingered when he overheard his father’s words to his mother while he was standing outside. Another mistaken in identity from the servants and he was forced to go to ‘his’ room. (His attempted escape that night was thwarted by none other than his own thoughts. He had reconsidered the servants’ words regarding his father hence wanting to stay behind after all.)

Another episode and I’m still hooked. OMG, in fact, I’m going crazy trying to figure out what was going on. I don’t mean ‘not understanding’ the plot, but there are just too many pieces of the puzzles still untouched. How will all of these play out in the next episode? Can’t believe ratings go down a bit for this one. But it’s all right, still time to fight on!

*All images were captured by DTLCT