Year 2017 in Recap


When I thought that 2016 was a terrible year for me, I was wrong. 2017 continued to tank to a new level of crappiness. There were many frustrating things–one after another. It was like when I asked, “How much worse could 2017 be?”, it was like a challenge to the universe. So stuff happening in real life obviously affected how much time I have for this blog or attempted to keep some sort of activity. I did better than last year regarding updates, but that was a lot of effort because I’m still way behind on some news that I wanted to talk about. Yet no time or more like didn’t feel like it at the moment. I continued to get drained to another level that I thought might not be possible–like several days before. Then the pattern just repeated itself at different intervals. I think somewhere along the way, I ended up revamping my blog by getting rid of the too random posts. Like those general update ones. Although my blog already is random on many levels, I didn’t want to just post for the sake of placeholders too much. Anyway, here are some stats for this year.

Total Posts in 2017: 155 (11.7% of all time).

January: 18 (% of the year)
February: 10 (%)
March: 21 (%)
April: 20 (%)
May: 11 (%)
June: 18 (%)
July: 6 (%)
August: 4 (%)
September: 20 (%)
October: 14 (%)
November: 9 (%)
December: 4 (%)

Books Reviews:

Sad, because I actually read a bit this year but didn’t feel like doing reviews for some of them. Maybe I’ll go back to do them later.

Movies + TV Series Reviews/Episode Summaries:

Fan Fiction:

Complete failure–unlike what I promised last year about getting things done. I started looking over some of the fanfics again and managed to get going on some, but I can’t promise how fast it would be rolled out. I’ll get it out when I’m happy with what I wrote.

Songs Translations:

I used “You’re Always Beautiful” to start the year, thinking that if I continue to retain some sense of positiveness, somehow things will get better. But it didn’t. Anyway, how was this year regarding translations? I didn’t realize I was that productive. Mostly, I tried to push the majority of 183 Club’s songs out.



I didn’t want to do this update like I said last year. However, I felt like I needed to persuade myself to continue on. Not to mention, I want to keep some sort of a teeny, tiny bit of hope that 2018 will actually be better. So we’ll see, right?


Hay Quen Nhau by Manh Quynh

Vietnamese Title: Hãy Quên Nhau (Hay Quen Nhau)

English Translation: Let’s Forget Each Other

Composer/ Lyricist: Hoàng Kim (Hoang Kim)

Đếm bao lá vàng đốt thư tình cũ
Counting endless yellow leaves, burning old love letters
Với mây trời xa dìu bước em đi
With the far away clouds guiding your footsteps
Nước mắt chìm theo sóng rượu phân ly
Tears flooded along with the waves of wine upon separation
Lỡ mê lụa gấm đành quên ước thề
Accidentally immersed in luxury, causing one to forget past vows

Áo hồng nâng nhẹ xin đừng ngại bước
Carefully lifting the red dress, please don’t hesitate to take a step forward
Kết ngàn vì sao đường sáng em qua
Weaving thousand of stars to light up your path
Tiễn nhau ngày vui giấu lệ thương đau
Sending each other off and hiding tears of sorrow and pain
Để duyên tình mới đẹp như phút đầu
Letting the new fated love be beautiful as our first moment

Ai thương người xưa đứng bên đời
Who loves that person of the past who stood by life?
Khổ đau câm nín rồi, nghẹn ngào trong tiếng cười
Pain has already been sealed away, replaced by chokes of laughter
Em ơi, lời yêu dấu cho nhau nào đâu có bao lâu
Oh dearest, our loving words for one another have only been exchanged not so long ago
Giờ sau quá u sầu
Now, why is it full of sorrow?

Những ngày tháng mộng xin trả lại em
Those promising months and days, I’m returning it to you
Con đường mình qua giờ hãy quên tên
The streets that we’ve traveled, please forget its names
Có thương và đau cũng đành chia tay
Even if there are love and pain, separation is inevitable
Đã không còn nữa tình duyên kiếp này
No more are the fated love of this lifetime

*All English translations were done by DTLCT.