Year 2014 in Recap

You know what? I'm beginning to feel like the year in review from WordPress doesn't even justify my accomplishments, especially this past year. So I decided to go all out on the rebellion and make my own post. It might not look as glamorous as WordPress's version but at least it doesn't make me look … Continue reading Year 2014 in Recap

Noi Nho by Phung Ngoc Huy

(Uploaded by: Nguyễn Tuấn Vinh) Vietnamese Title: Nỗi Nhớ (Noi Nho) English Translation: Longing Composer/ Lyricist: Minh Thụy (Minh Thuy) Có nỗi nhớ bao đêm anh thầm giấu There's this longing I've been secretly hiding Vây quanh anh bao nhiêu nỗi sầu Surrounding me with its infinite sorrows Phải chăng ngày qua anh đã dối gian nhiều … Continue reading Noi Nho by Phung Ngoc Huy

Fan Fiction: Inspirational Songs

This is more like out of fun and to fill the blog with more randomness. One time I was talking to one of my fellow fan fic writers and she was surprised that I actually write with music on since it's more of a distraction for her than inspiration. So I started to wonder what … Continue reading Fan Fiction: Inspirational Songs

Nguoi Hay Noi Di Nguoi Oi by Phung Ngoc Huy

(Uploaded by: hungtien85) Vietnamese Title: Người Hãy Nói Đi Người Ơi (Nguoi Hay Noi Di Nguoi Oi) English Translation: Please Tell Me Composer/ Lyricist: Trung Quân (Trung Quan) Tìm về trong màn đêm nghe giọt mưa còn rơi bên thềm Searching for the returning path through the night's veil, hearing raindrops on the pavement Mà … Continue reading Nguoi Hay Noi Di Nguoi Oi by Phung Ngoc Huy