PTS Life Story Collection: Amnesia

Yes, this is a story about amnesia. And yes, I usually make fun of it because memory loss is a very overused formula as far as dramas go. However, this is a life story collection so I just want to check it out. Also, because of Jun Ya, obviously. (Credit: PTS 台灣公共電視)

High Heels And A Scalpel: Achel’s Role

(Credit: PTS Channel) I was looking forward to seeing this one when I saw it and I like most of the cast anyway. What was more, a short story so didn't think it would be draggy and all, which was always a plus. It's another one of those I'd never gotten around to blog about … Continue reading High Heels And A Scalpel: Achel’s Role

The Dangerous City

Another one of those closer to real-life dramas. The plot indeed lived up to its title. Main Cast: Lin Qing Tai (林慶台) as Wa Dan (瓦旦). A security guard. A somewhat rouge character. That would mean that he was not the typical hero that would do just the right thing regardless of the situation. It … Continue reading The Dangerous City


One of the most depressing dramas ever yet captured different elements of life so vividly. And for the record, I didn't watch this because it got nominated for the Golden Bell Awards and then eventually won some. I was trying to watch it for Esther yet had to put aside because of my busy schedule. … Continue reading Falling

Home Run

Out to hunt for short dramas, I found this. Well, more like I was checking what was up with Qu Zhong Heng lately and found how much I missed. Then there was the whole reading the cast list and knowing that it was short so what was the harm, right? Cast: Kingone Wang as Lin … Continue reading Home Run