Year 2016 in Recap


Year 3 in doing this. I really want to keep doing this, but I felt that 2016 had been a complete letdown on my part. Granted, it was a terrible year on many levels. It had affected me so much, draining me emotionally that I didn’t feel like keeping some kind of streak anymore. I only did some posts when I felt like it. Then I also tried to pick myself up by the end of the year by trying to release songs translations back-to-back at times, not even saving them for later so cushion posts could do the honor. I just didn’t feel like updating a lot of things. At first, I had prepared a post about a particular pairing, but I felt like I’m better than that. Not to mention how I wouldn’t want to cause even more misunderstandings between fans. At times, it’s very hard to restrain. But in the end, real-life got in the way. I took the actions that wonderful couple took, instead of arguing with senseless people who are full of evil thoughts for them. Yet I will say that can’t be epic like them so maybe one day I will break out of my silence to go at it in one post to unleash all the bottled-up frustrations. Because I know one of those days I will just blow up.

Total Posts in 2016: 77 (6.5% of all time).

January: 18 (23% of the year)
February: 3 (4%)
March: 1 (1%)
April: 3 (4%)
May: 9 (12%)
June: 7 (9%)
July: 14 (18%)
August: 3 (4%)
September: 3 (4%)
October: 6 (8%)
November: 2 (3%)
December: 8 (10%)

Notice that I took the poll out for the stars. Partially, it was due to what happened earlier this year. The other part was because I felt kind of wrong with teasing readers about possible updates if they voted more or whatever. I’m grateful to those who participated and continue to follow my blog–even in silence. I appreciate the constant likes and all as well. I really do. It’s just that I don’t want to be leaving you hanging on that. Sure, I will continue to update for my favorites from time to time, but that will depend on how long before I take care of some real-life matters.

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Fan Fiction:

I think the year reached a new low for fan fiction updates because of my distractions of other stuff. I can’t promise it’ll get any better this coming year. I’m sorry that I made those of you who are reading those stories wait for too long. But I can promise you that I will finish regardless of obstacles since I don’t usually scrap stories away when it’s well on its way. I’ll try to do a separate fan fiction update later this year to clarify some matters.

  • Payback – Chapters 4-5

Songs Translations:

Using Rebirth to start the year didn’t help at all. Despite the fact that I was having high hopes at that time. The year continued to dive with a lot of forced positiveness. But what else could I do, right? Hopefully the coming year will be better.

So, what now? I don’t think there is any other choice except to move forward. I want to keep being positive, ignoring trolls in general, and just focus on my own matters. I want to get back on writing posts about Jun Ya and Xiao Xiao Yu. I have been active on Xiao Xiao Yu for the first part of the year and then somehow faded. But I did update more on Qiao Qiao in the later parts of the year. I just have to continue on that track. Not to mention getting back into fanfics, because I seriously miss them. Focusing on just real life stuffs really suck all the energy right out of me. I’ll try to work on a balance. Somehow. Because I seriously miss this blog. What I did do though was letting this blog becoming somewhat official with its own domain. Yes, that was a mini-Christmas present for myself since I managed to find a deal. Oh yeah, how could I forget Janine? Although I did update on her this year, I was somewhat neglecting her and only updating randomly. I also want to get back to Penny. More importantly, I want to actually watch and finish reviewing some dramas I’ve been holding back on.

This might possibly be the last year I do this type of update since I don’t find the fun in it anymore. Maybe resorting back to the typical data from WordPress next year. Not sure. But we’ll see.


Dream to Awakening by Sarah Chen

(Credit: Rock Records Taipei)

Song Title: Dream to Awakening (夢醒時分)

Music & Lyrics by: Johnathan Lee (李宗盛)

Bold = Chinese
Dark Green = Pin Yin
Grayish Blue = English
Green = Vietnamese

ni shuo ni ai le bu gai ai de ren
You said that you loved someone you shouldn’t have
Cô nói rằng cô đã yêu người không nên yêu
ni de xin zhong man zu shang hen
Your heart already contained enough of scars
Tim cô đã đầy đủ những vết thương
ni shuo ni fan le bu gai fan de cuo
You said that you’ve committed an act you shouldn’t have
Cô nói rằng cô đã phạm cái sai mà cô khong nên phạm
xin zhong man zu hui hen
Your heart already contained enough of regrets
Tim cô đã đủ sự hối hận

ni shou ni chang jin le sheng huo de ku
You said that you’ve tasted the utmost of life’s hardships
Cô nói rằng cô đã hưởng tận những nổi khổ của cuộc sống
zhao bu dao ke yi xiang xin de ren
That it’s hard to find someone to trust
Đến mức kiếm không được người để tin tưởng
ni shuo ni gan dao wan fen ju sang
You said you’ve felt extreme dismays
Cô nói rằng cô đã cảm nhận được sự vạn phần chán nản
shen zhi kai shi huai yi ren sheng
So much that you’ve started to doubt life
Đến nỗi đã bắt đầu hoài nghi nhân sanh

zao zhi dao shang xin zong shi nan mian de
If you’ve known that being heartbroken is unpreventable
Nếu cô sớm biết rằng thương tâm là sự khó tránh khỏi
ni you he ku yi wang qing shen
You wouldn’t be so devoted
Cô sẽ không nhất vãng tình thâm
yin wei ai qing zong shi nan she nan fen
Because love is that of the unwilling to part from
Bởi vì tình yêu là sự khó chia cách
he bi zai yi na yi dian dian wen cun
Why should you care about that little bit of gentleness?
Hà tất phải lưu ý đến chút đỉnh ôn tồn đó?

yao zhi dao shang xin zong shi nan mian de
Knowing that being heartbroken is unpreventable
Biết rằng thương tâm là sự khó tránh khỏi
zai mei yi ge meng xing shi fen
At each moment upon waking up from a dream
Mỗi lúc trong mơ tỉnh dậy
you xie shi qing ni xian zai bu bi wen
There are things that you shouldn’t ask
Có một số sự tình cô không nên hỏi
you xie ren ni yong yuan bu bi deng
There are people whom you should never wait for
Có một số người cô vĩnh viễn không cần đợi

*All translations were done by DTLCT.