The Deer and the Cauldron: The Character Yin Hu

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So yes, the great mystery of how the production team approach this was finally answered. They swapped Zhao Yuan Yuan out after she took over the role of Fang Yi, which is a good thing because how could they explain why two characters were portrayed by one person? Well, it’s not unusual for one person to portray two roles in a drama. But nowadays, it’s hard to do that without explaining it at all, especially when Yin Hu seemed to be an important role by Ao Bai’s side (even if made up). So Zhao Yuan Yuan was swapped out and actress Wang Wei (王薇) had taken over the role of Yin Hu, which could be seen when she appeared in the first episode alongside Ao Bai and the rest of his guards, etc.

Back to the series, how is it so far? It’s hard to tell what would happen in the future. But for now, I think everyone has to get past the first episode before deciding to go on or not. Okay, maybe not everyone, but for me, I had to bite my teeth down for the first episode and see what else would happen. Indeed, the pace is a bit faster for the first part so I’m glad. They did change some details. Yet I think after stepping into the mentality a bit, it’s acceptable for me. I will admit that Han Dong’s just too tall for the role and is much older for the role of Xiao Bao. But I don’t think he’s that terrible for the character itself. His acting is convincing at some parts and makes me think of how Xiao Bao should be. Aside from the two points mentioned already, he makes it hard to hate. I just feel like I need to get used to the dubbing for the character since it seems a bit over at times.

Will do a more extensive review later, like how I usually do for dramas, so yes, my rant is far from done. I’m just trying to focus on the production itself right now.

On the other hand, someone did a really cute drawing of A Ke.

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