The Money-Maker Recipe

Phew! That was quite nerve-wrecking toward the end. The last few episodes were the most worth-watching than some other parts. The brain schemes and other double-crossing matters were what filled up the rest of the time. Not to mention how Szeto Luen Fai and his daughter turned out all right in the end. Thanks so much to Wing Shan for having such a kind heart, causing turn of events. Not to mention the last few scenes of Chong made him worth the main character! Great set up between Chong, Janet, and Yu Ju near the end, causing things to turn out perfectly awesome. Bits of here and there with Yu Bo sacrificing herself for her family is quite touching and worth brownie points. Also funny but cute parts between her and Yuk Lun. There’s also great scenes of Siu Tim and Wing Shan also. Quite touching with the whole mother-son relationship between Wing Shan and the little boy. So glad the ending didn’t turn out too lame. Cause and effects were applied and wasn’t as forced. Not a bad series that is both entertaining and somewhat nerve-wrecking within the stock market battles. Learned a lot although most were quite exaggerated. Still not bad at all.
Acting/ Performances:
Kiki Sheung as Cheung Yu Ju is just both hilarious and witty. Although she let the fame get to her head in the turn  of events, but soon learned from her mistakes and repent herself. Kiki portrayed the character really well – from scenes where she’s really nice to slightly arrogant, back to the kind person that she is again. Must say her acting rocks big time versus when she was younger. Very lively and convincing.
Michael Tse as Wong Chi Chong is quite interesting. On the surface, Chong seems to be the weak/ unintelligent kind, but he’s very smart and is just a kind person who doesn’t want to harm others around him. He’s a very straight-forward guy and doesn’t back down even if the other person is of a higher authority figure. He’s very brave in that sense. Michael Tse managed to bring out the character also and he has always been a great actor so no doubt about him. There are also funny sides, which he portrayed really well.
The chemistry between Michael and Kiki are quite odd at first, but it’s all right and flowing later since according to plot, they are an odd pair. Besides, they’re quite a team and convincing enough for this type of story. Their interactions are funny and natural towards each other.
Joyce Tang as Janet. Her character seems like nothing special for the majority of the series, but she’s very clever and is the brain for the majority of Ding Siu Ging’s stock market wins. She has the capability to go beyond her skills, but could still distinguish between right and wrong thus always persuading Ding Siu Ging not to harm others for his benefit. Luckily, she managed to withdraw from it in time. Joyce has come a long way and I honestly think she’s one of those that have improved a lot since her first series. She used to exaggerate her characters, making it unbearable, but now she could control her expressions and delivered quite a performance. She really brought out the depth of Janet’s characters – different phases Janet went through, struggles with her father and her loneliness, etc. It was really great watching her.
Savio Tsang & Angela Tong – Quite a hilarious pair and I think this is one of the better roles for both although they seem like odd characters but there are different levels to their characters – unlike usual typical characters. Savio is actually isn’t that classy compared to some of his other roles, but he did quite well with it. It was so convincing that I thought he’s really those kind. It’s also touching how he changed his bad habits for Yu Bo in the end. And also that through him, Yu Bo know how to cherish the people around her.
Ellesmere Choi & Toby Leung – Not bad at all. Not sure if I’ve watched other performances of Toby Leung but she isn’t bad at all as Wing Shan. The scenes between her and her son was very touching; and she managed to delivered out the parts with how she almost gone psycho because she lost her son, etc. Her chemistry between Ellesmere isn’t bad either. I think this is also one of Ellesmere’s better roles although he played more classy roles than this. This role’s depth is worth more than the exterior of others. It could help bring out his performance more than just wear a suit and deliver some lines.
Love Law Lok Lam as always although he played the hateful rich dude Szeto Luen Fai  for the majority of the series. But he does care about his family and will protect them no matter what. He also knows who’s good to him and who is not – thus leading him to finally stopping after knowing Wing Shan has a great heart for saving him although she could have died herself ’cause of the situation. His willingness to change is really convincing and Law Lok Lam once again delivered a brilliant performance.
Rain Lau – She’s really getting better at the comedy acts and isn’t going overboard with her comedic scenes like the old days. It’s really great to watch her in recent series so no complaints.
Mary Hon and the rest of the veteran cast are great also with making everything seems lively and convincing for the plot itself.
It’s a decent series overall with a mix of humor and intensity among the stock-market as well as daily life people bonding together in times of need.
Posted (on Xanga): October 7, 2008
Re-posted: Friday, April 16th, 2010



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