Just finished the series itself and must say that although it’s a very nice series in general, but quite disappointed with a certain part. Again, I should have known and shouldn’t have expected so much, but can’t believe they let Victoria end up with Dat in the end. Yes, he’s a nice guy and all, but can’t they just stay as best friends? She rejected him once and now since Dickson’s not around anymore, she’s back to Dat? I know it’s not like that and Dat had helped her and been there with her through thick and thin, but it’s somewhat unfair for him ’cause it’s like settling for him since she doesn’t have anymore choices. The fact that Anita succeeded in playing the pity card made me even more mad. It’s not like Dickson had force her into those actions when they were younger. They fell in love ages ago and she also made a choice to be with him and also made a choice to quit her dancing. It’s not like he brain-washed her or manipulated the situation to make her life worse. Whether those choices were good or not, she still made them. But it was made to sound like he owe her. He owes her nothing. Yes, separating a family and destroying the little girl’s family is a sad thing, but it’s very sucky that they have to make things turn out that way. Why couldn’t Anita have been more independent and also make the little girl understand more that her mom and dad are now separated but still loves her. It’s dumb to separate two people who loves each other to go with responsibility because of guilt. Dumb plot. But very touching scenes between Dickson and Victoria with their parting scenes and their last dance. It ruined the story by making her end up with Dat–as I said already. It’s like TVB needs to gift-wrap so they make it all nice at the end. On a lighter note, Kate did improve surprisingly. She did bring out her character really well regarding her smart and professional side, plus her vulnerable side as well. Really starting to like Matthew Ko also since really see his acting potential. He is able to portray his cute personality as well as the last few scenes of a responsible father. I’m a tad disappointed of Stephen Wong Ka Lok as Dat since he seems to be doing all right in Love Bond and all, but now he seems to lack something in here? Couldn’t really see his difference or wasn’t impressed in the most touching scene of him either. I got confused with what he’s trying to do. It’s like he didn’t improve or something.
Another thing that made me not satisfied about this series is not exposing Judy. She was the manipulative hand behind many scenes in helping that one dude to embezzle the company’s money but she was never exposed although she did get what she deserved in the end. Since TVB love gift-wrapping so much, why didn’t they make that happen? Lame! Caring too much of one thing but not another.
Luckily, Tsun and Keung re-united as best friends again at the end, plus Tsun and Sum Ying are awesome together. They’re a really great bickering couple as well as supporting each other in the end. The dance at the competition was very touching.
I also like Sum Ying and Victoria’s friendship. It’s very nice to see something that actually looks like true friendship in here. They can talk about everything and could support each other through different things. A very great scene between them is Victoria confronting Sum Ying to tell Tsun about her eye conditions, but Victoria ended up keeping the secret for Sum Ying instead.
Fala Chen as Ka Man is just amazing. Yes, her acting is really up to it since she’s only in a few series but isn’t raw like some new ones. She managed to show her menacing side but also her somewhat vulnerable side. Her past is a great obstacle to get past but glad that in the end, she knows when to stop and didn’t listen to Amanda to play dirty tricks on Sum Ying ’cause she could see that Sum Ying isn’t feeling well. In a way, her going to jail isn’t a bad thing since she learned to take on responsibility and face the consequences bravely. Plus starting over.
Stephen Huynh – Unlike Stephen Wong, I could see his acting a lot better since he managed to play out each role really well. Been in quite a few series but isn’t disappointing at all. He knows what he’s doing and could bring out his character.
Wayne Lai and Claire Yiu’s chemistry wasn’t all that, but still not bad at all. Like their little story. A bit funny at first and later more serious.
A very nice series overall, except a few things were still unknown and others are too gift-wrapped that made me feel kind of mad.
Posted (on Xanga): Friday, October 3rd, 2008
Re-posted: Wednesday, April 14th, 2010



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