The New World: Episode 12

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So the conversation resumed with how Yong Mei was still sore over her missed chance of talking to Dong Han with whatever it was that she claimed was so important. Then Yong Mei decided to extract information from Zi Yan. Zi Yan responded that she didn’t know what was going on either, but it was possibly because of work pressures. (Yeah, people actually have things to do aside from catering to rich princess’ commands.) Anyway, Zi Yan had to go into explaining how it had to do with their duties and how dangerous it was, not knowing if they had a tomorrow. Zi Yan asked for Yong Mei’s understanding.

That night, Zi Yan tried to talk to Dong Han about it. Yet Dong Han reasoned that it was Yong Mei who forced him into taking such drastic measures. Zi Yan pointed out that even if Dong Han did such, Yong Mei wouldn’t give up either. Dong Han asked Zi Yan if she was also forcing him to take action. It indeed was hard, considering Zi Yan’s standing. Zi Yan then said that seeing how sad Yong Mei was, it had made her sad as well. Then things got quiet. Dong Han seemed so distant and somewhat scary. Zi Yan spoke up again, saying how he was making her worry. He finally spoke up and said that he feared that one day she couldn’t stand it anymore and would hate him. He walked over to her to take her hands into his before saying that if that day indeed came, he hoped that she could say goodbye to him without any hesitation.

Apparently the person whom Dong Han wanted Zi Hong to meet up with was his mother. At least his current mother. Ms. Liu was actually one of their neighbors since ages ago too and known their parents quite well. Ms. Liu said that she was really happy to see them all reunited again. Then she launched into telling them a story, which she said would be right to tell them at that point. It happened fifty years ago when she was only six years old. Basically, their livelihoods were quite good with everyone helping one another within the fields and were like a family working together during harvest seasons. It wasn’t just like that, but overall, it paved a nice picture. Yet thirty years later (which meant it was twenty years ago), things changed. That was also the time of the land redevelopment incident occurred and how everyone was forced to move. Like it was said many times before, there were only three families who didn’t sign the papers. However, Qing Ting’s mother reassured them and suggested that they gathered around and planted the trees–and that one day they would return to see their effort flourishing. That day was June 23rd (aka the day they gathered to plant the trees). No one knew what the future would bring them. What they didn’t expect were the accidents that had caused five deaths and four injuries that occurred several days later. Some of them had agreed to take the kids as a gesture to their old fellow neighbors. At that time, Ms. Liu’s husband was still alive and they didn’t have any kids and their financial situation was stable so they took in Xi Shuai. Xiao Cao was also adopted by another family yet she didn’t want to be disturbed anymore. So that was when Ms. Liu paused and told the others not to go seek out Xiao Cao either. Ms. Liu resumed her story with how not being able to locate Qing Ting until later and heard that he’d been adopted by Shen You Fu. Then there was his mother, so they decided to take turns in visiting her and taking care of her. So whenever Zi Hong came, they knew. At least Ms. Liu saw them together. Ms. Liu blamed herself for what happened, because if they hadn’t moved and had forged together perhaps it wouldn’t turn out like that with how Qing Ting’s mother became that way, and how Xi Shuai’s parents and younger brother had died, and also Xiao Cao’s parents. Then Dong Han had to step forward to comfort her, saying it wasn’t like that. She pulled herself together and said she wouldn’t mention it anymore. It was now about finding out what really happened twenty years ago (aka the real reason behind it all). Miao Miao jumped in to ask if it was the accident. Ms. Liu said it wasn’t just that, but also Project Jing Hai. That got Zi Hong’s interest. Ms. Liu confessed that she only heard about it ten years after she left the town and didn’t know much about it as she would like to. However, she was sure that it had to do with Jiang Jian Ming. (So it made sense now that Dong Han was glaring at him with much hatred that one time when he came to put pressure on them.) Ms. Liu said it was just them now, but it was about time that they seek justice for the others. (It also made sense how Dong Han kept his goal clear after all these years.) Ms. Liu continued by saying that they have a plan to force Jiang Jian Ming into speaking up and revealing the truth behind it all. (Why are they saying all these to Miao Miao? She was going to rat them out with her best pal.) Dong Han quickly revealed their next step, which caused Miao Miao to be shocked by it (obviously). Their plan was called “Returning Home” (回家). Miao Miao asked if they were joking with that part of the plan. Zi Hong was still thinking. Ms. Liu said she hoped that they would join in with the plan, but she also told them to think it over. She then excused herself, saying that the person who drove her there was waiting for her.

Dong Han then took them to the forest–where the trees were–and told them how his mother had taken him there from time to time. Then he had placed the wooden tags on the trees when he returned to accept the mission, and how he was really happy to read Miao Miao’s article. At first, when he heard about Zi Hong’s identity being Qing Ting, he didn’t know what to make of it. It wasn’t until they confirmed Zi Hong’s identity through the sealed files that he dared to believe. That was also when he knew Zi Hong still remembered their childhood, and when he went to check out Zi Hong’s workplace, he was really touched to learn about the music cards. Because that was part of their childhood. He also realized that Zi Hong was like him, still wanting to avenge for their families. He wanted the other two to join them in their plan. Miao Miao said she wanted to join their plan too, but with how they wanted to cause some kind of explosion, it seemed too extreme. Yes, that was their plan. And then Zi Hong spoke up to say that many people would be hurt and be out of jobs, etc. Miao Miao also spoke up to agree with Zi Hong, saying how it would cause the ruptures in so many lives. Dong Han asked if they were no longer Qing Ting and Miao Miao, but were using their identities as Teacher Zi Hong and Reporter Yang speaking up now. Miao Miao asked Dong Han what would the others do then. Dong Han said if Jiang Jian Ming were to come out to admit and apologize for what happened then they wouldn’t take that step. Miao Miao asked if Dong Han was sure if it was really Jiang Jian Ming. (Of course, she had to speak up for her best pal’s families.) Miao Miao said those things needed evidence to be sure. Dong Han said if they agreed to join in on the plan, then his mother would show them the evidence. Zi Hong said it didn’t matter if there were evidence, the plan would affect too many people, and that they shouldn’t resort to such measures. Dong Han, even more upset by now, asked if Zi Hong had already forgotten what happened years ago. Zi Hong said he didn’t forget. The struggle continued between not wanting to drag other innocent people in versus how some people didn’t lose all family members went on for a bit more before Dong Han lost it and slammed Zi Hong into a tree. Yup, Dong Han totally lost it. He asked Zi Hong if Zi Hong really could get Jiang Jian Ming to admit his wrongdoings because it seemed like Zi Hong hadn’t kept his promise regarding how the three of them wouldn’t separate and how Zi Hong would take them to Miao Miao. He then reminded Zi Hong how he said he didn’t care that Xiao Cao was gone, but it wasn’t so. He really hated Zi Hong for breaking the promise that time when he woke up in the car and Xiao Cao was gone. After that lash out, Zi Hong couldn’t say anything but words of apologies. Dong Han finally let go of Zi Hong and turned away. After composing himself, he told Zi Hong not to apologize. He said him hating Zi Hong was just like hating himself because what he promised Xiao Cao, he couldn’t do it either. But what they could do now is make someone else apologize. He wanted to ask them one last time if they wanted to join or not. Miao Miao said it was possible, but they shouldn’t cause the explosion. It was now Zi Hong’s turn. Zi Hong said that he was like Dong Han in the past, hating and wanting to make someone pay. But then he thought it through already. Zi Hong said that his mother wouldn’t want to be the reason that he kills or harm others. Dong Han mentioned seeking justice, restoring what was lost, i.e their homes, etc. Zi Hong said those weren’t lost, and there were other ways to seek justice. It was Miao Miao who reminded him of it. Dong Han asked them one last time if that was their answer. Dong then asked if Zi Hong was able to not kill Zhang Guo Tang after finding him and would hand him over to the police. Zi Hong said he would after he could find the answers he needed. Dong Han nodded, saying that they didn’t need to join forces. Zi Hong asked why not. Dong Han said it was because the roads that they were traveling on weren’t the same one. Zi Hong asked if Dong Han wanted to kill “him”. The “him” in question wasn’t too clear, but Dong Han didn’t answer at first so Zi Hong persisted. Dong Han said that those were Zi Hong’s words, not his. Miao Miao interfered again, but it wasn’t to lecture Dong Han, not yet. She asked him if he killed the others hence reassuring her previously that Zi Hong didn’t do it. Yup, it was Dong Han. He followed Zi Hong and thought Zi Hong had the same plan as him when visiting one of Zhang Guo Tang’s henchmen yet Zi Hong left after leaving the music card so he knew it wasn’t the same. Dong Han said that plan was too slow with trying to lure Zhang Guo Tang out, he can’t wait. What he regretted the most was causing Zi Hong to be dragged in as the prime suspect. Zi Hong didn’t blame Dong Han, but he said those two were still innocents. Dong Han asked back if his family was as innocent. Zi Hong brought up what Chief Zheng said previously about a third party, which was Dong Han’s side, NOT Zi Hong like Chief Zheng had suspected. Dong Han said it was all right if Zi Hong used the word “our” instead of “your” side since he still wanted the other two to join. Zi Hong said he didn’t want the whole an eye for an eye type of thing. Miao Miao asked if Ms. Liu knew about the killings. Dong Han said if the other two didn’t say, she wouldn’t know. Dong Han then took out a cell phone and handed it to Zi Hong, saying if Zi Hong dial the number on there, he would reach Ms. Liu and Zi Hong could tell her that they agreed to join. Zi Hong said he hadn’t agreed. Dong Han turned around and smiled (which is creepy for the situation. What he said next confirmed my suspicion). He said that he saw Zi Hong burned the evidence that day so he already filmed a clip of it, and had intended to use it as a joke later when they reunited before destroying the clip. However, at this point, he could use it as evidence against Zi Hong. Miao Miao scrunched up then, calling Dong Han as “Liu Dong Han” instead of Xi Shuai like before, asking if he really wanted to do that. Dong Han said that it was up to that point, he had no choice but to do so. And he didn’t want Zhang Guo Tang to land into their hands. Miao Miao said she could call Chief Zheng up and tell him about the whole thing. Dong Han said she would risk his arrest. He knew the other two wouldn’t do that to him. Miao Miao jumped back to calling him “Xi Shuai” yet he said not to waste any more time. (Finally!) He gave them the ultimatum, either join or risk Zi Hong’s arrest. Zi Hong said the more Dong Han pressure him, the more he wouldn’t join. Dong Han apologized one last time, saying that he really didn’t want to do it. But regardless of what happened, they were still his family. Miao Miao cried out that if they were really family, it wouldn’t turn out like that. (I thought we were moving forward? Why the roundabout again?) Dong Han said that after it was all done, he would clarify everything and accept the punishment, whatever that might be. Of course, that would also mean clearing Zi Hong’s reputation. Then he left.

So it seemed like Zi Hong chose not to join hence the consequences. The special team – minus Dong Han – was listening to the news while figuring out the person who filmed the clip. Xiao He said he couldn’t figure it out, but had received the e-mail. Elsewhere, Zi Hong was asking Miao Miao if she wanted to return home or follow him to find Zhang Guo Tang. She chose the second choice so they were on their way. After the news segment, Chen Jie asked if Chief Zheng wanted to bring Zi Hong in. Chief Zheng asked if Dong Han was with Zi Hong, and gave the orders to bring Zi Hong in. As Dong Han witnessed Zi Hong and Miao Miao driving away in Zi Hong’s car, he received the call from Chen Jie. Dong Han lied and said that the other two had misled him and had fled already. Chen Jie told Dong Han to get on it, and Dong Han said he got it. Back at the headquarter, Chief Zheng told Xiao He to track their cell phones while he went to call Yang Yong Zhao. As the others were going on their way, Zi Yan was still standing around thinking. Had she caught onto something? Even if she hadn’t figured out that far out conspiracy, could she possibly figure out what Dong Han was doing? Like possibly acting suspiciously during their previous get together?

Miao Miao finally received the call from her grandpa. They stopped somewhere so Miao Miao could take the call. Her grandpa was wondering if she wanted to return home. She said she knew Zi Hong was innocent so she wanted to go with him. Grandpa Yang pointed out it wasn’t as easy as she put it. The judge wouldn’t see it her way and she would be dragged in as well. She said the more she had to accompany Zi Hong. She reassured him she would be all right. How could he not worry? He wanted to talk to Zi Hong, so Miao Miao had no choice but to hand the phone over to Zi Hong. Grandpa Yang said that Chief Zheng believed Zi Hong was innocent yet things were getting complicated so he couldn’t do anything else but to proceed according to his duties. Zi Hong said he understood. Grandpa Yang told Zi Hong that it wasn’t too late to turn back. Zi Hong said he wasn’t going to turn back, and that he didn’t do anything wrong. Grandpa Yang said that fleeing would be difficult. Zi Hong said he knew. Grandpa Yang knew he couldn’t change their decisions, but told Zi Hong to use his life to protect Miao Miao. Zi Hong promised.

Zi Yan decided to interrogate Tom again. She was prepared this time. She had a recorded clip of Tom’s mom sending her regards to Tom. Tom’s mom wanted him to return home. She said she was still capable of earning money and his sister was going to work soon, so he didn’t need to get into sticky situations to get money. Tom said that the cops were so despicable with using his family against him. Zi Yan told him to listen to another clip. That next clip, his mom told him to let Zhang Guo Tang deal with the punishments, and that they didn’t need to worry about him anymore since he already got captured. She also said that the cops had promised to decrease Tom’s sentence if he were to cooperate. Surprised, Tom wanted to listen to the clip again. Zi Yan asked which part, and then she asked Tom if he didn’t know. She quickly told him how they already arrested Zhang Guo Tang earlier that day–along with some of the other henchmen.

Meanwhile, Zhang Guo Tang was somewhere eating noodles and watching the latest news segment. It was the one they’d been talking about, regarding Zi Hong destroying evidence. He soon turned off the TV and picked up his phone. It was one of his henchmen calling in to report the latest at Zi Hong’s house. Shen You Fu had returned home already. Zhang Guo Tang told them to make the move. They said that there were also two cops standing guard. Zhang Guo Tang said the more they should take action. So they did. The two gangsters went in and knocked out the two cops on guard before getting to Shen You Fu.

Zi Yan finally succeeded in convincing Tom to cooperate. Chief Zheng was proud of her. Yet he had to tell her of the bad news with Shen You Fu being kidnapped already. He said it was probably Zhang Guo Tang’s doing. He also told Zi Yan to tell Dong Han to pick her up and join them at the location. So Zi Yan suited up after getting off the phone. As she was on the way out, she tried to call Miao Miao but was unsuccessful. She told Dong Han about it when she got into the car. Dong Han seemed disturbed and reflected his bad moods when Zi Yan asked him about it. Yet they had a mission to carry out, can’t talk long. Then elsewhere, Zi Hong wanted to drop Miao Miao off. It was because he wanted Miao Miao to wait for his father and they could go together, if not, then Miao Miao should leave first. He said that if he confronted Zhang Guo Tang, he needed to do it alone. It would be harder with Miao Miao around. Miao Miao said they had guns yet Zi Hong reasoned that they wouldn’t use it since that was like signaling to the cops. Miao Miao finally got out after threatening Zi Hong to keep his promise.

Then came the confrontation. Or more like Zhang Guo Tang’s own interrogation. He, of course, wanted to ask Shen You Fu of Zi Hong’s whereabouts. He wanted to avenge his brothers’ deaths. Yet Zhang Guo Tang didn’t need to wait long. Zi Hong was on his way. (Okay, wait, how did Zi Hong know they were there? Or did Zhang Guo Tang sent out some sort of signal? Because he apparently was really unsuccessful in locating Zhang Guo Tang before hence dragging the situation until now. Or was it because of Miao Miao and all the debates that he couldn’t really get a move on the search until now?) While one of his men went outside to check on the situation, Zhang Guo Tang was saying how he and Shen You Fu used to be “dogs” for Jiang Jian Ming. But the difference between them now was he, Zhang Guo Tang, no longer was. Before he could take any action toward Shen You Fu, he heard more noises outside. He had to go and check it out for himself. When he came out, Zi Hong was in a deadlock with Paul. Zhang Guo Tang told Paul to finish Zi Hong yet at the last minute, Zi Hong managed to turn the situation around and tossed the knife toward Zhang Guo Tang, injuring his hand so he had to drop the gun. (That was seriously fake, lol. Cool in a way, but fake.) The struggle between Zi Hong and Paul continued until the cops arrived. Yet they were too late. They only discovered Paul and another dude tied up outside. No one else was there. Indeed, Zi Hong had already tied Zhang Guo Tang up and was on his way to somewhere. Zhang Guo Tang asked him why killed the other two men and if Zi Hong wanted to do the same to him. Zi Hong said he didn’t kill those guys, and that it would be too easy to kill Zhang Guo Tang off. Then back at the scene, Chief Zheng told them to send out a notice to find Zi Hong.

Then the dramatic confrontation out by the seaside. Zhang Guo Tang said that he already told them time after time that what happened 20 years ago was an accident. He also recounted that he and the other two guys (the same ones who got killed by Dong Han already) had also gone toward the hillside to check it out too, but it was too late for some people. Zi Hong, obviously, didn’t believe him. Zhang Guo Tang was done. He didn’t want to play with Zi Hong anymore. He told Zi Hong to kill him already and get it over with. Zi Hong proceeded with tying his hands and legs together and said that it was getting dark soon (i.e. high tides) so they could find out if Zhang Guo Tang was in fear or not by then. Zi Hong then went to sit safely elsewhere to wait. That was when Zhang Guo Tang started yelling for Zi Hong and demanded he return. Zi Hong didn’t return until Zhang Guo Tang finally yelled out that he would confess. Zhang Guo Tang stuck with his answer about it being an accident. Zi Hong kicked him back to drink some more water and asked him the leader behind it all (aka the person giving them the commands). Zhang Guo Tang yelled out that it was Jiang Jian Ming. Jiang Jian Ming wanted them to teach the ones who didn’t want to move a lesson yet it wasn’t to kill, it was just some warnings. So the accident was really an accident. Zi Hong didn’t want to hear more of Zhang Guo Tang’s nonsense reasons so he said he would go for a bowl of noodles before returning. Zhang Guo Tang, in his desperate attempt, yelled out if Zi Hong didn’t believe, then go ask Jiang Jian Ming for himself. What Zi Hong didn’t expect was how Zhang Guo Tang told Zi Hong to go ask his father too. That stopped Zi Hong from going so Zhang Guo Tang continued on. He said that was why Shen You Fu wanted to adopt Zi Hong because that incident was really an accident so he felt bad and wanted to make it up for Zi Hong. Zhang Guo Tang said that the three of them were outsiders so how could they know Zi Hong and the other two families. Shen You Fu was in charge of keeping watch and informing them when the three families arrive. That was when they took action and then caused the accident. Zhang Guo Tang said there were four people in charge of doing that mission, and the fourth person was Shen You Fu. Zi Hong was so riled up by Zhang Guo Tang’s words that he went back to kick him. (Wow, who was talking about not hurting others before when he was lecturing Dong Han?)

Back at the headquarter, the others were able to locate Miao Miao and Shen You Fu but no Zi Hong. Chief Zheng guessed that Zi Hong must have gone a different way with Zhang Guo Tang. He told them to send out more people to look for those two. Dong Han was nowhere to be seen either. Zi Yan said he was in the restroom, but who knows? Dong Han was indeed in the restroom, but he was checking to make sure no one was there. Before he could do anything though, he received a message from Yong Mei. She wanted to meet up the next day. He pocketed his phone again before taking the lid off of one of the toilets. He emptied the water before taking out a plastic bag – with a phone inside. (Clever. Old trick but still clever.)

So Zi Hong was still threatening Zhang Guo Tang and getting him to talk. He wanted to know what Zhang Guo Tang had that caused him to gain an upper hand with Jiang Jian Ming hence returning. Zhang Guo Tang soon blurted out “Project Jing Hai”. Zi Hong asked him about it. He said he also wanted to know. Zi Hong then asked if it had anything to do with Jiang Jian Ming. Like some of them suspected, the party in charge of the project was Jiang Jian Ming’s wife’s family. The whole fiasco of years ago had to do with Jiang Jian Ming along with his wife’s family, the Yan. It also had to do with Head Councilman Luo – or so Zhang Guo Tang said. Zi Hong said maybe he was innocent. Zhang Guo Tang said the money was already handed over. Zi Hong asked when, and the response was April 22nd. Zi Hong said if he already achieved his goal, why was he still around hurting people? He said it wasn’t so simple, and that he couldn’t return home, etc. He wanted Jiang Jian Ming to tell Head Councilman Luo to give him a guaranteed letter, and the contents would be giving him special privileges if the man were to advance toward his next rank. Zi Hong said it would be impossible for the other party to agree. Zhang Guo Tang confirmed that the other party didn’t agree hence he couldn’t end his mission. Zi Hong said it was ending now. Before he could say anything else, his phone rang. It was the phone Dong Han gave him earlier. Zhang Guo Tang then spoke up to say that he could give Zi Hong money. Zi Hong said not killing Zhang Guo Tang was already a special privilege so Zhang Guo Tang shouldn’t negotiate with him. As Zhang Guo Tang was still trying to persuade Zi Hong, Dong Han was getting impatient with attempting to make contact since Zi Hong still didn’t pick up. Zi Hong dropped Zhang Guo Tang off at the police station before leaving. Then he decided to pick up Dong Han’s call at last. Dong Han told him not to give Zhang Guo Tang up to the police because that was part of their plan with calling Zhang Guo Tang to come back (i.e. pressuring Jiang Jian Ming). But it was too late. One of the police officers had already gone out to fetch Zhang Guo Tang. (I knew it! I was right! It was Dong Han! Even if Chen Jie had to apologize to him!) OMG, really? Zi Hong went back and it was too late so he had to go again. He dared to blame it on Dong Han for not saying it out? Dong Han said that he tried to call many times already but Zi Hong didn’t pick up. Then Dong Han said that it didn’t matter anymore since he would find another way. Zi Hong pondered why they had to bring Zhang Guo Tang back. Dong Han said that he didn’t have time to explain. Zi Hong warned him not to go too far or he couldn’t return. Dong Han told Zi Hong he better worry for himself since Chen Jie was out looking for him. Dong Han told Zi Hong to flee.

Dong Han finally met up with Zi Yan and Xiao He in the control room. Zi Yan updated Dong Han on Zhang Guo Tang’s status. Xiao He was commenting on how cool it was to see Zhang Guo Tang being wrapped up like that and tossed out at the police station. Dong Han asked about Zi Hong’s whereabouts. Xiao He said that he was trying to locate Zi Hong. Zi Yan told Dong Han that they should go first. Dong Han made some comments about the signals before leaving. As Chen Jie and Ah Gang were trying to decide on their next location, Xiao He was finally able to locate Zi Hong so they were on their way.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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16 thoughts on “The New World: Episode 12

  1. OMGosh I’m so saddened by the fact that Dong Han is the murderer AND the mole. But it all made sense. That phonecall where Zhang Guo Tang said the money’s mine and justice is yours is the biggest hint. If ever he had someone there for him, to console and guide him he wouldn’t turn out like this. His adopted mum certainly wasn’t aware of how hateful he is right now, how he KILLED someone for revenge.
    On a better note, I’m glad to see Zi Yan in action. Always the clever girl with the gambling luck lol. I’m betting Dong Han’s best chance is her, but now that he’s murdered someone there’s no redemption. I’m just wishing my hardest Zi Yan is Xiao Cao. From the way Dong Han was so red-eyed talking about her I’m sure he needs her to come forward and say she cares. Please don’t anyone die ><

    1. I’m not surprised and I don’t blame Dong Han. It’s sad that those things happened, but I don’t blame him at all. On the other hand, I hated those fake people in here, kept preaching yet using connections to push others down (talking about Miao Miao and Yong Mei here and I know I stepped on people’s toes when I say it–and I’m not picking on them because of the triangles or anything, but more like them as characters). Like Dong Han said, he lost his whole family after all, unlike some people who didn’t lose anything and kept lecturing him about it. They should put themselves in his shoes and try to talk him out of it, NOT the ongoing lectures with how he shouldn’t be hurting innocent people. It doesn’t help. Like he said, his family were innocent people too and they got hurt. Xiao Cao’s parents died too and I’m sure they didn’t do anything wrong. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Actually, I half wish Zi Yan isn’t Xiao Cao or the plot’s just going to go so cliche with the 4 key characters ending up together. But then if Zi Yan is Xiao Cao, is she also planning something of her own? Because she didn’t want to be disturbed anymore. It didn’t seem right for some reason. Oh yeah, in one of the previous trailers, Zi Yan got shot OR something. I don’t think it’s serious. I hope it’s not serious. If Zi Yan dies, I swear I will let heads roll. Well, I can’t do anything anyway, but it’s more like I would swear off the director’s next production, lol. Sounds aggressive, but I’m just scared of a possible past pattern (i.e. a female cop died in Xiao Hai Da Ren near the end). But possibly just false alarm since a possible ending scene might be the part where Zi Yan and Dong Han met at that one disclosed place and hugged. It looked like they reunited after some major stuffs happening. (It was in my other banner.) Well, I’ve been dissecting random scenes at times so I might just be tossing out whatever while waiting anyway, lol. Don’t mind me. Oh yeah, that thing with Dong Han getting closed to Yong Mei might not be him falling for her (like it seemed to suggest and Zi Yan suspecting at one point with some of the trailers), it might just be him playing along with Yong Mei’s game and getting closer to her family to extract more information. NOT sure but another guess because of recent events and what might unfold in the previews.

  2. About Yong Mei, Dong Han probably felt guilty about using her, that’s all. I couldn’t help disliking her though, for her obliviousness to the things happening around her and the fact that her biggest concern ftm is this thing she has to tell Dong Han about, seriously. I just feel so sorry for Zi Yan that she has to endure this apart from everything else, as if she hasn’t got enough on her plate. Can’t blame me for taking sides.

    Go ahead and tell Miao Miao off lol. I don’t dislike her but she does irritate me sometimes. And this time she did it again by mentioning how she’ll call Chief Zheng, although I understood where she’s coming from. But jeez, wasn’t appeasing at all. Zi Hong is right about one thing though: the men Dong Han killed could be innocent, and he absolutely has the right to choose how to go about justice.

    What I’m really hoping right now is that Dong Han stop resorting to extremes for his own good. And he only has his best mates to help him, and maybe Zi Yan. For all we know, Xiao Cao could be a nobody we’ve never even met, lol. But darn it, I’ll kill if she doesn’t eventually appear at some point. So while it may be a cliche, I still hope Zi Yan is Xiao Cao than a nobody. Yong Mei is kinda out of the question.

    The note Xiao Cao sent Dong Han is so confusing >< It’s more likely a piece of advice for Dong Han to let go, but interpretations are so open for guessing. Maybe she really wants to be left alone, either she knows what the villagers are up to and doesn’t want to join in or she hasn’t a clue. If she has a different approach she is most likely to be Zi Yan. They’ve dropped so many clues, including the way she gets along with Miao Miao so fine, that the pieces would fit.

    The words Dong Han said to Zi Yan were heartwrenching, if only Zi Yan knows…

    1. Yeah, that got me really annoyed about Yong Mei too. Like even if it wasn’t just about her liking Dong Han, I hated the part where she told Chen Jie to get Dong Han to her house, just because she got ignored. Um, wasn’t she upset when others tried to give her some bribe or get close to her so they could get to her father? Like she was disappointed or looking down at them for using her connections YET she wasn’t so against using her own connections to pressure others? Then it was like one moment she was freaked out about her family being attacked (hence lashing out before with how she asked what Zhang Guo Tang was up to) AND the next minute, she was just occupied with Dong Han and not caring to heed to Chief Zheng’s advice about going home first (or from others) just because she wanted to be around Dong Han. I’m like ughhh. What I also didn’t like was how Dong Han obviously told her off many times but she kept coming at it. I know in her own way, she was trying to take her chances, etc, not giving up so early. But it was indeed annoying if you could imagine someone always following you or nagging you in real life. I didn’t want to pick on her but I couldn’t help it either.

      And regarding Dong Han and the killings. I didn’t mean I would approve of it since I agreed with what Zi Hong said like how he finally thought of it that his mother wouldn’t want him to kill (aka getting blood on his hands) because of her. But I would appreciate it if he thinks for Dong Han on the fact that he, himself, had thought about it in the past but finally pulled out of it. Yeah, Zi Hong did say those things and tried to explain it to Dong Han. But the way Dong Han was so out of control like that, just saying that won’t help. Perhaps use another approach. I don’t know. Zi Hong is also hot-headed so maybe he’s not too used to giving in either so he chose to just use the rough approach on Dong Han as well. So I guess you’re right, only Zi Yan could help calm him down now. Zi Yan is smart and always caring yet not nagging so she would find a smarter way to approach him and convince him otherwise if when she finds out.

      About Miao Miao, I guess I couldn’t blame her righteous acts at times. But what I get annoyed about her is how she was saying the cops used many despicable means to do their jobs (like some traps with Zi Hong or trying to trick Jia Yuan previously) YET she restored to using Jiang Jian Ming’s power (through her with connection Yong Mei) to pressure the cops to get her ways too. Then there was the whole thing with using her grandpa’s connection to see Chief Zheng the first time Zi Hong got arrested. Even if she was right that Zi Hong was Qing Ting, but her ways just made me upset that she was trying to lecture others but she wasn’t any better with the techniques.

      1. Agree, and agree with Yong Mei and Miao Miao, I think you just pinpointed why I got annoyed with them. Compared to Zi Yan and Jia Yuan, they are the less likable female characters in The New World. I guess it’s a bit disappointing for me because I expected to like them despite their flaws and mistakes. It’s time we get female characters that are likeable without being sacrificial or perfect. So far I didn’t like that Yong Mei is a flower vase and her main purpose is to endanger others and create a wedge between a couple. Miao Miao is worse; she’s basically the girl that tells the guy not to do the brave thing yet is surprisingly self-righteous, and abusing power where it serves her. I know she came around at the end but her storyline still surrounds Zi Hong it’s like she doesn’t have any other purpose. Zi Yan, on the other hand, is smart, independent, daring, sociable, takes her job seriously, possesses masculine qualities yet is still very feminine, hell she can even get jealous and make a few mistakes BUT, she gets the least screen time available. Jia Yuan is a new sort of femme fatale archetype, I guess and you sympathise with her but you can’t really identity with her because she’s so pitiful. So it all just makes Zi Yan the only one enjoyable to watch for me.

        I get what you feel about Dong Han and Zi Hong. But if I’m in Zi Hong’s place, I literally just got framed and exiled by my best mate, it’ll take every nerve for me just to stay calm, and Dong Han was throwing him under the bus. I trust he’ll think of a way to stop him. Anyway, I though he handled it better than Miao Miao, who was saying ‘I’ll call Chief Zheng’ (can’t help rolling my eyes at it). The only thing I agree with is when she said family members don’t plant the blame on you.

        1. Thanks for reminding me about Zi Hong being thrown under the bus. I don’t know, I was too blind with Dong Han’s hatred and thirst for revenge that I was sympathizing with him more. LOL! Yes, I had to admit that. But you’re right. Zi Hong handled that quite well already, considering his situation. From the last scene of the episode and then some previews, Zi Hong probably landed in the police station again? But according to Zhang Guo Tang’s words, he probably ratted Dong Han out and Zi Hong’s name would be cleared by then? There was also the scene with Zi Hong asking his adopted father about the incident, so there would be another confrontation. Well, I guess at least things are moving forward again instead of just circling around Miao Miao and Zi Hong’s fights, lol. If that’s looking on the bright side.

          You summarized all the female characters nicely. That was why I was getting frustrated too. I wish I could like all characters, like you said, despite some flaws here and there. Yet it was getting harder and harder to like anyone except for Zi Yan. When they made Jia Yuan so pitiful, I was so rolling my eyes too. I meant I like her, but I felt it reminded me of some past pitiful characters that were just there and it seemed like if she didn’t have such a tragic life, no one would care OR something. It felt like she should only be pitied by others, not them liking her for her clever and creative side. After all, we did learn she was quite talented with the designing/artistic stuff for the newspaper place, and she was good at the technical stuff (because of her job). But other than being there as some character for Zi Hong to take care of and sympathize with, that was it. I wish it was some other way. Not everyone has to be super important for me to like them, but I wish it wasn’t so oriented around Zi Hong, just like how it was with Miao Miao–being there because of Zi Hong’s story arch (like you pointed out).

          Talking about Zi Yan, what I also love about her (other all the points you mentioned already) is she’s the no-nonsense type of girl. She doesn’t talk on and on for nothing. She’s observant but not passive, she speaks and acts when she needs to. So yes, why make such an awesome character and slowly take her screen time away? But then, she’ll probably appear more in the last few eps so I’m keeping my hope for now, lol. At least I’m trying to stay positive here, despite all the dragging parts along the way.

          1. The previews…are pretty scary. Zi Hong could be safe. Like, I think they discovered Dong Han’s secret phone signal and everyone running around in the police station and Dong Han was walking forward, it creeps me out a bit. Everything started to progress so quickly unlike past episodes. Zi Yan seems to be the first one in on the secret. And I’m curious to what part Ah Gong has to play in these plots.

            I feel for Dong Han too, Pan Bo Xi does a great job showing his vulnerability. I know the kind and just Dong Han who spoke up for Zi Yan and comforted Yong Mei is in there somewhere, however relentless he seems at the moment. He just needs all the help and sympathy he can get.All I’m leaning on is Zi Yan, Zi Hong needs to save himself and Miao Miao is too occupied with Zi Hong lol, and Dong Han’s adopted mum…well, I don’t think she can help. I like her so much I’m all for Zi Yan saving the day!

            It’s just so great talking to you about the show, such a pleasure ^^

          2. Yeah, Dong Han’s creepy looks! The part where he said it was all right that the other two didn’t join in on the plan and then he said they shouldn’t join forces since they weren’t going on the same path, I thought he was going to leave them alone. But then he turned around and wanted to use the video clip to blackmail Zi Hong. That was indeed creepy. I totally agree with Pan Bo Xi’s portrayal! (I followed him since the days of Rookies’ Diary and was impressed with how his acting had matured over time.)

            Anyway, back to plot, yup! We need Zi Yan to save the day! I’m glad to have you discussing it with me too! Aside from the eps summary that I’m putting up and sometimes random updates, I’ve been annoying other family members with the discussion–although they’re not watching, lol. I just filled them in with some stuff since they know who Chen Wen Shan is (the guy portraying Zhang Guo Tang) and wants to see what’s up with his latest role, lol.

            Um, yup. Need to see what Ah Gong’s hiding too. From the little bit of him wanting to tell Miao Miao something, there were people gathered, but it didn’t seem to be the ones from the police SO I’m guessing it might be the neighbors from that town ages back? Yup, I’m jumping ahead again, lol.

  3. Lolz Pan Bo Xi has a bit of a cute baby face and is good-looking in a very Taiwan way, with all his delicate features and big dole-eyes haha. But he still manages to project so much hatred and venom, really gave me the chills! Speaking of which, Dou Hua Mei is so cutesy in real life it makes such a contrast with her character.

    I’m actually thinking of showing my family this show but some of them can’t stand the Taiwanese accent and I already tried In Time With You (my dad actually thought it was quality production albeit slow), so yeah, wondering if the story will win them over. My dad was there for parts of it but unfortunately he was watching when Zi Hong and Miao Miao were parading their soppiness so…you know.

    Anyway, that’s the fun of the show, to keep us guessing! I wish they wouldn’t broadcast one episode per week but the suspense has kept me on tiptoe. They left me a whole week to agonize over Dong Han’s trauma and gutwrench over what will happen in the plot, it’s UGH for everyone who cares.

    1. Tell me about it! I meant regarding the agony of waiting! My mom was sort of watching and then she got really annoyed with watching Miao Miao bossing everyone around so she watched on and off, lol.

      I didn’t want to watch “In Time With You” because I had watched some of the director’s past works already so it seemed like I was as impatient. I mean I know there needs to be some sort of background story, etc, but I needed the balance at times (i.e. not too slow or not too overly fast either, depending on the plot). I prefer Doze Niu or Deng An Ning’s styles more.

      About PBX and DHM, lol. Yeah. Talking about that, I needed to stop watching the BTS because some of the scenes were out of order with showing the filming of ’em so I didn’t want to be spoiled. I’ll go back to watch the BTS parts later. But what I did watch of ’em, they were so goofy, especially the police side. Of course everything’s just a plot but it showed the contrast in their characters so I was surprised for some of them, which is good.

      1. I think Miao Miao established herself as most annoying character on the show lol. I really don’t know why Dong Han kept smiling when she’s around. I thought you liked Zi Yan?! Oh and don’t get me started on the hospital scene. What was going on in there? What’s with Yong Mei taking off her shoes?! This had better be some plot-relevant stuff but I doubt it really. They make everything so mysterious on the police side lol.

        Oh but don’t Dong Han and Zi Yan look adorable offscreen. They have chemistry in real life as well~Loved every scene of them together, they really do bring out the best/unknown side of each other^^

        1. I think the reason why Dong Han kept smiling when Miao Miao was around was how it linked to his childhood. I think that was it, the four of them, and the memory of childhood was precious since they were still innocent and didn’t have to worry as much, etc. I don’t get what’s the big deal about Miao Miao either with making her a major character except for the only reason that she was one of the four kids. I think how Dong Han was defending the newspaper stuff and trying to comfort Yong Mei, it wasn’t to comfort Yong Mei, but more like defending something of Miao Miao’s, i.e. the articles she wrote.

          I do like Zi Yan, LOL! I had to go back to see if I made a mistake with my previous comment. But regarding BTS, it was because some scenes were out of order in the filming, like how they showed the hospital scenes or the part where Dong Han seemed to be getting on Yong Mei’s good side (haven’t even happened yet) so I didn’t want to watch and then agonizing over a possible plot twist. So yeah, that was why I stop.

          Talking about the hospital scene, I don’t know what happened there BUT that was seriously random! One of the BTS scenes implied some “seduction” thing going on or some “get together.” OR at least they tried to make it funny. But I wasn’t amused by it. And then maybe I’m plain picking on Yong Mei again, but I felt was so creeped out by her ‘seduction’ scenes, especially the first time she confessed to Dong Han and how she was sliding her hands all over him, that was weird for me. I was somewhat mad at Dong Han for not pulling away. BUT I had to say it was because he was shocked. I don’t know, or maybe I had the impression with her being the typical princess and goody two shoes or whatever so it seemed out of character for her, not something a “good girl” like her (rolling my eyes here, lol) would do. Or maybe I was just stereotyping her character and trying to make it fit with some past similar characters in other stories that I’ve seen.

          And regarding Dong Han/Zi Yan, at first, because they showed more scenes of Pan Bo Xi and Angela Lee (the girl who’s portraying Yong Mei) in BTS, I thought they got along more off-screen OR something. But when they started showing more scenes of Pan Bo Xi and Dou Hua Mei, it was funny and cute! I think in one of the promos for the drama, PBX said that his next drama (the current one he’s filming with Angela and Tender Huang) his role will be more simple/innocent so it fits him more. Everyone started laughing after he said that. I think only Dou Hua Mei, Jean Lee, and Ah Ben were in the clip at that time. It was still funny.

          1. Ah that line was directed toward Dong Han in my frustration lol, not doubting you or anything. Well of course Dong Han felt connected to Miao Miao! It’s me being dissatisfied because Dong Han never had that smile near anyone else. So like yeah, when he turned all warm and fuzzy I just couldn’t take it for a mo lol. Then the comforting Yong Mei part, you are so right about that being about Miao Miao. Dong Han was desperate to cling on to any part of his childhood playmates who cared. Recalling the beginning where I was vying for Dong Han to show that he’s Xi Shuai but now I simply don’t want anything bad happen to him. Sigh.

            Oh but then you reminded me of my confusion as to why Dong Han didn’t tell Yong Mei about Zi Yan and him being together. Is it really because of police protocol? Or was it about getting near to Yong Mei for intel? But then he is so resistant to seeing Yong Mei now. That scene where he was yelling at Yong Mei to stop bothering him because he’s very dangerous? He must have cared to be so savage about it. Maybe he just didn’t want to drag Yong Mei into everything because she’s so naive. He certainly was very gentle with Zi Yan, it was a whole different approach He simply said he wanted her to leave him if one day she would come to hate him. So sad.

            On a brighter topic, have you seen the BTS in which Zi Yan kissed Dong Han’s cheek? Pan Bo Xi was being such a guy about it, fake-punching her and all that lol. The guy really laughs at any cue. The whole scene wasn’t so comical until Dong Han had to fling his bag onto his bed and Dou Hua Mei teased at him his old school posture. The two literally went berserk haha. There was a proper interview with Dou Hua Mei and the director Huang Zhi Xiang talking about the details of that scene as well. Seemed like they tricked Dou Hua Mei into thinking it was just a rehearsal but they actually filmed it as first take and used that in the show coz it portrayed the shyness and awkwardness of Zi Yan quite well.

          2. Oh, LOL! Sorry, I was confused, lol. Thanks for clearing that up! But I think he showed that special smile for Zi Yan too–or extra special smile even, remember the part after they texted in the car? Dong Han was like, “Please don’t text while we’re working” or whatever, BUT he couldn’t resist and texted her back. LOL! That was cute! Then he spied on her while they were keeping watch and that genuine smile of his showed.

            Regarding Dong Han not telling Yong Mei about him and Zi Yan, I think that was what they (the production team) were getting at with police protocols or whatever. It made sense. I think it was in the character description that he felt frustrated or helpless at times that he couldn’t announce it out to the world (at least people around them) that he was actually in a relationship with Zi Yan. If it wasn’t for the rules, I think he would’ve happily shove it into Yong Mei’s face already. (OR that was me being evil and not choosing my wording about the last bit, lol.) The part where he somehow got closer to Yong Mei or seemed nicer to her again, it was in one of the BTS but it didn’t happen in the plot yet so I was waiting to see what was going on with that. But now that it already revealed his motive, I think it made sense that he would continue on his crazy path and might use Yong Mei to extract more info. Probably the one with him looking all morbid later and saying how he only wanted her to be safe was some sense of remorse toward her (for using her). It was in one of the trailers with how she said it was all right they didn’t see each other again, but she wanted to know of his wish or something. He hesitated before saying he only wanted her to be safe.

            The kissing on the cheek scene – Yeah, I saw the BTS of that one! It was hilarious. They were practicing at first and then the director jumped in and said, “Slowly” when Dou Hua Mei was mumbling to get it through with saying how she’s supposed to stop him and then the kiss. After hearing the director say “Slowly”, she freaked out! LOL! That was hilarious though! Ooh, I better hunt down for the interview! LOL!

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