True Love 365: Episode 12

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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The episode continued with Yu Xiang launching an investigation on what happened. Well, it was the first day so he wasn’t going to go all ballistic on them. Yet…after all, it was his idea. They did tell him before. The mystery was finally solved with how Shen Xin Ru was able to score 1 versus the others having clients yet wasn’t able to lure anyone in. So the older couple was more prepared for the upcoming inevitable than the youthful couples. (Obviously.) Since the code was cracked, Yu Xiang decided to encourage them on, not giving up on his plans just yet.

A surprise twist though, because after the meeting, Bi Ting actually approached Yu Xiang to ask about Jun Jie. Usually, he was the one initiating the conversation or the teasing, etc. Anyway, she wanted to ask him about Jun Jie because she wanted to return something to Jun Jie. Yu Xiang said he wanted to take a look. Great or what? Bi Ting was definitely digging a hole for herself this time, conjuring up his curiosity. But he sort of backed down, not totally though. He told her she could come along but will have to pay for the transportation fees. Nice?

So at Sam Brunch, Jun Jie was praising Tian Cheng’s latest dish as Sam was cleaning up at the counter. Yu Xiang soon walked in with Bi Ting in toll. Tian Cheng immediately assumed that Bi Ting was Yu Xiang’s girlfriend since they were together after all. Yet Jun Jie dispelled that. Tian Cheng didn’t get the answer yet though since Yu Xiang rattled out his order before he (Tian Cheng) could get ‘nosy’. But it was Yu Xiang’s time to get nosy since he was really anxious about the ‘item’ that Bi Ting was going to return to Jun Jie. It was indeed the watch that Jun Jie gave her previously that she wanted to return, knowing it was too much. Jun Jie kept insisting as it were, that dragged out until who else but Shu Xin walked by and saw them. (Was she there earlier but the others just didn’t know? Since she walked out from somewhere, not from the front door in.) Another round of awkwardness traveled around them as Bi Ting looked toward Yu Xiang for help. (Or was that it with the look she sent him?) Though Shu Xin was asking Yu Xiang about his new job yet she was definitely glaring at Bi Ting to see what the other party was up to, even testing Bi Ting by hooking her hands through Jun Jie’s. Yu Xiang finally reacted and replied to Shu Xin’s question, even standing up. As if trying to reduce the hectic feeling of the atmosphere, Jun Jie quickly excused himself to go help Tian Cheng. (Like Tian Cheng needed help.) His brief departure set the stage for Yu Xiang’s exit. Because Jun Jie couldn’t come to the rescue, Yu Xiang had to once again do it, rattling out to Shu Xin that he was on a date with Bi Ting but just wanted to stop by. Upon their exit, Jun Jie came back and asked them why they were leaving. Why else? (Hello, you didn’t help the matter except run away.) Too bad we didn’t get to see another round of Yu Xiang wrapping his arms around Bi Ting and hauling her away. He was actually keeping his distance already, considering how he finally acknowledged that Bi Ting could be with Jun Jie. (The reason why I say ‘could be’ because everything at this point is so ambiguous with Jun Jie’s moves. Though we definitely know who he likes at this point, he’s still stalling about the other situation.)

Soon Tian Cheng was coming back, realizing that Yu Xiang left and–without paying, he couldn’t be more upset. It was also around then that Yang Bo Wen entered stage left to lecture Tian Cheng with his always talking about money. That wasn’t the most upsetting thing to Tian Cheng (being lectured that was), but the most upsetting thing had shifted to his ex-wife dressing in a sexy dress and addressing some of the customers. Honestly, Yi Ru was definitely out to get back at him. It served him right for wanting to hire some sexy girls to work for the cafe. She was out to prove a point. What to do now? Of course, he had to drag her out of there and confront her. He had no choice but to get his over-sized coat from back and wrapped it over her, dragging her out of the restaurant altogether. Honestly? Funny that he could act like that since what about all those times that she had to endure his hitting on girls?

Back on the Yu Xiang and Bi Ting front, which was honestly much needed at the moment since they hadn’t spent much time together lately. (Well, they were always together at work but not talking on a personal level as much, even if just teasing.) And I honestly am learning to appreciate Yu Xiang at this point. Though he was so, so arrogant and seemed to look down on the world at first. Yet in a way, it was good that each time he spoke, he meant it. Then there was the whole thing with, he was able to do things at times that people thought they couldn’t. What was so hard, right? Even now, he could allow himself to be a ‘silent’ ear if Bi Ting had anything to say. Perhaps, he was finally treating Bi Ting like a friend, because, in other circumstances, he wouldn’t allow others to waste his time, especially remembering the time when she forced him to be her driver to catch up to her mother. He didn’t tolerate it, even if he knew what was going on. This time? He went further by assuring her that there was nothing going on between Jun Jie and Shu Xin. Yet Yu Xiang kept it quite real. Though he tried to assure Bi Ting, he also told her that this matter was all up to her, only she could know. He even advised her to have a real discussion with Jun Jie. And once again, I really love Bi Ting for it, not too naive in thinking it would work out. Because she told Yu Xiang she had a talk with Jun Jie already, but it seemed like there was no use. The first time Yu Xiang cheered her up with encouraging her on–if she indeed intended to go forward knowing that this road would be quite tiresome. Possibly the second time though since the first time she played along with his persistence of stating that she ‘secretly admired’ him.  (OMG, am I dreaming? He even disputed the transportation fees since he said her moods weren’t too good. Definitely treating her like a friend now.) After all the serious talk and then the little jokes, Yu Xiang still insisted on taking a glimpse of the gift that Bi Ting received from Jun Jie. She denied, of course.

Another turn around was how he wanted to ask Bi Ting of her opinion regarding his newest plan. Yes, the one they had discussed with the others at the company. Why a turn? Because he finally talked about work outside of work with her, meaning he really valued her opinion as a friend and trusted her professionalism, instead of just rattling out orders at work for them to follow. Indeed, Bi Ting was now discussing with him in a serious manner, stating that his idea wasn’t bad but the approach just wasn’t right yet. It was indeed too new of an idea. Or more like if one thought of that situation right on their wedding event, would it bring bad luck? It was more like a frame of mind people often associated with and was used to. But Yu Xiang just had to ruin the moment with his smart mouth again. It wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t have those random banters though, right?

As cliched as it got (and I honestly don’t mind this time), it rained. But unlike those cliched moments where the guy shielded the girl from rain and ended up getting wet, Bi Ting chided Yu Xiang to hurry and get out of there before it poured even harder. So they ran out of there together. Brief but cute that he was listening to her. (Well, if he didn’t, he would end up getting wet and sick.) As familiar as it got with the plot formula, the scene once again repeated itself with her fast asleep while he was driving her home. Like last time, he wanted to call her but stopped short because he realized she was sleeping. Unlike last time, right? (Because he roused her up and was too glad to get rid of her, even if he was smiling but had cunningly slipped the fees slip into her hands.) Yu Xiang waited and even stared at her as she slept. (I was so glad of this familiar scene this time around because it showed all the differences.) Then the phone rang yet it was different from Yu Xiang because they didn’t get interrupt of this scene together. Yu Xiang reached into her handbag to retrieve the phone, turning it off after checking who it was from. He didn’t mean to cut the connection, because his intention this time was to not disturb Bi Ting’s slumber. It wasn’t like he would erase the call history. (Love the song playing in the background at this point, so suitable for the scene. It’s Hu Xia’s Step Forward.) OMG, I so love the scriptwriters! Showing major progress in the Yu Xiang and Bi Ting moments. (That I forgave all his past misdeeds toward her.) He actually draped his jacket over her, trying to not wake her up in the process. (Again, another cliched formula, but it was unimaginable that he would do it for her, considering their past grudges and all. Definitely a leap in their relationship, even if it might just be Yu Xiang’s one-sided caring at this point.)

Though Jun Jie was trying desperately to reach Bi Ting on the phone at the moment and got interfered by Yu Xiang’s action, I don’t feel sorry for Jun Jie at all. It was his fault not to play the hero and kept dodging to the point that Yu Xiang kept having to patch up things and had to drag Bi Ting out of awkward moments. Jun Jie finally sent Bi Ting a text instead of kept calling, thinking Bi Ting didn’t pick up on purpose. The sound of that text message also awakened Bi Ting. (So Yu Xiang didn’t turn the phone off, only cut the call off so it wouldn’t disturb Bi Ting’s slumber.) It was so cute that Yu Xiang pretended to look straight ahead and was fidgeting–like he wasn’t staring. (No sirree, lol.) And he recovered as fast with his snappy response when she asked why he didn’t wake her up. (His answer was she slept like a pig so he wasn’t able to rouse her up. LOL!) He was still playing the ‘mean’ front yet it was just too funny at this moment. (I can’t take him seriously anymore, not after how he stared at Bi Ting like that.) Yet he soon encouraged her on regarding their job the next day. And that was definitely a wrap for their memorable night together since he actually watched until she entered her place before he would leave. Both because he was staring and wanted to make sure she was safe.

Several days later, Jun Jie was seen at a restaurant, still trying to save his relationship (or whatever it was at this point) with Bi Ting. Her tossing the phone on the sofa that night after Yu Xiang dropped her off had indicated that she was definitely mad and it seemed like she hadn’t returned his messages. Meanwhile, at the company, Xiao Q was bringing their lunch (the typical instant noodles again) and Bi Ting was getting ready to eat when she received the message from Jun Jie. Same reaction as last time, but since it was the desk, she didn’t toss the phone so hard like last time. Xiao Q quickly asked what was wrong yet Bi Ting brushed her off again. Her moods were indeed quite terrible at the moment. Seeing it was hopeless to talk to Bi Ting, Xiao Q chose to exit stage left. That was also about the time the camera changed its angle and exposed Yu Xiang’s spying. So he had been checking up on her. (Not in a work sense where it was appropriate that he was keeping his employees in line. He had the worried look on his face so it was more along the line of personal matters at the moment.) The silent war continued with Jun Jie’s constant messaging to Bi Ting as Yu Xiang watched nearby–without Bi Ting noticing it, feeling helpless of the stalemate. Indeed, Yu Xiang seemed to have forgotten about his ‘beauty’ since he was supposed to be seeking her out during free time, especially recently to celebrate over his recent success. Yet he chose to stay by Bi Ting’s side and silently look after her? (Even if he knew Shu Xin liked his brother in the past, he hadn’t hinted at giving up, but now? He seemed to unknowingly protect Bi Ting without realizing it.)

As the days passed by, it seemed that Yu Xiang’s true ‘secret admirer’ was nowhere to be seen. He was seen with Bi Ting more. On one of those occasions, Yu Xiang finally had the chance to ‘rescue Bi Ting’ out of yet another awkward moment. It was business this time, not personal but still. As it were, Bi Ting was so careless that she had forgotten their latest customer had already called to reschedule but it totally slipped her mind. Just when she didn’t know how to get off the stage, Yu Xiang stepped in to interfere and used his charm to dispel the whole awkward situation. Bi Ting, stunned, finally realized the change in Yu Xiang. No, he hadn’t changed with using his charms to get his way (since he just used it right in front of her), but he didn’t scold her like in the past (if she were to make a mistake). As they left though, he stated he could start scolding her if she wished, lol. And he told her to forget it since she was ‘Dao Mei Nv” (倒楣女) after all. Even that didn’t cheer her up, not quite yet. So he had to exude his arrogance and give out ‘love advice’ once again.

Bi Ting’s love adviser’s effort wasn’t in vain at all since he managed to convince her to go see Jun Jie. At least get the talk out of the way instead of torturing everyone involved with the silent war, right? (Well, it was more like Yu Xiang couldn’t bear to watch any longer hence finally interfering with his own analysis, using a business meeting as an example.) Though this silent war wasn’t all in vain because their time apart made Jun Jie realized the little things that he often missed about their interactions in the past. This seemed like a hallmark moment because their relationship wasn’t so loose anymore. The person who walked in to witness their blissful scene wasn’t Shu Xin this time, but Yu Xiang. And contrary to his usual style, he didn’t interrupt them like the previous times to tease, but signaled for Jun Jie not to speak up. Leaving the place, his smile had turned off. It seemed like he was happy for them yet wasn’t so happy. (It was hard to blame, how could he be truly happy?)

Don’t worry about Yu Xiang being sad for long, because his ‘secret admirer’ spotted him out riding his bike and engaged in a conversation. To which, he bragged on and on about himself again. At least he was still able to joke. Cute moment between the two of them though, and how the lady boss was trying to get him to buy flowers for her yet failed.

Before Jun Jie could enjoy his happiness too much, he was confronted by Shu Xin again. Yes, more good news coming in so a typical meal or some trip wasn’t what she wanted. She was still waiting for his answer yet he was still pretending to be dumb. Seriously? He was once again rescued by the phone ringing, business matter–for real this time. He was given an opportunity to once again dodge her question. But to get back to business, Jun Jie’s obstacle this time was trying to get past the whole feng shui matters again with their clients.

Back at the Yu Xiang and Bi Ting front, business meeting again. How have they been doing recently? Any improvements? Still no changes from last time, still only one willing to go for the new package. Even after Shen Xin Ru spoke up regarding the situation, Yu Xiang was still stubborn about his new plan. Zhou Si Yi made a lot of sense with her analysis too. But hey, it was Yu Xiang, he didn’t want to see failure. He had to succeed, somehow. (Or die trying.) Bi Ting was indeed very brave to speak up after Yu Xiang had made his point clear. But I agree with Bi Ting, why doesn’t he go face the customers with them? He would understand the situation more. Look at Zhou Si Yi’s expression, she was indeed rooting for Bi Ting (silently). OMG, he actually agreed to go with them? Everyone was surprised, even Bi Ting herself. Since he did look quite fiercely at her. Ooooh, there was definitely a catch to the whole deal. No wonder. He couldn’t be that easily affected by Bi Ting, right? He accepted the challenge yet on his own terms. Freaky indeed. (The terms: They separated into two teams to compete against one another. It didn’t matter who the losing team was, one person from the losing side will be fired. Teams: Yu Xiang, Bi Ting, Yang Min Ling vs. Shen Xin Ru, Zhou Si Yi, and Xiao Q.) Everyone would be blaming Bi Ting now after Yu Xiang exit the scene? Well, not everyone, but more like Shen Xin Ru. At least Zhou Si Yi didn’t attack Bi Ting, even taking on the role of peacemaker and reminding them that they were all on the same boat and everyone should do their best from now on.

So the battle began with Bi Ting and Yang Min Ling doing the opening act while Yu Xiang covered the ‘special’ performance to convince their customer. Seriously? What in the world was he doing dressed like that? Their customer was so excited to get a certain special package yet they have no idea it was that weird. (Should’ve gone to another wedding planning place.) OMG, if anyone thought it was bad already with the girls introducing the package after wedding details were already discussed, Yu Xiang’s current approach was ten times worse. His choice of ‘words’ made them want to kill him even more than anything. Not to mention, he ruined the whole moment for the couple, causing one big misunderstanding. The situation was spreading and turning into a bigger issue than they initially thought with being able to find at least one customer who would accept the ‘special’ package. This time, it was up to Bi Ting to patch up the situation. It was her turn to save the day versus her absent-mindedness that had caused some past complications and Yu Xiang had to patch it up. Though he wouldn’t admit it out loud, he was proud of her.

That was funny how Bi Ting told Yu Xiang he shouldn’t ‘help’ them in the future anymore. Yet she stopped herself and excused herself to go take care of matters. The way she was somewhat ‘chiding’ him earlier made me feel like they were a pair of husband and wife managing the place and she chided him like a typical wife, telling him not to ‘ruin’ business anymore. Their roles reversed again when he used his ‘boss’ status to summon her back. He indeed gave her a good scare, because he was just calling her back to praise her performance for this particular case. It was hard for her not to be shocked. It was super rare that he would cover for her, now even admitting upfront of her performance.

On the Yu Jie front, Long Tian Xing promised her that he will never act fierce in front of her anymore. It wasn’t because he had a change of heart, just slightly. But it was more like how she had already curved her attitude so he would help her with her acting but won’t be so fierce. (It was indeed the directors who wanted to teach her a lesson, not really wanting to harm her but just want to get their point across with respecting others, especially those who worked closely with her whether in front or behind the scenes.)

That night, Jun Jie came home to see Yu Xiang hard at work. It seemed strange he wasn’t bragging anymore. After learning of a certain ‘lost’, Jun Jie immediately asked about Bi Ting’s well-being, thinking Yu Xiang was up to something again. Yet they steered the conversation toward the real situation, which was how Jun Jie kept thinking about not wanting to hurt either side. Yu Xiang stated that Jun Jie shouldn’t keep that mindset with not wanting to hurt both sides yet ended up doing just so. And he finally admit that though Bi Ting was an unlucky girl, she was still a good girl, so Jun Jie shouldn’t hurt her. (Wow, major speaking up for Bi Ting indeed.)

The next day at work, Jun Jie seemed like he really want to talk to Shu Xin to sort out matters once and for all. Yet he was still hesitant. In a way, he was right with Shu Xin having high self-pride so it was just so hard to break it to her or turn her down. Yet it was still no excuse to string her along for so long. She already made it clear that she wanted him. It was his turn to deliver an answer. Just when he finally mustered up the courage to tell her and struggled to deliver the message, the phone rang once again to interrupt. Jun Jie was indeed holding the record for ‘keep getting interrupted because someone called in’. Bad news so whatever it was that Jun Jie wanted to say will have to wait. Or will have to die with time since no one had the heart to discuss those matters in such hectic time. (And I so am sticking with my answer that that Bi Shu dude had something to do with it, considering how he would know more than anyone that eventually those clients will seek out a feng shui expert to consult.)

Back on the Yu Xiang and Bi Ting front, they were still suffering badly because they only have one out of luck; and the other side have thirteen (lucky thirteen this time). Honestly, Bi Ting was getting braver by the moment. Desperate times indeed conjured up desperate behaviors. Yu Xiang, though still confidence, was somewhat affected by their situation. He wasn’t worried about firing himself, but more like he had a point to prove. He didn’t want to fail. Thanks to Yang Min Ling, Yu Xiang finally have a new idea. What now?

On the other hand, Jun Jie finally arrived at his father’s company and managed to get into Bi Shu’s office to have some sort of conversation. YUP, the guy was definitely acting out his pitiful look. (It was already obvious from the phone conversation he was in on it.) OMG, he didn’t? No wait, he did. I knew he was up to something, but didn’t realize he was steering everything in that direction. He was trying to create a big rip between Jun Jie and his father. By just suggesting that what the feng shui expert said and what his father said to him earlier were indeed the same words, it made Jun Jie connect the dots to this whole scheme having to do with his father.

Back to Yu Xiang, Bi Ting, and Min Ling’s meeting, it was indeed getting even more interesting. Yu Xiang found a gap and could improvise his plan a little, making it more flexible and less dead trap with the whole package. Even Bi Ting agreed that it was a good plan. Min Ling was worried if their boss would agree with the new plan.

And bouncing back to the whole Jun Jie situation again. He was definitely falling into Bi Shu’s trap. The other guy was so pretending to decipher the codes and steering everything into Mr. Lai’s direction. Jun Jie fell into the trap just like that. It was hard to blame him because he indeed heard his father say all those stuffs about feng shui earlier. But the old man was just stating the real-life situation and the possibilities of clients relying on feng shui to buy houses. It just so happened that this Bi Shu dude took advantage of the situation to drive the rip even further for both parties. (The parents’ plan of making them cave in was seriously backfiring on them with some parties taking advantage of the situation to strike. It was too good of an opportunity not to.) OMG, this guy was going even further, playing the card with how the father didn’t go all out with Yu Xiang. (Really? Well, Jun Jie wouldn’t know since he wasn’t there when Yu Xiang got kicked out of one company after another. Even if Yu Xiang had deserved it with his arrogant speeches those times, but those were really hard blows on his ego.) So that Bi Shu dude was playing the card with the whole Jun Jie being the adopted son to drive the madness along, wanting to create a rip between him and Yu Xiang as well. (Honestly, if Yu Xiang had money from his father, would he had gone over to work for Mr. Gao? Really? Jun Jie wouldn’t know but it was so frustrating watching this guy manipulating the whole situation. ) And the guy succeeded in persuading Jun Jie to side with him, great? He was a master of manipulation at this point. Yet all these go to show that the Lai family have major communication problems hence outsiders able to manipulate the situation and say whatever they want. It didn’t matter if Jun Jie was one of their own or not, the old man was practically going the lightest on Jun Jie. Yu Xiang got the brunt of the ‘throwing out of places’ so it wasn’t like he was being biased. Even if he didn’t treat Jun Jie like a son, there was still his wife who loved Jun Jie dearly and wouldn’t let her husband harm Jun Jie.

As Jun Jie returned to the company, Shu Xin was pacing. After the recounts of what was supposedly going on, Shu Xin offered to go seek out her father for help. At this point, it was harder and harder for Jun Jie to let go. He did try to stop her from getting her father to interfere. But it was too late, she insisted. There was no way he could get away from Shu Xin at this point. He couldn’t lose against his father.

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