True Love 365: Episode 13

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

The team of three–Yu Xiang, Bi Ting, and Min Ling–finally found the light at the other end of the tunnel because they were celebrating after a client left their place. Yu Xiang was so excited that he wanted to go out and celebrate. It was worth it since they’d been working hard and tried to improvise their plans. For once, Yu Xiang wasn’t all talks, really researching it out. And the girls, no need to say it, they were hardworking from the start. It was up to Yu Xiang to understand the situation. Just when Yu Xiang was at his highest peak, Bi Ting had to spoil it by turning his invitation down. She did tell them to have fun with their celebration. Min Ling was more than glad to go out with her boss. But Yu Xiang seemed oblivious to her reaction at that point, pondering what was really going on. He even requested that Min Ling removed her hands from his when she hooked it into his, claiming that it was just a ‘date’ with the two of them.

The answer to Yu Xiang’s question with what was the big deal with not going with them to celebrate since he was sure his brother had been busy lately (obviously from the latest trap that despicable Bi Shu rolled out) was because she wanted to celebrate her birthday with Jun Jie, if only just a simple dinner together. Their dinner date was sabotaged by Shu Xin again. Whether she heard who was on the other side or realized it or not, but the situation at hand for Jun Jie was to do anything to savor his career at the moment. And yes, Shu Xin did hear Jun Jie making the date with Bi Ting hence saying that her father was only available for that day and won’t be back until next month. She listened in outside when she was supposedly ‘making the call’ to her father and Jun Jie was calling Bi Ting back to delay their meeting. Jun Jie had no choice but to lie when Bi Ting asked him if Shu Xin would be present, he told her it was a business meeting and that Xue Ming would be with him while Shu Xin was having dinner with her father. Well, he wasn’t really lying, right? It was really about business (his career was on the line) and Xue Ming’s last name was also Wu, so it was on a slight manipulation of the situation. No one gets hurt, right? (YEAH RIGHT…yup, I’m definitely mocking. I totally get the sticky situation he’s in right now. But he’s on his own for planning to use Shu Xin’s connections to advance his career in the first place, even before that Bi Shu dude sprung the trap.)

Jun Jie’s delay brought forth some new opportunities for Yu Xiang since their little celebration was back on again. OMG, he had to use his ‘boss’ power to get her to come along? (No surprise since it’s Yu Xiang. Yet he really has it bad for Bi Ting now.) But on a serious note though, was Yu Xiang using this ‘success’ celebration excuse for Bi Ting’s birthday? Because he knew she wouldn’t want to spend it alone. And he did something else that made it feel like he was playing ‘Cupid’ because he wanted Jun Jie to go to Sam Brunch for a meeting because their parents were launching a new tactic. (I’m guessing at this point it was an excuse to get Jun Jie there to celebrate with Bi Ting.)

That night at Sam Brunch, Min Ling and Bi Ting seemed to get along really, really well while Yu Xiang seemed to be on the out–though he was sitting between them. It seemed that he had become invisible while they shared their past memories of Yu Xiang and his misdeeds. Yet the typical Yu Xiang managed to steer the situation around completely, causing Bi Ting needing to rush and explain to Min Ling that she wasn’t in love with Yu Xiang (whether in the past or now) and that Min Ling could go ahead and pursue Yu Xiang, even cheering Min Ling on. Yu Xiang once again was becoming invisible (or ‘dead person’ as he put it). So he was forced to grab onto Bi Ting’s ear to teach her a lesson for upstaging him. Surprisingly, Bi Ting didn’t let that one go and even returned the favor by pulling on Yu Xiang’s ear, possibly harder than he pulled hers–as Min Ling witnessed it with a smile on her face, enjoying their little fight. Yu Xiang was seriously in for good because he was forced to apologize to her while taking in all the pain. (He was really falling for Bi Ting because past records showed that he wouldn’t let her do that. All those cruel times he caused her to walk home bare feet and all, and the petty bicker after some mishaps he encountered.) Indeed the group of three were hanging out like friends now, not having barriers of being employees or just trying to get along.

Their ear tugging moment was interrupted by Min Ling because she had noticed someone stepping out of a Taxi hence informing Yu Xiang and Bi Ting of it. Indeed, it was Jun Jie showing up for the meeting, but stepping out of the Taxi was also a very drunk Shu Xin trying to drag him back. (We all know her past record of being drunk, right? So it was just another scheme, but I don’t feel sorry for Jun Jie at this point, he’d gone way past that. He’d triggered Shu Xin’s actions like how he’d strung her along all these times.) So as it were, Jun Jie got on the phone immediately after sending Shu Xin away with a passionate kiss, Bi Ting was already by the door inside Sam Brunch witnessing the scene. (In actuality it was Shu Xin grabbing him and kissing him–though he had agreed to give her a goodbye kiss. But from where Bi Ting was standing, it looked different.)

In retrospect, it seemed like Yu Xiang had set Jun Jie up for failure when he told Jun Jie to show up here. (If anyone was going there.) But Yu Xiang had specified (using an excuse with their family matter) that Jun Jie shouldn’t bring anyone along. So Yu Xiang was actually trying to play ‘Cupid’ yet failed majorly this time. Even if Yu Xiang didn’t interfere, Jun Jie still wanted to make it in time for Bi Ting’s birthday celebration so he would eventually end up in this obstacle anyway because Shu Xin insisted on coming with him regardless?

Back to the situation at hand, Jun Jie–of course–rushed over to the corner where Bi Ting was standing and attempted to explain. Yet his chance didn’t come, he got a slap instead. She wasn’t mad at him for going with Shu Xin, but she was upset that he’d lied to her earlier. As the slap went through, Yu Xiang and Min Ling could only stare in bewilderment by the counter. Yet by the time the atmosphere intensified, Yu Xiang was already up and by the door, ready to jump in. But he didn’t. He was still standing there numbed, watching Bi Ting fighting to get away from Jun Jie on her own. But Yu Xiang soon unfroze from his place after Bi Ting ran out, telling Jun Jie to go home since Bi Ting was too upset at the moment to talk. As Yu Xiang volunteered to run after Bi Ting, Min Ling walked up to ask who was going to cover the bill if the other two were already gone. Jun Jie quickly snatched up the bill, relieving Min Ling of the burden. (And I silently ponder if Min Ling did it on purpose to sabotage Jun Jie since she did witness the same scene as them, seeing how Shu Xin and Jun Jie were kissing and wanting to get back at Jun Jie for Bi Ting. Because honestly, it was too strange that she couldn’t cover their bill.)

Outside, Yu Xiang finally caught up to Bi Ting as she got into a Taxi. He acted like nothing was going on and even insisted on going with her. (Though he had said they were going the same way.) As they arrived, she got out first and rushed to the convenient store nearby to stock up on some beer. What I clap the writers at this time was how he interfered immediately and snatched the beer away from her, putting it all back. He tossed the basket loosely back into its place and grabbed her hand to go. Instead of allowing her to soak in beer, he took her to the bridge across the street to cool down. (I know those things happen with people getting really drunk when they’re upset or sad or whatever, but I hate the repeated formula in almost every drama with insisting on using alcohol to solve everything. I like it that it gave Yu Xiang enough sense to stop her, providing another alternative for her to vent instead of the typical getting drunk with her–like some dramas would insist on using. Even if nothing happened between them during the ‘drunk stage’, they would somehow end up appreciating each other for the ‘companionship’ previously. But this one veered from that route and I give them major bravo on that.)

On the bridge, Bi Ting finally broke down and cried. Yu Xiang, instead of comforting her with the usual words others would do, ended up wishing her ‘happy birthday’ instead. She was surprised that he knew it was her birthday. He said if not, why would he insisted on going to the celebration dinner tonight. Yet he backpaddled into saying that it was convenient that she was really improving at work hence the double celebration. It was hard to blame Bi Ting for being so touched since even her mother had forgotten yet he remembered. (And in case anyone wondered why he knew, aside from possibly eavesdropping in on the phone conversation, but it wasn’t so in this case because he had expressed the idea of wanting to go celebrate earlier than that. The real reason how he found out was simple, he was the boss, after all, pulling her file was a piece of cake.) Seeing that Bi Ting couldn’t stop crying, he finally patted her on the shoulder and even pulled her a little closer in a more comforting manner. It wasn’t so off course or so uncalled for, because it was just a normal comforting pat, not just taking advantage of the situation.

Meanwhile, at Sam Brunch, Jun Jie was drinking away his sorrows as Yu Jie and Long Tian Xing walked in. (Okay, I don’t mind that he was drinking or whatever because it soon explained from Yu Jie’s words that he wouldn’t go that route yet it tried to display the serious situation he was in, instead of just projecting how he was just randomly drinking like any guy out there. NOT saying like Bi Ting was the drinking type when I didn’t like where it was going earlier and glad it stopped, but it was more like I didn’t want it to go the typical drunk route with Yu Xiang and Bi Ting.) Not getting much out of Jun Jie since he was already drunk off his rocker anyway, Yu Jie turned to Sam for an explanation. The conversation soon turned into Yu Jie and Long Tian Xing.

Back to the Yu Xiang and Bi Ting front, she finally calmed down, obviously. He took her to that one flower shop that he went by on his bike days before (and had run into Min Ling). She was asking the reason for taking her there and he replied that he wanted to give her a birthday present. Though trying to be nice, he couldn’t quit being a smart-mouth anyway. Of course, he would try to make light of the situation, not wanting her to get any ideas. (In a way, he was saying how he wouldn’t take advantage of the situation to jump in just like that. It was clear that he tried to dodge out of it when she was so touched with him remembering her birthday but he had said it was convenient to celebrate both success and birthday at the same time.) Yet was Bi Ting getting ideas already? Because after the lady boss of the flower shop suggested that they should find a park to plant the small tree down and come back to look at it each year, her smile was so sweet after he said ‘happy birthday’ again. (Or I’m just jumping to conclusions. She could just be touched that he remembered her birthday and there was someone who was supporting her at the moment, trying to cheer her up, especially the mean Lai Yu Xiang who only knew how to make her life even more miserable in the past.)

Chairman Lai and his wife were finally back from vacation. Just in time to receive some bad news too. Of course it was the manipulative version since that Bi Jing Ye dude was hiding the story from both sides and trying to sabotage them more and more, driving the rip. But he couldn’t be blamed for all of it because it was their fault for playing this game in the first place hence letting outsiders having a chance to manipulate them one by one.

While Chairman Lai had some ‘business’ to take care of, Yang Bo Wen also had some ‘business’ to deal with on his side. At his studio, Yi Ru finally came to visit for the first time. Though it was because she wanted to make sure it went all right with her friend–and that Bo Wen wasn’t up to something. Yet it was one of those few rare times that Uncle Bo Wen had relevant things to say. He was right that Yi Ru still had feelings for Tian Cheng yet it wasn’t her fault that he didn’t know to treasure her when she was around.

As expected, Yu Xiang and Bi Ting carried out their plan of planting the birthday gift that Yu Xiang gave her the previous night at a park nearby. It was indeed a very good day for such an activity. Somehow, their hands came into contact when they were trying to place the dirt around the little tree. Hey, they held hands numerous times in the past already yet wasn’t feeling awkward. But now? Bi Ting withdrew her hand first but still, that was sort of funny. Perhaps because they weren’t really thinking in the past when he teased her or grabbed onto her hand just to get her out of a sticky situation or whatever?

As interesting as it got, Jun Jie was somehow in the area and spotted the two sitting together after planting the tree down, just resting. He was definitely suspicious of the two. Yet what did he have to say for himself? Anyway, it was so cute that Bi Ting was able to tease Yu Xiang now and he was the one being nervous, lol. The table got turned. Okay, it finally got to the part where Yu Xiang got confronted with how he knew about her birthday. Yup, he got it through the files. Oh geez, their ongoing questions, lol. He answered her question with a question? Nice. But that was cute, cornering her like that, forcing her to come up with some answer to wing it through. She told him not to call her “Dao Mei Nv” (倒楣女) anymore since they haven’t encountered such bad luck recently when with one another. He had a great comeback though, lol. He was chiding her for being so fierce to him yet so gentle to Jun Jie? LOL! He was so dead with her. Honestly, a new start to their friendship and he dared to tease her? He went further by asking about her situation with Jun Jie, but she told him off. Ironically though, she soon confided in him of the situation (aka Jun Jie still hadn’t called her so she wasn’t going to call him either). Yu Xiang concluded that they were going to go on their ‘cold war’ again, but Bi Ting clarified that she was going to forget it. After all, like she said, Jun Jie needed someone who could further advance his career, not someone like her. (OMG, not sure what would happen in the future and if anyone could keep their words, but at this point, like Bi Ting even more because she said she wouldn’t want Jun Jie to give up his career for her and wouldn’t want to give up her own self-pride because of Jun Jie. A simple phrase, but I swore other female leads would keep going with naive thoughts and continue until it couldn’t get any worse, but Bi Ting acknowledged these real-life situations head-on.) A good question from Yu Xiang was: “Could you really let go?” She retorted with: “Aren’t you the one living with him? Why aren’t you asking him these questions yet you’re asking me?” (LOL) Of course, Yu Xiang couldn’t admit defeat, he said because he was living with Jun Jie, the more he shouldn’t ask. They diverted the subject of conversation to the weather and ended up enjoying the scene instead.

Yet while Yu Xiang and Bi Ting were enjoying the good weather, Jun Jie was forced to reminisce about a past conversation with Yu Xiang, asking him what he would give the person he liked. What Yu Xiang said at that time: “If it was me, I would give her a gift that would cause her to think of me for the entire lifetime. Birthday Tree (生日樹).” Yu Xiang’s following words were equally memorable with how he not only wanted to be remembered each year when her birthday came around but also to take her wherever she wanted to go–regardless of the distance. (I think I remember this conversation yet at that time, I was so annoyed with his whole finding the ‘perfect woman’ that I didn’t care to take it into heart. Those words indeed rang true and proved that he was really a man of his words, actually carrying out those things he said he would–even if Bi Ting doesn’t know about it presently.) Anyway, that particular conversation proved of Yu Xiang’s current action that he really cared for Bi Ting, and that little trivial matter with seeing Bi Ting with the ‘birthday tree’ had riled up Jun Jie’s state of mind even more.

Back on Chairman Lai’s front, omg, yup, I guessed right again. The whole thing with Yu Xiang getting kicked out of places after places were weaved by the manipulator Bi Jing Ye. He ended up blaming it on ‘misunderstanding’ hence Yu Xiang having no other place to go so he ended up at Gao You Da’s company. And I seriously do not know how they established this empire, because Bi Jing Ye was definitely doing everything here and Chairman Lai still thanked him? Or was it because of his constant trips and how he decided to kick back after all these years of hard work that allowed for Bi Jing Ye to conjure up his own plans?

So while her husband was at the company taking care of matters, Mrs. Lai went to Sam Brunch to visit Xiao Die and gave her some gifts. She attempted to persuade Yi Ru in returning to Tian Cheng’s side yet she was disappointed upon learning Yi Ru was seeing someone else at the moment. She gave them her blessing yet was saddened that she had lost a good daughter in law. Even Xiao Die was getting along quite well with the other dude so it was hard to blame Mrs. Lai for feeling unwilling to part with the other two.

Back to Bi Ting, Min Ling was wondering why Yu Xiang hadn’t accompanied them to see the clients after he went out with Bi Ting to plant that tree at the park. Bi Ting was saying how it was good that he didn’t join them to talk to the clients or he would end up causing trouble again. Yet Min Ling’s investigation into the previous night sent Bi Ting into a round of nervousness and trying to fend off her questions. Luckily, Yu Xiang called Min Ling to come in and help him with some preparations because Chairman Gao was coming over later to check on them. So Bi Ting was saved by Yu Xiang once again. (PHEW!)

Things turned even worse and worse for Jun Jie as he and Shu Xin got scolded by one of their partners. If only they hadn’t launched into the whole situation so eagerly, the current state wouldn’t be as bad. Well, couldn’t really blame Jun Jie since he really trusted Bi Jing Ye. Even his father got conned, so how could he be any wiser? Now that their partner had stormed out on them as well, threatening to sue if she didn’t get her money back, Shu Xin was left to pick up the pieces of Jun Jie’s hopelessness. Her comfort at this moment was what he needed the most, right? Was Jun Jie having a change of heart at last? He finally realized how good Shu Xin was treating him and wanted to reproach her feelings? Or was he trying to hang on to her so she could help him escape out of this situation? Or was he still mad upon witnessing Yu Xiang and Bi Ting spending time together that he wanted to shift gears?

Yu Xiang’s meeting with Chairman Gao wasn’t as successful as he had thought initially. The man was impatient and needed results right away. So telling him three months didn’t work. Like he said, he didn’t even want to wait for a month, how could he wait for three months to see Yu Xiang’s plan come into fruition? And what? He wanted to snatch all the clients from Yu Xiang’s father’s company? Of course, Yu Xiang didn’t agree. It didn’t matter if it was his father or not, it was still a past company he worked for. Using the tactic with driving him insane and turning him against his father won’t work. Okay, if that Bi Jing Ye said it, he would actually believe it, but this guy? He actually knew this guy was really competing with his father, so would he take this man’s words seriously? And what? This guy has proof to convince Yu Xiang? (Now I have a wild theory that this dude’s actually working with Bi Jing Ye and BJY was just staying in the background doing silent stabbing to break the other company apart for the moment before joining with this Gao dude.)

While that was going on, Shu Xin was seeking out her father’s friend, Jerry, to help with the situation she and Jun Jie was in. Indeed, it was hard to stick around regarding business. But the man had promised to do what he could. As Shu Xin was convincing and apologizing to Jerry about how things had progressed to that point, Bi Jing Ye came back for round two to push Jun Jie’s moods further and further down those levels of Hell. He seriously wasn’t stopping anytime soon; and he would be crazy if he was stopping. He was so successful with his plan so how could he stop?

Back at the Lai resident, Chairman Lai was fuming over how his sons were so lacking in the filial piety department, trying to bring his blood pressure to a new peak. For once, his wife was the calm one, reminding him of his health. (And I just have to interrupt and say that Chairman Lai was quite dumb too so he couldn’t scold his sons for falling into other people’s traps. He listened to Bi Jing Ye without even investigating things out for himself, so how could he expect his kids to do otherwise? He had no idea who was the puppeteer behind this whole scheme, so they couldn’t be that bright to suspect anyone so close to them either.) The wife was smart though, she was surprised how Tian Cheng and Yu Jie could fend so well like that, not causing troubles yet the other two were the ones causing them headaches. It was true to some extent, especially how Jun Jie was always knowing how to take care of himself and work hard. And though Yu Xiang was such a brag, only his arrogance needed to be curved, so how could he be so fierce as to go against his father, right? Hopefully, they could decode this whole situation faster. It would be too annoying if they’re so dumb like that. Even if it was someone they trusted so much and couldn’t be blamed for being off-guard but still annoying. I just love Mrs. Lai, she wanted to investigate further into the matter yet her husband kept insisting that Bi Jing Ye already said it so clearly, what was there to investigate. Seriously? So as Chairman Lai stormed away from the scene, claiming he was already full of anger so he didn’t need to eat anymore, Mrs. Lai picked up her phone to make a call. To investigate? Hopefully so.

At their uncle, Yang Bo Wen’s place, Jun Jie came home to see Yu Xiang already home, moping over something. Yet he didn’t ask, he just went on his way–or attempted to. Yu Xiang stopped him. (Wow, let me guess, did that Gao dude get to him aka managed to bring Jun Jie into the matter somehow? Considering how one of the traitors from his father’s company already went over to Gao to ‘help’.) Ooooh, he was upset because Jun Jie didn’t appreciate his ‘help’ to patch things up with Bi Ting, not regarding the other matter. But still, Jun Jie was already upset, probably affected by what that Bi Jing Ye told him earlier about knowing his ‘place’. Before he could go on though, Yang Bo Wen came home, ranting out how it was good they were present hence stopping a possible fight from taking place. Jun Jie ended up leaving first before their uncle could say anything else. Yet Yang Bo Wen was surprised Jun Jie was so rude, just exiting like that, not hearing his news yet. What surprised him, even more, was Yu Xiang’s attempt to make up some excuse such as ‘too tired’ to cover up for Jun Jie. Then he even said ‘welcome home’ before excusing himself. What was going on, right? Yu Xiang clearly stated that what he cared about the most at the moment was to resurrect Jun Jie and Bi Ting’s relationship. (It was strange though because he had so much on his plate at work too, but he only cared about Jun Jie and Bi Ting’s situation when he got home versus Jun Jie taking it out on him. Well, it was hard to blame Jun Jie when he got so much on his plate too. But it wasn’t like Yu Xiang didn’t have to deal with all the crap at work as well.)

As the story shifted gear, we finally got the chance to hear about how Xiao Die felt about Guan Shi Cong. She indeed liked him yet she loved her father more. It was natural that she would prefer her father more. So if Tian Cheng were to hear it, he would so be on Cloud 9, considering how he was competing with the guy earlier, not wanting Xiao Die to accept the other guy’s gifts.

Next day, Bi Ting was seen at the park, watering her tree and talking to it. (Crazy, eh?) The person sneaking up on her was Yu Xiang. He was about to tease her yet couldn’t because she told him something quite sad. Not that sad, but sad comparing to what he would have expected of her answer. Anyway, he was just teasing her of how much she loved that tree. And she said it was the only birthday she got from someone and it was so unique too. They were staring at each other a little. Was he reconsidering even more about her?

There was one good news out of all these turmoils they were going through though. Yu Xiang told Bi Ting that he wouldn’t snatch clients away from his father’s company when she asked him regarding the situation with Gao You Da. Yes, it was just about his principle but Yu Xiang didn’t want to commit a crime by doing those things. Bi Ting looked like she was proud of him. (Let’s see if he could keep past that temptation.) Their conversation was interrupted this time by Min Ling calling in. After he got off the phone, he randomly asked what Bi Ting’s greatest dream was. He exuded his ‘boss’ power to force her into telling him, lol. But he can’t laugh. He swore but had cracked a tad, trying to tease her, lol. So, what was her biggest dream? She wanted to go to Paris (to study). And it wasn’t surprising that he teased her, turning the whole situation into some weird thing.

When they were back at the company, Yu Xiang had to deal with that despicable Chen Guo Long. Though Chen Guo Long had brought out Gao You Da’s words to snuff Yu Xiang into succumbing to the actions of snatching the clients away from his father’s company, Yu Xiang still didn’t back down. Even if Chen Guo Long was using the threat with how Yu Xiang’s seat could become his if Yu Xiang didn’t do what Gao You Da said, Yu Xiang still didn’t care. How long could he stay firm though? This was definitely a test for him here. Though he could run back to his father’s place at any time and his life would be back to normal. Yet his pride was too big.

Instead of worrying over that matter, Yu Xiang ended up reminiscing about what Bi Ting told him earlier of her biggest dream ever. He had called a travel agency to arrange two tickets to Paris. Wow, so he was really going forward with fulfilling her dream for her?