True Love 365: Episode 8

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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The day had ended for them all yet not really, because the brothers once again united at Sam Brunch to chat about the day’s happening. At first, it was just Yu Xiang there, complaining to Sam about how much he missed the old days of just gathering there to chat, but since they moved out it wasn’t so anymore. Not long after, Jun Jie entered and was bombarded with questions regarding the various odors on his attire. like wine and makeup. Despite all the teasing, Yu Xiang still vouched that his brother wouldn’t engage in such improper acts–unless it was just those girls flinging to Jun Jie. Kidding aside, they still have to deal with the upcoming days because they were far from their planned goal of establishing themselves to prove a point to their parents about their capabilities.

A new day arrived and Yu Xiang was seen heading to work again. But today showed some improvements because he seemed to mingle with both Master Ling and his son so comfortably. He was really getting the hang of it and even operated on the same tune as the other two. They would soon become a good team, who knows? The only person still having trouble proving himself was the older brother, Tian Cheng. Yi Ru was still giving him lectures about his behaviors as he was spending time at the park with Xiao Die. If he only knew how much Yi Ru still cared for him, he wouldn’t scold at her for being a busybody.

After being MIA for the last several episodes, Yu Jie appeared once again with her manager still trying to find a suitable role for her. The table finally turned for her as she encountered the most difficult director ever. Will it teach her to have some respect for some of the veteran directors altogether? Or would she still continue on her arrogant path, thinking she was the best but haven’t been discovered yet? Seriously, the actress was good at portraying her character as a terrible actress without the knowledge that she was terrible. Because it really gave me some insight into Yu Jie’s character even more. Yu Jie was seriously taking the whole acting forte on a literal front. It was driving this director insane. As things would have it, Liang Dao (the director her manager just scheduled her for a read) was actually one of her most admired directors. So this was really a slap in the face for her after receiving the criticisms from him.

On the Bi Ting front, it seemed like she wasn’t going to invite anyone of her ‘boyfriends’ to her mother’s wedding after all. It was only her and Xiao Q. Yet Yu Xiang was having quite a time at work while Yu Jie was reflecting on her past picky attitude, wanting her manager to help her and was willing to sweet talk rather than exuding the usual attitude. After a senseless ‘staring’ contest, Master Ling suddenly decided to pour his heart out to Yu Xiang, hinting he was getting old and couldn’t maintain the business any longer. Though all of those ‘heart-wrenching’ moments would have to subside for the coming storm as a group of intimidating men showed up at their place, demanding to speak to Master Ling’s son. Fortunately for them, the whole confrontation was just a false alarm. No one pulled the trigger or caused any more trouble than that was necessary. They have a new skit.

So as Bi Ting was congratulating her mother one more time as the wedding proceeded, Yu Xiang was heading home that night, ready to brag. However, contrary to his previous prediction, his siblings weren’t as excited about his news about the latest encounter and having a new client. After all, it wasn’t just any client. He had no choice but to yell out in a dramatic manner of his current ‘lonely’ status. And just before he was entering the house to brag, Tian Cheng had already done some bragging with Yu Jie about his latest fortune. Tian Cheng had no idea what he just landed himself into when he agreed to that one lady boss’ words. His luck wasn’t turning, far from it. He was just being too positive about having good looks, which could be the influence for his luck.

A long day of making sure the wedding would go as perfect as possible for Bi Ting’s mother, Xiao Q was still full of energy to gripe over the fact that Bi Ting didn’t bring either one of her ‘boyfriends’ to the wedding. Though they both knew it was impossible with Yu Xiang, Xiao Q had no idea why Bi Ting was suddenly discouraged with inviting Jun Jie altogether in the end.

More hilarious scenes unleashed as the new client finally arrived at Master Ling’s place to discuss the fee matters. Yu Xiang just have to arrive at the wrong time and disturb the peace. Yet he soon learned and somehow had bonded with Xiao Bai (the bodyguard). Then Yu Xiang redeemed himself again as he helped in the act of proving to the new client that they were fakes. His fast reactions should be awarded in the near future, right?

On the Tian Cheng front, he was in high spirits as he accompanied his new ‘lady luck’ toward different places and tried to accommodate her requests as much as he could. But he still had no idea what he was stepping slowly into. Just like how Yu Jie’s supposedly ‘turned luck’ as she tried to be as obedient as possible wasn’t working either. (Seriously, if it wasn’t for the money, her manager would have left already. Who would want to sink their future by representing such a stuck up person who wouldn’t care to offend every single person she encountered, thinking she was above everyone like that.) Apparently, Yu Jie still hadn’t learned from her past mistakes; and was still exuding arrogance, not understanding situations or knowing how to cooperate with others.

Tian Cheng finally met with his supposed doom as his new ‘lady luck’ finally strike. He was far from prepared. Yet it was his fault for not listening to Yu Xiang and Yu Jie’s words previously. Have no fear though, he still was able to use a small deception technique to try and get out of the mess. Would he succeed? The answer is NO. But that was the end of the episode as Ai Ai Jie’s bodyguards left. Tian Cheng was already tied up and helpless. So how would he eventually escape? Or would he have to face the consequences since he didn’t listen to others’ warnings?

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