Yuan Shan Shan: Courageous Angel

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I stumbled upon this article weeks ago but didn’t post it until now. It makes me love her even more, even if that’s possible. Yes, I used ‘love’–while there is fuming hatred surrounding her just because she got promoted by the troll. Anyway, basically, the article mentioned how she used all the criticisms and bashing against her for a greater cause. Instead of wallowing in self-pity or lashing out directly at others for harming her just because she was pursuing her dream (like many other celebrities had done in the past), she decided to use it for a charity cause. Whenever someone published an article criticizing her, she would donate a certain amount toward a charity cause. With the number of criticisms and bashing she received, it was more than enough to pay for a little kid’s operation expenses. Impressive? I think that’s real courage and motivation for others. Not only did she turn the situation around, but she had allowed herself to take action to help others.

She was invited to this one event and delivered a speech about cyber-bullying. She had not only encouraged her fellow colleagues on, but also others who had gone through similar situations, telling them to rise up and stay strong, because they would get through it. After her speech was published online, many people had cheered her on–and some anti-fans had also switched sides and supported her. Some might still be in doubt and think that she’s using these situations as publicity stunts by doing charity work (yeah, I saw those comments). But seriously? Many people in the same industry or any type of public figure just continued to play the victim and struck back at those criticisms but would use the media to their advantage when wanting to do promotions. So I’m just impressed with the different approach that Mabel had chosen. She had channeled the negative energy circulating to a positive, meaningful one. I’m not saying that we should give her an award for this or something since others before her had gotten over it, but they had a long interval of whining and crying too. I’m just saying that she deserves some major respect for what she’d done. And she will continue to strive on with that same positive attitude.

Her courage had also got me thinking. I’m going to try and be braver from now on, actually admitting that I like a certain star or another, instead of cowardly hiding because those stars were often attacked–like Mabel–for whatever reasons. It doesn’t mean that I would end up bashing the ones I don’t like either. Well, I will rate according to performances in my reviews–like I always do, but won’t dedicate some posts just to bash them. That would go against what was mentioned in this topic. I’m just saying I won’t hide about liking or sharing about those I like. Because after all, I’m trying to stay positive as much as possible on this blog and share what I like on here. Of course, I’m only vouching regarding the relevancy of this blog and keeping my personal matters out. That’s why I don’t want to mention that bit, but it is really something to consider.

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