Biao Men: A New Adenture

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This is the new project Mr. Huo’s working on. Go here to read up on some background information and the behind the scenes crew. (And this is the official Weibo page for the drama.)

So Mr. Huo finally ventured into the world of the Qing dynasty. That also meant he had to shave his head. Well, it didn’t seem too bad. (For now.)

The lead actress for this drama is Jia Qing. YES, Miss Jia is really popular this year. I remember I started out with seeing her involved in the new Tian Long Ba Bu, then later Dong Jiang Heroes, and eventually the new Royal Tramp. Now this one. Yet I don’t mind. Just feel like she’s really busy this year, that’s all. Initially, it was announced that Zhang Meng (张檬) is going to be the main lead, but she had some scheduling conflicts so they have to change the leading lady.

While some people were throwing around accusation about Jia Qing being heavily promoted by Huace Film & TV,  I think it’s partially due to the fact that Jia Qing was already done (or mostly done) with her scenes for the Royal Tramp hence clearing up her schedule versus how Zhang Meng still have scenes to film for the drama hence the schedule conflict. (There were also some issues with replacing one of the cast too so they probably had to film some earlier scenes as well.)

But back to this one, looking forward to it. Although I had stated numerous times already that I’m not a fan of Qing dynasty dramas but this one leans toward the jianghu route SO I will make an exception. (NOT because of Mr. Huo but I usually lean toward jianghu related series or detective related series anyway.)

What else? Yuen Biao’s going to make a guest star appearance so I’m happy. I haven’t seen him for a long time so hopefully, it’s true.

Last but never least, go here for more info and feel free to join in on the discussions. (They’re a friendly group of people so they won’t bite. Unless you purposely go in there to start some war then don’t expect everyone to just take it.)

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