Borrow Your Love: Episode 1

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Xie Ping An and Xie Xi Le were a pair of good sisters who grew up in an orphanage. But their story actually started the day Ping An and her father spotted Xi Le standing in the rain alone, and had taken Xi Le in. Since that day, Ping An had vouched to look out for Xi Le and even wanted to share her father with Xi Le, trying to cheer her up. However, shortly after, Ping An lost her father due to a car accident. Her mother, for some unknown reason, had left the pair of father and daughter awhile back hence Xie Ping An not knowing of her mother’s whereabouts since she was a little baby. Ping An’s world revolved around her father since young and what she loved the most was hearing her father sing–until he couldn’t sing anymore. After her father’s sudden disappearance, she had no choice but to stay at the orphanage–with the hope of her father coming back one day. Growing up with Xi Le, Ping An had always been the righteous girl looking out for her good sister and not minding getting into a fight or two. That little attitude seemed to follow her up until this point in the story. Would that hurt her even more in the future versus the gentle and calm Xi Le?

On the other hand, Ye Chen and Li Zi Wen were best friends since high school. Not only that, but Zi Wen was also Ye Chen’s sister’s boyfriend. The fact that Ye Chen was willing to serve 8 years in prison for Zi Wen said it all about their friendship. Eight years later, Ye Chen was finally released. Yet the first thing he did wasn’t contacting Zi Wen. The first thing he did was purchasing a fresh bouquet of his sister’s favorite flowers and visited her at her grave. Yes, Ye Chen’s sister, Ye Wei Zhen, had already passed away. As for Zi Wen, he had indeed moved on with his life and was currently working for a very powerful woman, Bai Ming Li. Bai Ming Li was actually the person responsible for Ye Chen and Zi Wen meeting up again after all these years.

As it were, Xie Ping An accidentally ended up being kidnapped along with Bai Ming Li and both were rescued by Ye Chen. After all the turmoils were taken care of, Zi Wen was finally notified to come and pick up his boss and sort out stuff with the authorities. That was when he was reunited with Ye Chen at the scene. However, contrary to his beyond happy state during the meetup, he silently pondered (later at home) why Heaven wasn’t letting him go and letting his past caught up with him. Was that a catalyst for some time in the future’s drama?

Ye Chen was also seen (after he had settled in at a venue Zi Wen took him to) reminiscing about the past and how it was a big regret for him that the last time seeing his sister was during his arrest. And contrary to his somewhat hilarious side during several encounters with Ping An, he was more serious and cool-mannered as he thought of those past events, which made sense.

Going back to Bai Ming Li, she was known as a ruthless person and would do anything to succeed hence earning several nicknames within the industry and also behind her back–at some employees’ fun-poking. Yet how far would she go? It was known at various points of the episode that her brother in law, Ji Shi Cheng, was at odds with her. He was waiting for the day when he could finally take over the family business instead of being told what to do.

Coming into the drama with so many characters coming together and so many mysteries to be resolved, how would all these parties fend?

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