Ci Hun: The Crossover

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Just when I was about to think that this project was like in the ‘non-existence’ realm just based on news coverage and whatnot, I found a video clip someone shared that had to do with the drama. So when the news talked about it briefly, it didn’t seem to be so non-existence anymore. (Click here to view the clip.) According to the clip and some other pictures of that scene, they finally got into the ‘porcelain’ part of the plot. So the guess with this one focusing on the revenge plot from my previous post got dunked. It’s okay. I don’t need to be right, but it was fun guessing. The revenge was part of it though. Because I found additional information later that shed light into the plot a bit more. Not much, but a tad more.

Anyway, in my last post, I mentioned that Jacky was heading to Quanzhou (泉州). He had to film the last scene to complete his part of the story. MAJOR SPOILERS here. OR NOT since I’m guessing again from the photos he posted. But Bai Wen Hao later became a monk.

And if anyone hadn’t noticed from some of the last batches of pictures circulating, Bai Wen Hao actually lost his left hand along the way already so the one with him being the monk should be after that. Not sure how that had turned out with the details, but that had probably ended the whole revenge thing. The whole revenge thing might as well be a misunderstanding thus allowing his sister, Bai Zhi Yan, to stay by He Jing Feng’s side later.

In some of the later posts from the cast, some of them mentioned Xiamen (厦门) and posted some pictures. They were still filming so I guess that they were occupied in Xiamen for some time. In another post, Yang Jing Yu said the team in Hengdian wrapped up already so that meant the rest of the production team were moving elsewhere. Then everything went quiet after some of the posts. I was either guessing they were really keeping it under wraps or were too busy with filming that they didn’t have time to update. But that was it for some time now. It’s okay. Sometimes I enjoy the mystery. Yet I’m also freaked out somewhat that this might just be a short movie after all. It had been mad confusing that people were jumping back and forth between terms with calling it ‘TV series’ and then ‘movie’ like that. SO I’m still hoping it’s a TV series.

Again, if anyone has any helpful information, please share (if you want to). Until the next post, I guess. IF I could find anything else. Might have to wait until this airs though. That’s when promotions come in.

*All images were collected around the net, therefore, belonging to their rightful owners.

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4 thoughts on “Ci Hun: The Crossover

  1. Jacky Zhu aka Zhang You Tian a monk? Lolol! Well, maybe the fortune teller was right and the good fortune associated with his name will lead him into wiser and more reflective territory–onscreen at least!

    1. LOL! How funny! Well, that part of the plot detail probably made sense IF my guess with the misunderstanding was true. Well, he could choose to NOT get over the revenge thing and ended up killing himself. But it seemed like that didn’t happen. And don’t worry, he didn’t have to shave his head. They cheated and used some props to cover up his hair. He still had hair when he was on vacation. Well, his hair had been short lately so easier to cover up.

      1. Well, I guess monks do sometimes wear hats, so it works. I think there was definitely some humour coming across in that scene, though.

      2. I didn’t mean the ‘hat’ as the prop to cover up his hair. They did better than that, they actually used a piece that looked like skin to cover up the hair just to make sure. But yeah, the ‘hat’ probably would work too.

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