This story was created in an attempt to fulfill the second part of the ‘Holidays Fun Activity’ I posted last year (check here and here to refresh your mind regarding the matter). Somehow, it had turned out to be Jacky and Joanne having more scenes than Vic and Cyndi. YET consider it a switch-around since I just feel I would end up making it similar to ‘HIDE & SEEK‘ if I don’t try a different approach for Vic and Cyndi. AND no, it’s not a partial to one couple over another hence lack of appearance, etc. IF I don’t like them, you will not even see me placing them in my story–nevertheless trying to create some activity surrounding them.


Vic Chou/ Zhou Yu Min – 30 years old

Cyndi Wang Xin Ling – 28 years old, Interior Designer

Jacky Chu/ Zhu Fan Gang – 30 years old

Joanne Tseng/ Zeng Zhi Qiao aka Qiao Qiao – 25 years old


Caught in the middle of a conspiracy going haywire, what else could possibly go wrong?