Holidays Fun 2011: The Result

Okay, as promised, I’m announcing the winners now. So who are the winners?

Couple #1 – Vic Chou and Cyndi Wang

Couple #2 – Jacky Chu and Joanne Tseng


Cyndi Wang – 130 Votes (20%)

Joanne Tseng – 104 Votes (16%)

Ady An – 86 Votes (13%)

Angela Chang – 60 Votes (9%)

Vic Chou – 60 Votes (9%)

Jacky Chu – 42 Votes (7%)

Nicholas Teo – 30 Votes (5%)

Wallace Huo – 27 Votes (4%)

Because I said top 2 couples so that was how the winners were decided.

There were no ties whatsoever so the story will be focused on these two couples only. I changed my mind about one thing though, supporting characters will contain some side characters BUT probably will be the ones not on the poll. There will probably be made-up characters too. (Just to spice up the story a bit.) For the one-shot, it would be short though so there won’t be so many characters.

How do you like it? (Shielding from tomatoes!) Yet I have to say it was all your doings, NOT mine. I only set up the activity. I didn’t vote (at all since I created this poll like years back) so it wasn’t my influence. I must say that I resist the urge to crank up the votes for the ones that I wish would win (yeah, the ones I mentioned in the other post). SO all these were all due whoever voted. Thank you for participating!

If it wasn’t clear enough already, I will choose the themes and plots for both stories so you guys can sit back and enjoy. (OR tear your hair out, whichever comes first–if at all.) Since the one-shot is posted on Christmas, it will probably be about that–and possibly lingering toward New Year. Yet I can’t say much about the other one for now. You guys will just have to wait and see. Nice?


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