Be Home For Dinner

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One of the worst sitcoms ever made. Or should I say it is the worst? I had high hopes for this one, partially because I thought the cast would be smarter than to involve themselves in this. But why should I expect more when creativity just couldn’t win in this time and day–and not to mention at TVB. Then the whole thing with everyone making a living and needed the money so they wouldn’t be fussy about it, right? Though I had lowered my standard of the overall the sitcom since it would be long anyway. Something would get lost–one way or another. Yet I couldn’t forgive the creators of this sitcom for putting in so much lame morality. I’ll elaborate later. But what I would like to point the finger toward right now is the story–at least the general story–was so creepily like When Dolphin Met Cat. Though I started watching When Dolphin Met Cat somewhere along the way of waiting for more episodes of this sitcom YET I could see already the creepy likeness of it. I had finished When Dolphin Met Cat like way before I finished this because let’s see 14 episodes (about an hour each episode) was much faster and easier to take than 100 and something. For one thing, When Dolphin Met Cat was made more than six years ago so that ruled out the whole finger-pointing at the drama for copying. I’m NOT implying that this one’s copying since I have no proofs. Yet it’s just so creepy that there were so many details alike. After finishing the other one, I decided to wait on the review so I could add more similarities before posting it. But I will post the other review in the future with a section of similarities for everyone to read also. However, I must say that When Dolphin Met Cat had a better ending though it had many frustrating plot elements as well. Why? It didn’t force the whole ‘family getting along’ like this one tried to so hard.

The Main Cast (sorry, going to use Mandarin pinyin though it’s a Canto production):

  • Elliot Yue as Zhong Guo Zhu (鍾國柱). His intro scene was very cool with how he was setting up the trap with sending in Tian Kai and Ou Gao Rong to test the food at the restaurant before actually emerging himself, exposing the others in the end. Then there was some foundation–though he wasn’t perfect. It was all right with me that he was a bit paranoid and crazy like the rest of his family. He had some sense of arrogance, which was expected of such a famous editor like him having a reputation, or as they called it ‘having an important footprint in jianghu’. (Can’t translate it accurately but basically it represents his importance.) But all that was lost until near the end when Jessie reemerged, making his character dumb as well for falling for such tricks.
  • Helen Ma as Dou Gui Sen (竇桂森). A kind and innocent elder of the Zhong family. She sure qualified for the naive character in here. I think of all the characters in here, I would understand if she falls for Jessie’s tricks BUT the others? Unacceptable. Perhaps because she has this kind nature that was hard to hate.
  • Stephen Au as Zhong Guo Dong (鍾國棟). Mixed feelings. I really liked his character at first until how he kept pushing Bei Er into mending things with her mother and sister. Then how he handled the whole Jessie thing. SO he wasn’t bright in that area YET the others made him dumber AND then when he found out, he still went through with it? Overall, not bad YET the plot ruined his character.
  • Kristal Tin as Carmen Cen Bei Er (岑貝兒). I always thought she was quite bright and reasonable. Not to mention graceful as well. Yet all that was lost near the end. What a shame. I felt really bad for her with being cornered by others and how they were putting the blame on her, making her cave in. YET I sometimes felt it was deserved, especially near the end when she didn’t fight back hard enough.
  • Yvonne Lam as Mary Suen/Sun (孫瑪利). The best character in here. I swear. It has been a long time since Yvonne Lam was given a great role. I liked it that she had been given a variety of roles over the years YET I wonder when she would receive a role worth mentioning again. Her performance had always been wonderful but this one was one of those roles that really made her shine above all characters. I really loved her witty humor and blunt personality. She was not fake at all. The fact that she was making snark remarks regarding Jessie’s wedding was funny and made her the smartest in here. I loved how she didn’t just force herself to go along with the others during that time. Sure, she would support her family when the situation presented itself. Yet that wedding was too much of a joke for her hence her making a joke out of it (which was what it was really). Can’t say enough about her character. Absolutely lovable.
  • Law Lok Lam as Mr. Ko/Kao. Awhile now that I saw him in a role worth mentioning because at times he would appear but just briefly or so. NOT sure if it was because I couldn’t catch the right one where he appeared more than a few episodes. Yet I remember the last one worth mentioning was for The Brink of Law and interestingly, he portrayed Elliot Yue’s brother (who was later killed by Elliot Yue). Great performance as always, so funny with the comedy yet his serious moments were worth mentioning as well.
  • Jason Chan as Sam Zhong Si Han (鍾思翰). Somewhat spoiled at times. Yet he had a good heart overall. He was quite determined and somewhat stubborn like his father. Acting? Can’t say much at this point except he was great eye candy. But then again, it was not like he exaggerated to the point of intolerable since his emotions were seen through his eyes. He needs to take on more challenging role (well, if he’s allowed) to see what else he could do with. Hopefully, we would get to see it.
  • Lily Ho as Qi Qi (琪琪). It was a bit odd to have her introduced so far into the story yet I guess that left something new for the audience to discover. Not too bad with her being so graceful and knowledgeable about various things. I thought Lily had improved with some of her past performances, especially how she had to carry such a role. Not the best but was still convincing enough.
  • Matt Yeung as Tian Kai (田凱). Matt finally made his way up again. Because I could remember the days when he was in The W Files playing a major role. I haven’t really watched him in recent years OR watched enough TVB series to know. Yet this could be an important role again. I had mixed feelings toward him one time or another. Mostly because of the plot that impacted the character. Yet I must admit he was a good friend to most people in here.
  • Katy Kung as Zhong Si Ya (鍾思雅). I don’t know. I wasn’t into her character at first after the whole incident with messing with Sam’s laptop and destroying valuable information. At least almost. Yet later on, her character somewhat grew on me when she finally grew up and was serious about work.
  • Raymond Chiu as Ou Gao Rong (歐高榮). Very clever. He talked less and did more, making him so mysterious yet cool at the same time. So Raymond doesn’t have the look yet he’s very charming and witty in his own way, making his character very convincing. I liked how he was always doing things silently and never took credit for his work. He was not arrogant either and not abusing his power like that one time when the others thought he was Mr. Ko’s son. Probably because of that hence Mr. Ko trusting him to do so much.
  • Oceane Zhu as Susan. I thought she was quite clumsy and somewhat fussy at the beginning. Yet I found her quite lovable later. Though she seemed weak on the outside but was quite strong inside. Like how she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her but kept her head high and continued on, not coming back to him after he begged. Also, she was very considerate of others though she could be so girly at times too. A different role for Oceane comparing to her role in Twilight Investigation yet her performance didn’t disappoint at all.
  • Queenie Chu as Qing Qing (菁菁). At first, I found her character so cool and multi-dimensional but due to the plot that had dragged some of the characters down as well, she sunk along with the others, coming out quite disappointing as well. I rather they brought back more of the Lolita persona to make her expose Jessie and more than have her NOT speak up at all–just like some others. I liked how she was yelling at Li Chun that one time at the restaurant. Why not use it later on too? But then again, the script sucks so it didn’t matter if she wanted to or not, she couldn’t control it. It was too unreasonable that she became quiet and somewhat a doormat again later on. Didn’t make sense. Yet it didn’t mean I disliked Queenie. Still convincing.
  • Celine Ma as Bai Mei Gui/ Rose. Never doubt her in the acting department. She made it quite convincing with her performance throughout. How she was so fierce and somewhat of a hateful person to a more likable one near the end. Though her straightforward personality still stood tall until the end, which made her different from some others, she became more tolerable as in her habits and how she treated others. She had always taken care of people around her yet she had tuned down on some bad habits. I liked how she was the other wise voice in the whole Jessie thing since she hated that too and didn’t even have a hand in it, even encouraging the cancellation of the wedding. It wasn’t like she was evil YET she just hated fake people.
  • Glen Lee as He Jia Ming (何家明). Odd and silly at times yet found his story touching with how he set up that one skit with the others to make his ‘Uncle’ proud.
  • Becky Lee as Cen Hai Er (岑海兒) aka Tang Jing Jing (唐晶晶). Mixed feelings. I didn’t really think much of her at the beginning but soon got used to her. Then the plot ruined it by making her sounding so unreasonable and inconsiderate with pushing Bei Er as well. YET I rather they focused on her bonds with the others at the newspaper place. Because I quite enjoyed her scenes with others at various points, especially the part where she tried to help Jia Ming with the whole meeting his ‘Uncle’.


  • Geoffrey Wong as Brian. It was a shame that he was the scapegoat for some other cause. I quite liked him and wonder if he would get any other serious role in the future aside from these comedic ones. Not that I don’t enjoy it but feel it’s a waste. Is this the price of leaving ATV? Like ATV was doing anything at that time but still. A shame.
  • Steven Ho as Liu Li Chun (劉立春). I really hated him at first for cheating and ruining his future like that. Yet I found him the wisest–among all those that were cheated and hurt by Jessie–later on. Because he was the one who asked the whole question about whether it was worth it to keep it from Guo Dong and all. I knew it wasn’t just some side jealous rant then because honestly, he had gotten over it and he was convincing in that area.
  • Griselda Yeung as Jessie and Rachel. I must say that it was quite convincing with her playing both roles of Jessie and Rachel since I had a feeling they were different characters. And sometimes I even wanted to side with her character, Jessie, more than the main people because they were seriously dumb enough to fall for it OR not even expose her so why not, right?
  • Mannor Chan as Ann. I found her somewhat despicable. I don’t know why she would still have face to ask Bei Er for favors later. OR even talk and chat like normal with Bei Er. So she admitted she spoiled Jessie hence the consequences now. YET she kept doing it and acted like everything was normal later, which was even more unacceptable. But I guess some people are just too forgiving OR WAY TOO NAIVE so she was able to pull it off as well as her daughter in playing the pitiful card.

Favorite Characters?

  • Mary Suen/Sun. I said it in the other section already and I will say it again, the only intelligent person throughout regardless of the obstacle. Very brave, blunt, and witty in many senses. Quite graceful as well. Never cease to surprise me with her jokes. Yet she always meant well. But she was never fake at all.
  • Bai Mei Gui/Rose. Another favorite character because of her straightforward personality and somewhat intelligent and witty nature. I guess for her case, it would be called cunning more than intelligence YET I felt she was a lot smarter than some characters in here so I clap her on. Except for that one time when she was trying to pull Bei Er and her family together too BUT I sort of forgave her for that because the positive just won over the annoyance.
  • Mr. Ko. YES, hilarious at times yet he was quite clever also. Well, if he didn’t let his emotions get in the way. I also found it funny that he and Ou Gao Rong were in it together that one time, not clarifying about their father and son status. Priceless actually. Another funny moment was how he was doing all the chores for the Zhong family and acting like one of their members, LOL!
  • Ou Gao Rong. An intelligent person and quite capable hence the trust and many assignments bestowed on his shoulders. Already said most of the things I want to say so don’t want to be that repetitive.
  • Susan. Need I say more? No. I sort of forgave her participation in the whole wedding because honestly, she just wanted to participate in the fun and didn’t know about the whole conspiracy–unlike some people who had all the pieces of the puzzle but clammed up.

Sadly as it was, I narrowed it down to only these choices. Why? It seemed like the majority had disappointed me immensely with their stupidity at one point or another. NOT that I want them to be perfect. Yet the scriptwriters ruined it by making a lot of things so complicated when it was just plain common sense. NOT to mention how half of them were like drinking some kind of stupid potion throughout or something. Like they were too eager to torture themselves that sometimes I just want to side with the villain just for kicks.


  • Elliot Yue and Helen Ma. Odd couple, considering their characters. Yet I found it touching at various points to learn how they met and fallen in love. Not too mushy yet could be a guide for their children to understand the story behind their past and respect them more as a couple.
  • Kristal Tin and Stephen Au. I was so rooting for them but halfway through, I got turned off. Mostly because the plot had ruined their foundation. Whenever they were together later on, I really liked it, but I can’t stop thinking about the stupid details that went along with that. Too bad.
  • Kristal Tin and Geoffrey Wong. Another collaboration as a couple. I really, really liked them as a pairing since watching No. 8 Bus and TVB had really used that to their advantage each time trying to find some pairing with Kristal. YET too bad he always get the toss aside in here.
  • Law Lok Lam and Yvonne Lam. Man, the hilarious older couple in here. I really loved how their story started and developed in the later parts of the story. Many hilarious twists and turns as well as when the serious issues were addressed to test their relationship. It wasn’t just about love but respect. YET I was super convinced of their odd chemistry, not just because of the plot.
  • Jason Chan and Lily Ho. Was this a resurrection since their collaboration in Pages of Treasures? I must admit it was all right in the other one though I do not remember much anymore. Had mixed feelings with that series so I tend to tune the rest of the stuff out at times. But not bad since it was kind of cute with them and somehow, I liked how their relationship matured over time. Then there was the whole idea of her being all talented and graceful. Call me a sucker for it but yeah, I don’t mind their pairing.
  • Matt Yeung and Katy Kung. I was so glad that they paired up instead of Tian Kai ending up with Jing Jing. I don’t know. It made it somewhat cute that he was with his ‘xiao shi mei’ AND that it was fun watching them bicker and then working together at times.
  • Glen Lee and Becky Lee. Strange pairing but whatever works. I guess they had to gift-wrap everything hence letting them end up together as well. Not to mention how they had a good musical background and would be suitable, etc.
  • Raymond Chiu and Oceane Zhu. They were so cute together. I loved how they were friends at first and then developing into a romance. A typical cute love story. YET I didn’t mind because it fitted with her bubbly, sucker for romance character and his somewhat prince in shining armor one (even if he was just an average guy to some people). I also liked how their characters eventually got married in the end and shared the happiness with the rest of the characters, not just forgotten like that. (Or I would rant even more. NOT kidding here.)
  • Tsui Wing and Celine Ma. So unexpected since I thought Rose would end up alone in the end. YET that was so cute and funny in a sense. I guess her good heart paid off since she was able to marry a person she often dreamt of, having wealth and all. And I swear it was so deserving because she was kind enough to hang out with the kid and helped the kid, etc.

What was disappointing? Heaps actually, but to break it down, here goes:

  • The family conflict with Bei Er, Hei Er, and whatsoever. I don’t know who was right or wrong YET they had implied and stressed and even wanted to shove it in our faces with the importance of family–regardless of the details throughout. I seriously was sickened by the fact that they (the scriptwriters) paved it so lamely. I got so confused with all the recounts from different characters that I eventually gave up altogether on it. However, it never made sense how they put the blame on Bei Er’s father. I swear, it was so weak, considering how the mother left with Hai Er already. I meant okay, she explained that she knew the father loved Bei Er more hence taking the risk. YET it didn’t make sense because of possibly the fact that we were so used to the flashbacks of how Bei Er’s father was so sincere and nice and kind. OR it was her point of view. YET I just didn’t trust the other two, mostly because their portrayals were too poor or too fake OR something. At least at that point. I just wasn’t convinced. Then came that whole idea with how everyone was shoving and pushing for Bei Er to accept her mother when she had to overcome so much of finally realizing that Jing Jing was actually Hai Er and more. They were pushing her too much that I felt it was too sickening. AND I didn’t see the logic of just because “family is important” that they should push her. She needed space and time. Even if she remembered later and came to peace with her past, but I wasn’t convinced either. Considering how the others kept blaming Bei Er IF she chose to ignore them. They kept scolding her for being cold-blooded, etc BUT who the hell abandon her ages ago? How could she accept them in two shakes? Who’s the cold-blooded one now? I couldn’t help but associate this to Pages of Treasures in relation to Abbie (aka Shirley Yeung’s character in there). What the heck was that? I just couldn’t accept their twisted morality of forcing others to accept and admit when it was so weak with the setup of the plot. Then there were the whole recounts with blaming on the ‘China Town’ in the other country being close-minded and not understanding the situation with the Cen family. How lame was that? I don’t know. But it made me feel more suspicious than ever.
  • The love-hate thing and whatever else with Zhong Guo Dong and his ex-wife and the people involved. The other thing that made me want to throw things at people in here. I knew by the time that no one was saying anything that it would be up to Jessie to leave before anyone else made a move. Seriously. That was soooo bad AND stupid of everyone to think they should just hold it in. After all, Guo Dong was right that his only true friend was Mei Gui. Though afterward, he still chose to marry Jessie, which was LAME. So messed up YET Jessie wasn’t exposed properly that made me even more pissed. She was so scheming and manipulative yet the others tolerated her? It was like they thought it was okay that Guo Dong lived with such a psycho? SO fake. Seriously, in real life, IF you find out someone had harmed your family member in the past and was back to do it again, would you let them? Regardless of the reason, you would be more than protective. It doesn’t matter with past guilt OR not. You start putting up some radar–even IF you want it to work. What was even more despicable was how dumb Bei Er and Qing Qing were for not saying anything because they were the ones having pieces of the puzzles. I think after all that was done–wrong or what, Li Chun was smarter than the rest of them since he was asking Bei Er that one time at a cafe place about how they were letting Jessie return to Guo Dong’s side AND how if Guo Dong hadn’t been so successful now, would she jump in with him again? It wasn’t like she wasn’t rich herself. But it was like it was something for her to grip on, like seeking a perfect or successful person versus a loser such as Li Chun now (or so people would dub him as). Talking about Li Chun, that was the other frustrating thing about not exposing everything since Jessie manipulated the details, making it like she’d mistaken Li Chun for Guo Dong one time BUT it didn’t seem so with Li Chun’s recounts and some details here and there. HELLO, sometimes I just want to side with Jessie altogether and let her bring the rest of them down since they were so dumb.
  • How stupid people were. This could be combined with both of the choices above YET I want to emphasize even more. Anyone have common sense? I don’t believe in real life people would still react that way. Like loving to be someone else’s puppet and torturing themselves and others around them like that. It was like I rather side with the villain than them at times, especially the Zhong family and eventually Carmen as well as some others at the cooking classes/dessert shop.

What needed to be focused on more?

  • The main theme. YES, they still talked about food and all. YET somehow it got lost along the way. Though it resurfaced again through different stories, I felt it wasn’t developed enough.
  • The newspaper people. I rather they expand more funny stories or random ones so we could understand some of the employees there more than so much on family or love dramas of the Chung/Zhong family. Sure, they were the focus of the sitcom YET it was too lame when they were too focused on with trying to resolve some matters. I rather the scriptwriters went toward the random/nonsense route than attempt to teach us a bunch of twisted morality stuff.

Recommended? If you want to waste your time, go ahead. If you like their twisted morality story, go ahead as well. NOT that I disagree with the essence of it, but I hate how they approached it. Why in the world did I watch it and even continued if I thought it was so terrible? Typical me wanting to see if it would improve. Then there was the whole ‘good foundation’ at the beginning with some witty exchanges here and there. But I was wrong and it didn’t improve at all–despite the fact that some side stories were worth watching more than the ones involving some major characters. Then there was the whole thing about curiosity like I said before, wanting to see what else was similar to When Dolphin Met Cat and all.

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6 thoughts on “Be Home For Dinner

  1. First of all, after reading your review, three words came to mind: MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!!!! Whether it’s the positive or negative stuff, I agree with what you wrote 100%!!!
    To be honest, I actually didn’t watch this sitcom completely – meaning that I missed a whole bunch of episodes and only managed to catch a few episodes once in a while. I will admit that I felt the sitcom sounded promising at first, especially after watching the first bunch of episodes – but as you said, the series started getting worse and worse as the story progressed, to the point that the last few episodes ended up being a total joke! It’s almost as though the scriptwriters put a lot of time and thought into the first part of the sitcom, then ran out of time in the middle, so they just threw whatever they could at the wall and see if it sticks…totally stupid!
    I actually missed most of the Kristal Tin / Becky Li family story thing (I stopped watching just when they were starting that storyline and by the time I started up again, they had already reunited as sisters and everything was fine with the family). Seeing how confusing that whole storyline was, I’m glad I didn’t watch it because I’m sure I would have gotten frustrated.
    Unfortunately though, I did watch the last part of the series with the whole Jessie thing plus the ending and I greatly regretted it afterwards because that whole segment just annoyed me to no end (not to mention the ending was so crappy and stupid, I could kick myself for wasting my time!). Just like you said, the most annoying thing was how STUPID everyone was — especially Stephen Au’s character. It’s like dude, after you find out the truth about Jessie and everything she had done, you still agree to marry her and pretend that nothing happened? WTH? And then one day she just gets up and leaves? WTH? And then Stephen and Kristal get together just like that? WTH? I kept thinking that perhaps Jessie was going to come back later and try to ruin things for Stephen and Kristal, but that didn’t happen (not that I cared at that point, but the way she got up and left like that, sort of made it seem like a loose end). Oh, and the whole ending part (which happened way too fast for my liking, by the way), including the song and dance thing at the end (total ripoff of Off Pedder), was so stupid!! I’ll bet that the scriptwriters and producer probably saw that the series was going downhill, so they said to each other “Let’s end this dumb series now before the audiences start catching on to the stupidities!”
    I also totally agree with you in terms of the ‘favorite characters’ piece – Yvonne Lam and Law Lok Lam were absolutely awesome in this series…I actually loved their pairing and the humor that their characters brought to an otherwise dull sitcom. At one point, I actually only started tuning in because of the two of them – if either one or both of their characters weren’t in the episode, I pretty much didn’t bother to watch! (As a side note, one of my favorite episodes in this series was the one surrounding the ‘misunderstanding’ with the ring – Yvonne thought that Law Lok Lam bought it for her, but in reality, he bought it for his daughter…then at that party when Yvonne thought that LLL was going to propose to her and present her with the ring, but he actually has no clue what’s going on…so hilarious!).
    Btw, I’ve never seen “When Dolphin Met Cat” (in fact, never even heard of it), so can’t comment on that piece…but I will say that I’m not the least bit surprised that so many details are similar because TVB is notorious for ‘lifting’ ideas from other series and putting it in their own (then denying it).
    Anyway, that’s all I could remember for now (since it’s been awhile since I watched the sitcom and to be honest, I don’t care to remember much of it anyway). If it so happens that I end up remembering something else, I’ll comment further…

  2. @llwy12 – YES, I had a feeling like they gave up halfway through too since it seemed quite clever at the beginning with some of the exchanges and how they got us into seeing how the newspaper place operated. NOT like we weren’t introduce with how newspaper was published before (Off Peddar, hello), BUT it was cool having it focused around Elliot Yue as the famous food critic. YET they went on tangent later on. I don’t mind the randomness surrounding the newspaper place–as I said earlier. But what was lame was making others’ IQs dropped so much. I seriously didn’t think that the others were that dumb, especially Elliot and Kristal’s characters. IF Stephen’s character was dumb, then I believe because let’s face it, he wasn’t too bright to begin with. However, the others disappointed me, except for the ones I mentioned, of course.

    What happened with the whole Jessie thing was a mess was because they think that hiding the truth from him was the best solution YET what was dumb was how they kept hiding it from him hence him feeling guilty, thinking he was the one who drove her away regarding the miscarriage incident. SO he kept feeling like he needed to make it up to her. AND because she staged the suicidal attempt that one time when she came back so he was too weak-minded to let go. Then when she confessed of her wrongs to him, she edited out the real version of the story. Because let’s face it, she was fooling around with his best friend AND then left that dude out in the street as well (since he was too dumb as well and got tricked too–though serves him right for falling for that trick and ruining his own future). What was really despicable was how the others didn’t tell him. That was why even when he learned of the distorted version from Jessie, he said that Mei Gui was his true friend (aka NOT hiding it from him and urge him to find out the truth–though she had no clue what the truth was). YET he still proceeded with the wedding because he was too dumb? NOT sure on that part. BUT I felt after Jessie left, he didn’t care anymore because all he felt toward Jessie was pure responsibility, NOT love. I still feel it was TOO crappy to not let everyone expose Jessie fully. They were too lame on that. I guess they were trying to explain that Stephen and Kristal just picked up where they left off after Jessie left? Jessie leaving made sense though since she didn’t want to be with someone who was blind. But you’re right that there were still loose ends. NO ONE told Guo Dong/ Stephen about the real version. Idiots.

    AND yes, the last scene was definitely a rip-off of ‘Off Peddar’. I felt it was lame in the other one already (even if I did like most of that sitcom), but they used it again for this one? GREAT. (Sarcasm here, of course.)

    Oh yeah, I’m going to post the review of ‘When Dolphin Met Cat’ later since I just got done editing that review. I said I was holding it back because I wanted to finish this first to see what else was similar so I could add in. I will post that up later, but you don’t have to read the whole review, just the section where I had key points of similarities. ‘When Dollphin Met Cat’ is a Taiwanese drama. It wasn’t popular when it aired so it was no surprise that you didn’t know of its existence. I just stumbled upon it recently because I wanted to watch some of the cast in it. Wasn’t that good, but after watching this sitcom (which was creepily similar in some elements), I swear it seems 10 times better, especially the story about the misunderstandings and how they solved it.

  3. @DTLCT: Oh yea, that reminds me….
    The way Kristal handled the whole Jessie thing was quite dumb as well – totally made me hate her character for being so stupid (and to think that she was one of the more likable ones in the beginning). Also, Elliot Ngok’s character – like you said, he’s pretty wise and intelligent, so for him to be stupid like that was definitely out of character – and shame on the scriptwriters for not even bothering to correct it!
    Btw, I have a huge feeling that part of the reason why some of the segments were so confusing was because TVB might have cut out some scenes from some of the episodes. The reason I say this is because I remember there were a few times where I was watching the previews of upcoming episodes and when I watched the subsequent episodes, those scenes that they had in the preview were no where to be found…and this was more for like the last 6-7 episodes or so of the sitcom, which I definitely watched in its entirety, so I know it couldn’t have been because I missed an episode. To be honest, I wouldn’t put it past TVB to do such a thing because I’ve seen so many instances of them cutting out stuff from their own shows, it’s ridiculous (not to mention idiotic)!
    Seeing how sucky most of the sitcoms have been the last 10 years, makes me miss the ‘classic’ sitcoms of the 80s / 90s – now those were TRULY sitcoms…hilariously funny but yet still have poignant moments interspersed in certain places.

  4. @llwy12 – Now that you mention the possible cut, it makes sense. With some of the regular ones without cuts, they couldn’t handle it already. YET they cut out these ones? I meant it was already so confusing and they cut? I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. I didn’t really pay attention during previews at times since I just want to jump to the next part to watch. But I think some of them I still kept on so I think there are possible gaps–IF the answers are in there as well. YET I think for the most part with the overall picture, it seemed like they were really stupid already. What would make a difference anyway? NOT sure but it was so frustrating watching everyone so dumb, except for Yvonne and Celine (Mei Gui).

    About Kristal’s character, I forgot to say that she was the one who saw Jessie making one of her calls to Elliot and playing out some schemes to convince Elliot. Then after she hung up, Kristal saw her gestures and fakeness YET didn’t expose her? What was wrong with her? I didn’t care if she was feeling conflicted whether it was some catfight OR NOT, but Stephen was her friend after all (if they couldn’t be together or if she didn’t want to compete with Jessie), SO why in the world didn’t she tell the others? DUMB ALL RIGHT.

    Talking about Yvonne and Law Lok Lam, forgot to say it earlier, but it really was funny. The part where he went all the way to Italy to fix this one chair for the Italian dude so that person could return Mary/Yvonne’s watch to her again was really funny–and somewhat touching. Elliot was saying how he was worried for the Italian dude’s well being since he remembered one time Mr. Ko (Law Lok Lam) fixed a chair for him and he fell flat on his behind when he sat on it. (SAD….) But the whole incident was good for Mr. Ko since he scored points with Mary, LOL! I don’t know, I could go on regarding them (LLL & Yvonne) forever. And how I wished the sitcom focused on the better parts of the plot than too much on the Kristal/Betty family conflicts and then the whole Jessie thing. Should have focused more on the Chung family and newspaper place. That made me wonder how many script-writers were working on it since I remember reading different names at various episodes.

    YEAH, sitcoms back then were light-hearted and random at times but weren’t too frustrating. I always thought that was how it should be. shrugs Oh well.

    Even Off Peddar had its oops – even if it was one of the better ones nowadays. YES, I’m such a perfectionist when it came down to it, but I was still sore out some parts of the ending.

  5. @DTLCT: Yup, it always baffles me why TVB would cut stuff out of its own shows. I mean, I understand that with series, sometimes scenes need to be cut to meet certain time restraints and it’s a normal part of the editing process, but unfortunately, most of the cases I’ve seen do not fall into this category….in some cases, I’ve seen the series or previews with particular scenes, but when the actual series airs (or in some cases, airs for a second time), those scenes are mysteriously cut…it’s weird. Anyway, I agree though that even if scenes weren’t cut, it still wouldn’t make a difference because the series itself (referring to Be Home For Dinner) was already unsalvageable!
    Off Pedder definitely had its flaws, but I would have to say that out of all the sitcoms that were made in the past decade, it was one of the best ones (not to mention it was the only one that I actually found tolerable enough to watch from beginning to end). Sad to say that even though TVB has made quite a few sitcoms in the past decade, very few of them have been watchable!

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