Fei Chang Wan Mei

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I’m beginning to get the feeling that we’re all playing this game of tag where we would have to work very hard to get there, except this time it’s about waiting and the amount of patience we have to maintain in order to see the progress. Hopefully, this is all worth it after a year of waiting. Yes, I’m talking about Angela’s supposed to be released album by this time already. It has been delayed once again until September. September is going to roll around before we all know it. But I’m sure fans are getting long-necked waiting for it.

However, Angela’s doing pretty well with different events and endorsements lately so there should be no worries about her work status. In fact, she has recently collaborated with Harlem Yu in singing a song for a movie starring Peter Ho and Zhang Zi Yi. It’s called “Fei Chang Wan Mei (非常完美).”

(Credit: Linfair Records)

I must admit I did not think much of it when listening. But when it is finally being put together, it is really impressive. It’s a really nice collaboration between Angela and Harlem for this song, not to mention the magical backdrops they appear in. Nice project that the production team put together.

Fans who haven’t seen it yet, give it a chance and you’ll like it–eventually. And we shall all continue our waiting journey until her new album’s official release. Hopefully, it will bring us satisfaction and happiness instead of disappointment.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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4 thoughts on “Fei Chang Wan Mei

  1. Yes, a nice duet indeed.
    And yea, I believe so but I stop keeping track of it or not really pay attention since those rumors come and go. Who knows who else they’re linked with in the future? Maybe it’s just good publicity for their dramas?

  2. It’s a really nice duet! I like Angela’s voice, especially her ethereal high notes.
    Peter Ho was once linked romantically with barbie ‘Da S’, right? Exccept now there are rumours about her and Louis Koo…

  3. Shouldn’t it be Fei Chan Wan Mei?
    Anyways, it’s an okay song I guess; not something that I would get addicted to at first listen, just can’t seem to fall in love with Angela’s voice though.

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