Health Over Talent

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I’ve been busy lately with other matters that I haven’t had time to stalk celebs’ blogs. However, upon my roaming craze today, I just stumbled upon an entry that literally shot my attention up several notches. Eric Suen just mentioned in this entry that his vocal cords are getting worse. I literally stopped my multi-tasking and went straight to my blog to talk about it. While I was collecting my thoughts and trying to form all these words and still am, I thought of all the other singers, and what if they too ran into trouble? Please, please, take good care of yourself and don’t exert too much. You can take a break and your fans will still wait for you but IF you exert too much and lose it, then we will never get to hear that awesome voice again. I want to send this message to everyone out there who has a dream and not just celebrities. Like Eric said, health is more important than anything else. If you don’t take good care of yourselves, you won’t have enough energy or health to pursue that dream.

Sadly to say for Eric, who has been suffering from vocal cord hemorrhage, will be taking a break from singing. He is supposed to release his next album next month but has to push that back further. However, on the brighter side, he will be focusing on filming TV series for the upcoming year.

Let’s hope he gets a good break to rest his voice and recover. (I honestly hope he does because I honestly cannot think of anyone that I could listen to that has such a soothing voice anymore. There’s Nicholas Teo but that’s beside the point. It’s not the same.)

Sharing is caring!

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